Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today Aidan was invited to a little football game with one of his school friends. I went to drop him off at 1:00 to find out it was a huge family tradition for this family. They have not just a little football game but an all out huge one. They have done this for 18 years. I stayed and watched all 4 hours! It was so much fun. The pictures do not do this tradition justice. I know this is something Aidan will be talking about for a long time. They had uniforms, referees, food, cheerleaders and medals. We are going to have to figure out how to start such a great tradition. By the way Aidan's team won 70 to 63 and he is #7.

I am adding a couple Christmas pictures. We didn't get any great ones this year. We tried videoing, pictures and someone trying to cut everything out and it didn't work.

Did anyone get a Wii this year? Well, I didn't know the thing would tell your age after you play it. Within 12 hours I found out I am getting old, I was so sore I thought I had the flu.

By the way I will not be blogging for a couple of days. Santa left the kids a great gift, I will fill you in later... I am sure I will have some stories for you.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

True meaning of Christmas

This morning Aidan was the first one up at 6:01 a.m. Rule is you have to come get mom or dad before you go look so you make sure you don't scare Santa. Aidan came in grinning and said "Mom are you ready?" Sure I am because I went to bed at 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. sounds like a great time to get up. So here we go and he is excited to see everything and is amazed because Santa brought him stuff he didn't even ask for. Then he looked at his stocking and took out his candy cane full of hersey kisses, went and put it in Joshua's stocking. Joshua already had one but Aidan said he just wanted to do that because he thought it would make Joshua happy to get 2. Well, at 7:00 a.m. Joshua came in and looked at everything and without hesitation took out the candy cane with kisses and handed it to Aidan. They were so nice to one another and happy for each other.

I hope everyone had a great Merry Christmas! And enjoyed time with family!

Monday, December 17, 2007

It is all how you ask...

Tonight I sat down to do the finishing stamping of the Christmas cards. Cody asked how many stamps I had bought. He said Maude had them earlier, sure enough one book was missing out of the six. So I went to her room and asked her if she knew were my stamps were, she didn't. I looked and looked, high and low, in her kitchen, in the basement, under the table, in the shelves and everywhere. I went back to her room thinking maybe she had remembered while I was gone. Nope she still didn't know, then I asked "Do you know were my stickers are with baby Jesus and Mary on them?" "Yes, I hid them under Bubba's bed" she said. I was just asking the wrong question. They were under Bubba's bed just like she said.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mom Vs. Dad

Last night Cody was oncall. So I thought I would give you a run down of how my night went compared to Cody's night tonight while I was gone. Also see how I workout.

Get home from Church everybody runs to there closets get pajamas and run to there shower. Brush teeth, go to bed. And then it all begins.
I am folding clothes when...
Maude "You didn't sing me daddy's song too"

Me leaving the couch of clothes to go sing song

Back at couch

Maude "Mickey Mouse wants to sleep with me and I can't reach him"

Me leaving couch of clothes to go get Mickey Mouse who really wants to sleep with Maude

back at couch

Maude "hee hee hee hee"

Me leaving couch because I know there is only one reason for that giggle
Sure enough he has crawled in bed with her 'because she is lonely'

back at couch

Maude crying

Me leaving couch because I know now that Joshua has left and I have to go pick up the pieces I am right about the first part but she is crying because Mickey Mouse is too loud and is keeping her up I take Mickey for a time out on the couch and when he goes to sleep I will bring him back 'right'

back at couch with Mickey

Maude coming in to see if he is asleep yet because she doesn't think she can sleep without him and now her legs are too weak to carry herself back to her bed

Me leaving couch carrying back Maude and sleeping Mickey
Turn on music

back at couch

Maude "It is the wrong music"

Me leaving couch to change music

back at couch
"Why are these clothes not folded yet?"

Cody's night
They go eat out, come home... Maude goes to her room puts on her pajamas, Cody helps her brush her teeth and then she goes and gets in bed because she is tired. "Good Night Daddy"
Sure she is tired because she stayed up until 10:30 with Mommy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silent Night

All day yesterday I tried to put a video on my blog and had no luck. I can't describe the video but I will try.
We (1st grade parents) all crowded in the bank, Friday at 1:00 to watch our kids sing Christmas songs. They did such a great job but the best part of the whole concert was when they sang Silent Night and did the sign language to the song. I was so happy that there was a song sang on the real reason for Christmas. Thanks to a wonderful music teacher I think they all know the reason for Christmas. Sadly some of the children have not ever gone to church or know about God. Maybe this year by a small town music teacher some children's heart will be touched. Thanks Mrs. M.

Sunday night I took Maude to the Nutcracker. She didn't want to go at first because she thought she was going to have to dance in front of all the people. Once I explained we would be watching she was excited and ready to go. She sat in my lap and clapped at every performance. She thought it was beautiful and it truly was. Watching Maude's eyes light up at every new performance was probably my highlight. She danced and danced when we got home. The funny thing is she was scared of the nutcracker and not the mouse. I guess that is living with brothers, mice aren't that scary.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shopping with kids

I haven't shopped with the kids in a while. It was funny the comments I heard from them.
Maude "Look I see baby Jesus!"
Joshua "The real one"
Maude "No just a light up Jesus"

Both together "Look Mom you can dress up as Mrs. Claus!"(lingerie department Dillard's)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Blog Milestone

I was so excited to finally get to meet a fellow blogger tonight. I have read her blog for a while now and got to meet her tonight. I was having a get together at my house and she got to come. I hope we can get together in the future and be able to talk more. It was a bit crazy! Crazy thing is she knew a friend of mine (I guess her's too) from college.
When you didn't think he could top vomiting out of his nose. He did...
I don't even know where to begin on this one. You see we are building onto the house a sunroom. They finished last Thursday at 4:30ish. All we lack is carpet this week. We needed a door to go into the sunroom and we were going to have to order one from Lowe's but the Sunroom contractor guy told us he would take care of it. And he did, he had one made for $856. I usually don't like discussing money but this one time I will because it plays a big part in this story also it was an unfinished one. Well, on Friday at 2:00 not even 24 hours later. I hear Maude's tattle tell voice "MOM, Joshua wrote on the door with a pencil." WHAT!?! But I am ok because it is a pencil, right? NOPE it was a ball point pen and pens don't write well on unfinished doors so you have to press really hard and you have to do 20 times. You know like engraving... The story gets worse he wrote #81 (Terrell Owens) I love the Cowboys but do not care for T.O. I won't even tell you how many spankings and yelling and spankings. He never cried and all he said was he couldn't find paper. Not until we pulled up at the court house and he thought he was going to jail did he cry and say he was sorry.(I was getting tags at the courthouse) Cody and I don't drink but I will have to say having alcohol in the home this one day may have helped. Thanks to a elder at our church the child was saved. In case this ever happens to you: wet towel, iron and sandpaper and you never could tell it was there. It has taken me 4 days until I could write this blog, my dad kept telling me it's just a object as we were sanding the 81's off.

you know what? it is just a door...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy week

Here is your WARNING (Tammy) if you don't like throw up talk don't read this blog.
Also here is another WARNING this blog may not make any sense, so if it doesn't don't sleep tonight and read it in the morning, then it will make perfect sense.

Maude and Joshua have had the stomach bug this week. It started with Maude Monday morning at 3:00am. She started with a bang by throwing up in my mouth. I survived without getting sick myself, must be that mom gene coming through. She ended that afternoon late. Then Joshua started last night at 11:00 and wouldn't you know he would go all out. He ran around the bathroom screaming and throwing up everywhere and then decided he didn't want to throw up anymore and closed his mouth. Guess what happens when you do that? You guessed it comes out your nose and if you have broken your nose before it bleeds (I don't know about that but I am guessing maybe it bleeds regardless if you have broken your nose or not) Anyway it has been crazy!

Tonight Cody and I had our first Christmas party of the season. We were all dressed and about to walk out the door when Joshua walked up to me and said(oh I wish you could here the tone) "Boom Chick W-o-w W-o-w!" That is your Hot mom in five year old language. Sadly enough it made me feel 'Hot' as Hot as a 31 year mom with 3 kids can feel after taking care of sick kids all week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ok, I have to tell you I didn't realize that we still have a little one that doesn't know all about the holidays from last year. (I hope that sentence made sense.) The boys remember but it seems all new to Maude this year. She came home from preschool yesterday all excited about Thanksgiving. She was just talking away and then I heard her say "Yes and the turkey will come visit us and we can pet him and talk to him." WHAT? Before I could utter any words of what really happens in a nice way. The boys giggled and quickly stated "No, we eat the turkey!" Which made her really sad.
I am happy to report that today we had Thanksgiving with my parents and she ate 3 helpings of turkey. Wish us luck with Christmas that might be all new to her too.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Need some help with this one... I told Maude yesterday that we were going to the store today to get groceries for Pumpkin pie and Angel Delight. We went today and got all of the stuff and tonight I heard Maude tell the boys tomorrow me and mommy are making pumpkin pie and an angel. So how do I make an angel? She thinks we are making a real angel. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


You know you have been to Hobby Lobby way too much, when your son Thanks God for Hobby Lobby in his prayers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

10 Best Surprises

1. 3rd grade my mom had a surprise birthday party for me, because that is what I wanted for my birthday, crazy enough I was shocked.
2. My sister had one for me when I turned 13.
3. Went to State in track in 1992
4. Found my soulmate when I was 17. 14 years ago today!
5. True Friends
6. Pregnant with Aidan
7. Pregnant with Joshua
8. Pregnant with Maude
9. When we bought our new house Cody had bought a Kenneth Wyatt painting I had been wanting waiting for me.
10. Surprise Birthday when I turned 30.

Ok 3 of these were surprise Birthdays and I always was surprised. My sister would have figured it out every time.
And 3 of them were pregnancies and they were truly surprises as well.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beads anyone?

Tonight Cody and I were in Maude's room putting her sheets on her bed. She was getting ready for bed and had her shirt off. She found some Mardi gras beads on the floor (Joshua got for his birthday) and put them on she then said "Girls wear these when they don't have shirts on." Cody and I knew she didn't know what she was talking about but it was really funny.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Boys Road Trip

I will just have to say I have an awesome husband. He took a 6 and 5 year old on a road trip (8 hours to Waco). What a great daddy! They went to Lewisville the first night and then on to Waco for the Baylor vs. Tech game. They had the best time, Joshua referred to it as the man's weekend. They went to Dublin on the way home to restock the Dr. Pepper for Cody.
Maude and I had a nice time by ourselves. She had a friend over the first night to spend the night. They were so cute! Girls are so different. They hugged played babies and pushed strollers the whole time. Saturday night we went to the WT football game with my parents and then spent the night with them.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Anybody need some candy? With 3 kids I think we have enough for the next two years.
They had a great time and Mommy was very tired by the end of the night. We only went to 5 houses. Aidan was Jango Fett, Joshua was a Clone Trooper and Maude was Snow White just in case some of you were wondering. I hope we made Mervyn proud.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ever had one of those days

Joshua's face tells it all. His face is about how I felt when I found him like this for the second day in a row. Who gives a child non washable markers for his birthday?
Lucky he has a mask for tomorrow. Which by the way I will post pictures of the Halloween Costumes either Halloween night late or Thursday late.
Last there is a picture of Aidan, finally. He looks so grown up to me. It kind of made me sad :(

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hot Air

Maude chews her fingernails when she gets embarrassed. She had stopped but started up here a couple of weeks ago. So last week I got out the special fingernail polish 'stop that bite.' Every couple of mornings I put some on her nails. This morning I was putting it on and she was blowing her nails dry, she said "I am out of air, Can you blow my nails?" I still was painting her other hand, so I said I would in a minute. She then replied, "All my air is hot, I am just full of hot air."

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Joshua turns 5 today!
5 things (I could name a thousand)I love about Joshua.
1. I love that he loves God and Jesus and he loves to talk to them.
2. I love that he loves his family and cares for us.
3. I love how he always wants to give me a hug in the morning.
4. I love that he sees life in a whole new way.
5. I love that he has his own way of doing things.

5 things I have learned from Joshua
1. A smile is a powerful thing.
2. That feelings get hurt worse than cuts and bruises.
3. 3 year olds shouldn't have golf clubs when 2 year olds are running around.
4. That anything and I mean anything can be climbed to jump off of.
5. When you don't see him for a few seconds you should really go check on him.

5 injuries Joshua has had in his first 5 years.
1. Fell out of a kid chair, while mommy was filming him...broken nose
2. Cut both big toes open
3. Run in with sister...broken tooth
4. Run in with the Palm tree...cut leg open
5. Run in with sister...broken nose

Happy Birthday Joshua, We love you!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Dad

After recent comments on my blog, I started thinking. You know the saying 'your paying for your raising' well I think we may be paying for someone else's raising. DAD! I have grown up hearing stories of my father's antics. There are a few I could tell but I thought his sister's might want to comment their favorite. I will leave you with this little one. I understand the story goes a little like this... My dad and his friend figured out how to put their car on the railroad tracks, so when a car drove over they could turn on their lights and run at the car acting like a train. So finally a car drove by and they turned their lights on to scare them and run at the car...much to their surprise it was a cop. So I am beginning to think it is only the beginning with Joshua. We one day will give this child keys to a car!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Count down to Birthday

Joshua turns 5 on the 25th, so today the count down started. He can't wait to turn 5. Guess what a 5 year old wants? My nephews informed him of a game that was really cool. Wii ($289 from Wal-mart, ebay over $300), so guess what Joshua is getting for his Birthday...
do you think I bought one today? If not, guess what I did buy?

Monday, October 15, 2007

no one listens

Saturday we were at Aidan's flag football game. Joshua always finds someone to play with but on this Saturday he couldn't find anyone to play football with on the sidelines. He came over and sat down next to me really sad and said "no one will listen to me, no one ever listens to me!" (It could have been he was trying to play with Jr. high boys and he was wearing a helmet) I told him that wasn't true that I always like listening to his stories and those kids were too old for him to play with. He then replied that "Granddad doesn't ever listen to me." I guess now he was going into 'pity me' mode. I told him that was not true, I know for a fact that my dad loves to listen to all of his stories. He then replied "No, he doesn't he always is saying 'What? What? What?'" Which made me giggle, that doesn't mean that he doesn't want to listen that means he can't hear. He wouldn't say 'What?' if he didn't want to hear you...
He felt better, got up, ran off and started pulling off the flags of the kids on the sidelines. On to bigger and better things...
Please Pray for Jerrod. We went to church with this family when we lived in Lubbock. They are dear friends to some close friends of ours. We were able to be around them at different functions and they are an incredible family. Please pray for Jerrod and his recovery. Also pray for his parents and sister to continue their strength.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bad Dreams

We had a little boy crawl into bed with us last night. He had a bad dream, Maude and I apparently were throwing pigs at him and it was scary. Rule in our house you can only sleep with mom and dad if you are scared of the storms or bad dreams. Thankfully neither one doesn't happen too often. I have battled this cold/cough/stopped up nose thing for a week now. I guess I am snoring (Cody hasn't said anything) but Joshua woke me up and said "Mom your nose is making this really loud noise, can you turn it off?"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


You fall asleep for two little minutes on the couch and they paint the furniture. The cold medicine stated it was non-drowsy, I sat down and couldn't keep my eyes open. Maybe 5 minutes went by and I got up to get everyone ready to go get Aidan. When I found 2 little innocent children in the boys room with watercolor paints and a cup of water but no paper. What damage could they do in 4-5 minutes? Well, they painted Joshua's quilt (which is washable) and a nightstand that we hadn't gotten around to painting (unfinished) but they did. The top of it is shades of purple and blue. The crazy thing is they were proud of themselves. How could I have not taught them painting furniture was a bad thing? Did they miss that day of lecture? Or have I failed to inform them they can't paint other than at the table or outside and on paper? The almost 5 year old put out a disclaimer 'he knew it was wrong and he didn't do any of the painting, he just got the paints, water and brush, then told Maude were to paint. At least he is honest...

Monday, October 8, 2007

3 little words

Cody always takes Aidan to school. Every once in a while I take him, maybe once a week. The other day Cody had to be at work a 7:00am, so I got to take Aidan along with waking up the other two. We always pick him up but they never get to take him. They were so cute when we dropped him off at the cross walk they both told him to have a good day. Then out of no where Joshua said "Aidan, I love you." Aidan stopped before closing the door and looked up at him and seriously in his dad voice said "I love you too Josh, be good today." How cute is that? Maude is always telling us all how she loves us so much and the boys are nice and tell her painstakingly they love her too. But they never tell one another they love each other, that we know of.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tag your it!

I have been tagged from a (former) friend. We are to name things that make us happy. I was happy until I got tagged. So here it goes things that make me happy.

1. My hubby
2. My kids
3. a morning hug
4. a kid that crawls in bed in the morning, snuggles up and goes back to sleep
5. Sunday afternoon nap
6. giggles
7. Going for a walk and Maude talking about all the things God has made for us
(makes you feel like you are doing something right every once and a while)
8. See new places with my family
9. And old places like Red River
10. Watching the kids see new things and learn new things
11. Swiss Cake Rolls
12. Spending time with my mom and sister
13. Hugging Valets (inside joke)
14. making other people happy
15. picking Aidan up from school and hearing about his day
16. a date with Cody
17. a night away with Cody
18. Fall
19. Christmas Eve
20. Seeing God's hand in everything

I could go on but I am a really happy person and my list would be really long...

Monday, October 1, 2007


Just toying with the camera today, thought you might enjoy the 2 cuties that were at home today.

Crazy enough my story is about Aidan. Last week Aidan came home upset, he slowly got out his folder and began to tear up. I asked what had happened, he couldn't even talk, he pulled out a paper with a 90 on it. I, being the child that would have been really excited to have a 90, didn't understand why he was upset. We asked if it was the best he could do and he assured us it was, so we said that was good. I went on to say if he had brought home a 50 and that was the best he did that would still be ok. Cody quickly stopped me and said well maybe an 80 or so.

Every few days we have to sign work that has been done and graded by the teacher. It is just to let us know how he is doing. Well, today I noticed after signing it that he is also grading it. He had placed small 100's on his paper in pencil where you can barely see them.

Sorry we have been gone for a few days, so the post have been slow. Hopefully we are back on track.

Monday, September 24, 2007

just when you thought it was quiet

Lots of updates...
I put pictures on the blog of the kool-aid stand, Maude and Cody's date, a bee (that's for my brother-in-law), and pictures of Maude and her $4.97 helmet and pads and some of her dancing. Sorry they are mostly of Maude, she was the only one home this morning.

My last blog my sister stated I sound a bit frustrated, I don't know why she would say that. Since that blog Joshua (we think) may have broken his nose. This would be the second time he has broken his nose. The first time he was 10 months old and fell out of a little kid chair at my parent's house onto the kitchen floor while I was videoing him. This time he ran into Maude, she has two teeth marks in her hair line. I will try to get a picture of his nose today and add it to the blog. (He went with Cody for a guys day and mommy break.)

That is about all for now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time goes by so slow

Is it me...or does time go by really really slow when your child is hanging off of a rack of costumes in Gymboree? It makes me stop and think 'are we the only parents that have a child that sees an obstacle course in front of him at all times?' Surely not? But sometimes when you are that parent with the child that sees life in a different way, you sure feel like it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Something odd

This isn't a long blog, it was just an odd statement I heard myself say today.
"No, Don't put the handcuffs on the dog, just your sister or yourself, but not the dogs."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th

Take time to remember...

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yesterday we had the pleasure of keeping my nephews. They got here around noon and stayed until today. Really this blog is just a written note to remind me of innocence and the gift of children. The kids played outside all day. Cole, Jaxon, Aidan, Joshua and Laura Kate (neighbor girl) set up a 'new park' with a sign and they used lots of left over blue painting tape to make this sign. You had to pay .75 to play anything you wanted the list included baseball, star wars fight, basketball, soccer and foot races. They had a guarantee, if you don't have fun you get your money back. Poor guys our neighborhood gets next to no traffic. So no guest came, finally I went and got my money and enjoyed playing all of the sports. They had so much fun and wanted me to be happy the whole time or I might want my money back. I payed my nephew Cole to go to the 'new park' and enjoy himself. When no else came they decide to have a lemonade stand. Which turned out to be a Kool-aid stand because I was out of lemonade. Mimi and Granddad came down just in time to get the last couple of cups. All of the kids drank the juice in the waiting time for someone to come. This poor man drove by with his window down and the kids just all stared at him with puppy dog eyes for him to stop. They wanted to charge a $1.00 for a cup of kool-aid. I talked them into .25, I couldn't bare to charge someone $1 when the package of kool-aid cost .10. I loved listening to them talk and being excited about everything. All of the boys were in one room going to bed when Maude noticed no one was with her. Cole, sweetest boy, went and slept in Maude's room with her. This morning it was all chatter and excitement about all being in the same bible class together. Aidan and Jaxon got to go with Cole. Can you believe we were on time with 5 kids? We can't make it with our 3.

Tonight, as much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed rushing home from church and the kids getting into all of their Cowboys clothes to watch the Cowboys. This has become a little tradition in our house, the boys in their jerseys and Maude in her modest cowboy cheerleading outfit. I say modest because it isn't the cheerleading outfit the real ones wear. The kids got to stay up a whole extra 30 minutes. As I was typing this we heard a thud, Cody went to check it out and Joshua was tackling Aidan in his bed. Maybe we should have taken off the jersey's before they went to bed.

I had a really funny blog but Cody insisted we would scar one of the kids for life if I wrote it and they would be remembered for this.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss Popcorn

This really isn't a funny story but I feel I need to blog it for some of you who will think it is funny. It has been a long 5 days of cleaning and painting, one more day to go. Haven't seen the kids a whole lot my wonderful sister came this weekend and took care of them and then yesterday my parents. That would explain why this story isn't too funny.

Ok, now for the story. A while back we got a kitten, it was the best cat ever and I don't like cats. The kids could carry it around, play and feed it all they wanted and he loved them. We even took this one to the vet and had him fixed so he would stick around. Last June(06) Snickett disappeared and the kids were so sad. Which broke my heart, the kids being sad, not that the cat was missing. Well, my friend Tori was so nice to give Maude one for her birthday in April (07). This one we named Snickles in memory of Snickett. Snickles was a good cat he liked the kids and loved our crazy dog Baylor. Well, on our last trip to Dallas we were awakened by a call from my dad saying that Snickles had been bitten by something and it wasn't good. So Snickles went to heaven with God (so Maude says). Aidan cried but Maude was ok, it was like he just moved in with God not like he died was her thinking. Which all this brings us to today. I deliver Meals on Wheels every Tuesday. One day I was talking to a couple about their kittens on the porch and told them the bad luck we have had with cats. All of this just trying to make a little conversation... This morning the kids were all gone to school and Cody and I were outside painting, when this kitten walked up. I kept looking at this kitten, telling Cody I have seen that cat before. When finally I figured it out, it was one of the kittens from that couple.
I headed out to do Meals on Wheels thinking I would ask that couple if it was theirs.
You will never guess....That couple moved! You don't think they brought that kitten to our house, do you?
We named this one Miss Popcorn. Thanks to Joshua.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Timing is Everthing...

For the next 5 days Cody and I will be cleaning and painting our house (the brick). I hope to take pictures of the before and after and post them. Today my job was to power wash the brick, which is really loud and messy. The kids were playing which led to a fight, big surprise. The boys were in the garage fighting over a helmet, when one tackled the other. Yelling, screaming and crying that I could hear over the loud power washer. I stopped washing, to separate them and stop the fight from becoming bloody. I made them go sit on the porch, not even a minute later the police pulled up in our driveway, to my surprise. The officer got out of his car with a note pad and pen, he said "I am here to investigate a problem." I knew the officer, so I pointed at the boys on the porch, who were watching and listening, and said "officer they are over there, take them." The boys eyes nearly popped out of their heads. He quickly blew my cover and laughed. Then I saw the boys sigh and smile with relief. The officer told me a man was walking around with a leaf blower and they were wondering if I had seen him. I hadn't but I asked if we needed to go in or call if we saw him. He told me my power washer would take his leaf blower, that I was ok.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pictures finally

Ok, it wasn't me it was Shutterfly. Thank goodness, I thought I was losing my touch. There are a couple of pictures of Cody and the kids with our '66 Mustang. Cody got this car when he was in high school. His senior year someone hit it and he was never able to drive it again. His Pop bought the car then his uncle and then we were able to buy it back 2 years ago when Cody finished residency. Pop fixed it up for the parade so the kids and Cody could ride in it. I am looking forward to having the car here to play around in.

I had the great fortune to be the carpool mom today. So I got to hear things like fart hee hee hee hee (when I wouldn't let them use that word they moved on to toot), I like cows, do you?, We like horses so no else can! ( I have 2 sets of siblings), Did you see that train? That would be cool if we crashed into it (that was my kid), Can we cut our hair today at school? Me: "NO" Well, we have scissors at school, the list could go on... By the way Tori and Cara if you are reading I did tell them they could not cut their hair or anyone else's at school. The whole time I was gone I thought one of them or all of them (4 of the 5 being girls) would come home with a haircut.

Tonight we were at the WT football game I told my mom that this football player looked like he was talking 'trash'. Joshua looked up and asked "why is he talking about trash?"

I know this has to one of my more random blogs...
Stay with me I will get back on track once we get into the new routine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great Day

Maude and Joshua started their school today. Maude was all smiles all morning. She finally got to wear her new outfit. Aidan and Joshua were real happy for her. Tonight over dinner they all talked about their day and how great it was. Maude said " I love Miss Janet." She talked about her friend Daily also went to school today. (Daily is Maude's imaginary friend). Daily loved Miss Juanita (the teacher's assistant). So even Daily had a good day. I love Miss Janet and Miss Juanita because they give me the chance to have a few hours of alone time and they also are awesome teachers for my kids.

I have to tell you a few funny things that I heard today...
We were getting into the suburban and Aidan walked up to me and asked if he could drive home! He was completely serious and didn't act like I would say "NO." Where in the world would he get the idea that I would possibly even consider this. Crazy what 1st grade makes you think you can do. "Give me 10 years before you say those words again to mommy."
Then tonight we were eating dinner when I heard him say that his sandwich had really good rockomolly on it. I just kept eating and didn't correct him. Let him be 6 and eat rockomolly. It was really good rockomolly, I thought to myself.
I have pictures but I am having a hard time getting them transferred.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School

Aidan went back to school today, as a big 1st grader. He was so excited about his locker. We went up last Friday to find out his teacher, meet her and see the classroom. The teacher and I were talking about the kids in his classroom, when Aidan asked her if this little girl from last year was in his class. Mrs. James looked it up and she was, so the teacher and I were excited he knew somebody. He replied he was hoping not she is really mean...
Aidan doesn't have to be at the school until 8:00 but he got up at 7:00am and was ready at 7:01. It was a long 45-50 minutes until we left. He asked that I not go in and that I not take pictures. (Are you crazy?) I assured him only today. I am so happy he loves it and wants to be so independent but come on your first day of school you need your mom.

The two little ones start tomorrow Tues/Thurs school. Maude has had her outfit picked for 2 weeks. I will blog hopefully tomorrow with pictures of them as well as Aidan's first day.
This will be the first time in 6 1/2 years I will have free time. Well, if you consider free time as grocery shopping, cleaning, driving car pool...I am sure I will squeeze in some time for myself.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The tooth is gone

We took Joshua yesterday to get his tooth removed. When we got to the dental office we gave him his medicine to relax him. It took affect really quickly. Cody and I were watching the Little League World Series, when we looked over to find him drooling large amounts. We got him a sip of water and then he was called back. So he naturally hopped up and started walking back, while Cody and I started to discuss he probably shouldn't walk, he fell over and hit his head on the chair. He settled down quickly and did fine through the shots but when they had to dig the root out he became a screaming sad little boy. It wasn't hurting, but with the medicine he started fighting everyone and couldn't figure out what was going on. It was a crazy 20 minutes. He wanted to leave, he wanted to stay, he wanted Dr. Gaynor to pull his tooth(which had already happened), he wanted mommy, he wanted daddy, he wanted whatever he didn't have. I was really thankful Cody went, have you ever tried to hold a 45 pound drunk child? When we got home, he asked when we were going to have his tooth pulled, then stood up, fell over and hit his head on the coffee table. In all of the falls he never got hurt, thankfully. My mom kept him for a little bit while we took Aidan to soccer practice and Maude to open house. She said he told the truth about everything on his mind.
I happy to report this morning he doesn't remember anything and feels fine.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Detail

My mother informed me that I left out a little detail about the Wal-mart sticker story. I was at her house when I discovered the sticker. I failed to mention that the sticker was 6" long and 1/2" tall, clear with bold black lettering. So let the humiliation roll on...

Also I added a site meter and have found that there are a lot of you reading (like my husband). I hope you are enjoying and I think it is really cool how it is spreading all over the United States.
(My husband said he was reading, the site meter didn't tell me he was.)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Laugh out loud funny

This is a good one, so everyone says. It apparently is blog worthy.
Today we went to Wal-mart (things that happen at Wal-mart should stay at Wal-mart) to pick up 2 things. Cloth to make a tooth fairly pillow and soccer balls for Aidan's team. Joshua learned to tie his shoes today, so I gave him $2.oo that I found in my pocket. So right off the bat he had to pick something with his money. He picked silly string, a couple seconds later he had the lid off. I, along with the rest of you, thought that could not be good, a kid with silly string in Wal-mart. So I made him put it in the cart until we checked out. Well, we ran into friends from Tulia and then Joshua and Maude's teacher for this fall so we ended up in there for an hour or so. I checked out and then Joshua, we made it home with no silly string all over the place. That is were you thought this story was going, wasn't it? Nope not at all. When we got home I noticed I had a sticker on my rear end. This is a natural occurrence when you run around with 4 and 3 year old. So I didn't think much of it, until I peeled it off and it read "Shake well before each use!" Yes, yes I had walked around Wal-mart for over an hour with a sticker on my rear end reading "Shake well before each use." So the next time your 4 year old gives you a love pat check to make sure he didn't add anything with that love pat. He had gotten the sticker from his silly string and just decided to leave it on me for safe keeping I guess.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Went to the dentist today with Joshua. Seems that he had cracked the tooth when he fell in May but it didn't show up on the x-ray. So in the mean time he either hit it again or bit down on something and cracked the root off. We will be going back next Thursday to have it removed and he will have to have a spacer in because it is a bicuspid. I tell you we can't do anything simple.
On a lighter note, we got final four tickets for the Final Four in San Antonio 2008. This is a makeup for when I missed 3 years ago when I got tickets. We found out we got tickets in August 2003 and then I came down with what I thought was West Nile Virus aka Maude. When we found out her due date landed 1-2 weeks around the Final Four I stepped out of my ticket. Let it be known Cody went on with his daughter due within days. No bad feelings because I was promised that one day I would get to go when it came back to San Antonio. Well, my day has arrived and we are all going. This includes the kids, my parents and reluctantly I am letting Cody go. Well, really my dad won the tickets so I guess my dad is letting Cody go. My dad lucky man has gone 3 times and this will be his fourth.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I found this piece of paper that I had jotted down a story about the kids, so I wouldn't forget. I forgot about the paper. So here is the story...about Joshua (big surprise).
One morning before Tuesday/Thursday school the kids were eating breakfast and I was finishing getting ready. When I walked into the room Maude was patting Joshua (who was laying on the floor) and cleaning the floor with a towel with the other hand. I thought oh no they poured milk all over the floor. When I got closer Maude informed me that Bubba had thrown up and she was taking care of him. I sent Joshua to his bed, cleaned Maude up, called to let school know he wouldn't be coming, cleaned the floor up and finally got to go check on Joshua. The stomach bug was going around really bad in Tulia. So I thought I would get on top of it and gave Joshua a vinagrin suppository right away. He slept until the afternoon without getting sick again. When he woke up he was starving and wanted spaghetti. I told him "no, you need sip some Gatorade and eat some crackers because you are sick, remember you threw up this morning." Too which he answered "No, I am not, I just got choked on my biscuit this morning. " In all the chaos and me trying to be super mom and jump on top of it, I never asked Joshua what happened and he didn't tell me. He got his spaghetti for dinner that night.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Parents of the Year goes to.....

Not us. We have several stories that would lead up to this. I am only going to share this one today because I haven't blogged in a few days.

We repeat every Sunday Morning, Sunday Night and Wednesday night do not run at church. The kids have gotten so use to the lecture they nod and say "We know, we could run over an old lady and break her hip" Well, one Wed evening before church Joshua was running with the other kids and fell in the hall on the tile floor. He cried, there was a lot of blood out of his mouth. If you remember Joshua feels no pain. So we were worried the next morning when he cried about eating. Cody thought maybe he had broken his jaw. So we made an appointment to go see the dentist in Plainview that afternoon. Oh good I thought we will have time to run by Wal-mart before the appointment. Well, at Wal-mart he stood on the edge of the cart and pulled it over on himself. In the process he cut his collar bone. There I stood thinking we are going to have to go to the ER for a broken collar bone and explain we need to hurry because we need to make the dentist appointment, we think he may have broken his jaw. At what point is CPS called? Well, he was fine we didn't have to go to the ER. We did make it to his dentist appointment to find he had knocked his tooth out and bit it back into place. He would be fine in a few days. It ended up being about 2 weeks of soft food. He was fine though, until the past 2 weeks he has complained off and on about his tooth. Cody and I thought it was just Joshua trying to get out of eating. Well, today he was complaining and he wasn't eating. So I decided to check it. Guess what...the root of his tooth from the running fall had broken off and is coming out the gum. He has been in pain. I called the dentist they will see him next week and he may have to have the tooth pulled!!! Only our Joshua. Just when you think you got the parenting down you get knocked off your pedestal.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Planting Seeds

After a long afternoon in Lubbock picking out flowers, mulch, potting soil, and all that fun stuff. We stopped on the way home at Burger King for something quick to eat so we could get home and plant, mow and spray the yard. We were in the pickup so the kids were sitting side by side. Joshua looked over at Aidan's burger and said "Save all those seeds (sesame seeds) on your burger, when we get home we can plant them and have hamburger plants and trees." Cody and I kind of laughed, then Joshua asked if they would have cheese on them. Cody asked Aidan if his burger had cheese. Aidan said "no, I guess it won't be a cheeseburger tree."

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Today was an eventful day in our house. I have been teaching the boys Bible class on Wed. nights. I only have 5 in the class they range from ages 8 to 4. We started with the Old Testament and they learned it so quick. We went on to the New Testament (without singing it). They learned that quickly also. This last one we have been studying a little longer but tonight they all said it with no help (the 4 year old got a couple of key word helps). It was the Beatitudes Matthew 5:3-11. It was amazing they did so well and I was really proud. I am posting their picture tonight, I took them to Sonic to celebrate.

Also, I am putting a Picture of Miss Maude and her new look. She got her ear's pierced today. She is very proud, she didn't cry until it was all over and everyone was looking at her. She walked out very happy and BIG. She told me "I am big now." Daddy even got a little teary eyed when he saw how big she was with her new earrings.

Sorry no funny stories. Just give me a day or two. We will be going to Amarillo tomorrow, so who knows.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

1st of all let me say I am sorry. I was informed my blog wasn't letting anyone comment if they didn't have a blog. I kept trying to get everyone involved and some of you were trying. I think that problem is fixed, if not email me. So that leads me to the favorite story vote, the votes are in (the one vote) and it is the New Camera story. Next is the did he or did he not pull the fire alarm...he didn't to my surprise. The four of us came flying out of the bathroom (me still fixing my pants) to find everyone else shocked too, someone had gone out the fire alarm door.

Ok I am rarely serious (Cody can second that or amen that). Here lately there have been some serious topics in our household. So I have become somewhat sentimental (I think it will pass).
I have watched Aidan try to climb this tree in our front yard for a few days. He didn't want any help. I watched him change shoes, get scraps and sometimes seem defeated by this tree. He talked about how his friend Mason could probably climb that tree. Well, guess what he finally got brave enough and arms strong enough he got up in the tree. I swelled with pride for him, I knew his determination had finally paid off. He was so happy and wanted everyone to see him. I thought he might make a home up there. So tonight I am leaving pictures of Aidan in the tree.
What color are his eyes? It isn't a trick question, we don't know.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bathroom Talk

Today we were at Wal-mart. Maude had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got there. Which isn't too bad, she usually needs to go as soon as I get into shopping. So there we stood in our own stalls. Maude and I in the handicap (how fitting some of you are saying). The boys of course finished before we did and I could hear them washing there hands. When all of the sudden the fire alarm went off. I don't know if you have ever been in a bathroom stall with a 3 year old when a LOUD fire alarm goes off with flashing lights. Just for future reference it is not pretty, especially when Mommy is trying to get out of the stall to get Joshua. I just knew he had pulled the alarm...
So what do you think, did he?

Next story, same Wal-mart same bathroom. This time I had just checked out with a full cart. Joshua said he needed to go. So reluctantly I sent the boys in the women's (just in case I was needed). Time went by and I started getting worried. I asked a lady that came out if two little boys were ok. My luck, she didn't speak english. So I kept wondering, when they finally emerged. Aidan informed me that Joshua had to poop. Oh no, I thought. Then Aidan told me that Joshua used the stall that had tape all over it. What? Aidan then said "yeah, there was a sign on it that read 'out of order', so Joshua just crawled under the door and went." I used a lot and I mean a lot of germ-x on him when we got to the car. I hope next time you are in a Wal-mart bathroom stall you will get a little tickle.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We survived

This trip we went prepared, I am happy to report no one was hurt. Joshua had a few falls but nothing worth dermabonding. Maude caught her first two fish with help from Mimi and mommy. She was very excited. Joshua caught a girl one (very small). No one was more excited then him. He screamed so the whole pond could hear. He also, like last year, grabbed it the first chance he could. (I think the fish was dead before he was put on the line.) Aidan caught 3 (the limit). He was more excited about the ducks on the pond. The mommy and daddy duck started wrestling right in front of us. Aidan yelled "Cool, those ducks are wrestling." Our side of the pond got tickled. We went to a cowboy evening were they cook steak and then have a campfire sing along. There was an older man sitting at our table visiting the other table. Joshua asked loudly "Mommy are you going to sit by that OLD MAN." Thankfully like most older men he couldn't hear. He also announced at restaurant that Kenneth Wyatt (a local artist) had arrived.
Oh Joshua. Like most trips we take with my family. I never really get to see Aidan he is to busy playing with his cousins. Maude pretty much took up with anyone that would do what she wanted. (Uncle Justin and Cole)
I will be posting pictures later. We have a new camera so I have a ton. I am going to go through tonight. I will probably put a link on the blog.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Those of you have or had boys may want to help me out on this one. A couple of months ago Joshua learned to ride his bike. He still can't figure out how to stop that or he loves the sound and feeling of crashing into the garage or the back of Granddad's pickup or mommy's leg. Anyway he hasn't ever cried from the falls or crashes. Which kind of worries us. He kind of reminds me of a young Evil Knievel. Well, today he smashed his hand in the weird hinge door that we had been talking about removing. It bruised right away. He went on with a little howl and cry. It didn't slow him down. Then tonight while playing with Maude grocery store. Superman was called to work. I have no idea why a store run by a Dora cash register and baby carriages would need Superman's service. What do I know? All we heard was SUPERMAN and then a big crash. Apparently a baby carriage won't hold the weight of a 44 lb superman. He actually did cry for this stunt. Small cuts to the arm and back, will be bruising by morning. All in all the crying was minimal and he was back on his feet in no time. A few short minutes later, Maude fell in backyard. She cried for an hour off and on. There was blood but just a little skinned knee. You would have thought she broke something from the crying. She cried so much Aidan started crying because he was worried about her. I am happy to report she is doing fine with 2 Dora band aids and one large sponge bob one. I really should have taken out stock in band aid company before the kids were born. We go through way to many. Daddy brings home free ones from Pharm reps. but the Viagra ones are just not fun to wear.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Red River

Today we went to Lubbock for our Sam's run before we head out for Red River next Friday. Last night I read through part of my mom's book she keeps. It has stuff that we have done each year we go to Red River. We have been going since 1996 every year. We missed one year and one year my parents went twice because we couldn't all go together. Kids have been born and I was pregnant for a couple of them and without going into detail one of them probably came about in Red River. So there are a lot of memories there and lots of laughing. Today we talked to the kids about it and loved listening to there favorite parts. They are all in love with the whole trip and being with family on vacation. I loved watching the twinkle in each one of their eyes when they told us what was their favorite. Jeep rides through the river with Granddad ranked very high with all of them. Fishing for the boys. Maude just like talking about Red River the word. This year she may be a little more active. As the adults, I think I can speak for all of us, we get just as excited about being up in the mountains and the cool air. S'mores, Sundance, throwing rocks in the river (look out Granddad), Jeep rides, naps, shopping all those cheesy stores, Gun fight, fishing, the list could go on. You think Red River is ready for us?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


It has been slow, really slow, so I thought I would ask you guys to e-mail or comment a story you remember. Also, I thought we would have a survey of the stories I have written which is your favorite. I will keep a tally and then let everyone know the results in a few days. Trying to get a little more interactive talk going.
There is one story, I believe is one of the first funny stories that started all of this.
Aidan was 1 1/2, Joshua was a newborn, we were at Hobby Lobby when Aidan out of no where told a lady walking by "My mommy smokes." You can imagine how shocked I was he had said that. I didn't even know he knew the word smoke. I told him that it was not nice to tell people I smoked. We turned the corner and an another lady walked by he jumped up and said "My mommy smokes and it is not Nice."
Just to let everyone know I have never smoked or even tried to smoke.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Visiting the Family

Joshua went to stay with my sister a couple of weeks ago. He came home saying "Oh, Geeze" for everything. He picked it up from my sister, she says it all the time. It was cute and we thought it was funny. It became a whole lot funnier when we realized this week that he really was "Oh, Cheese!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Camera

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on pictures for full expressions.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Picture time

Last night we were with some friends we hadn't seen in a while. They reminded me of a story that happened, I think, when Joshua turned 3. I always try to get the kids pictures made on or around their birthday. (this year I haven't had a chance because someone always has a cut on them) This time I was going to get Joshua's pictures as well as all 3 of them together. So I put Joshua in front of the lady to take pictures and then went back to fix the other 2's hair and dress them. When I heard the photographer start laughing. I turned to find my Joshua standing, smiling really big with BUBBA TEETH he had slipped in at the last second. He had carried them in his pocket all day and I guess thought it would make a good picture. She asked if she could take a couple of pictures with them in. So I let her. Only our Joshua!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hair Cuts

Today Joshua and Aidan got their scissors out to cut a cracker box and some paper. I am going to blame my mom on this one. I was on the phone with her and we were looking up something on the computer at the same time. Well, Joshua left the table and I didn't notice. Then I heard Aidan say the magic words,"Joshua cut his hair! and Baylor's too!"(Baylor is the dog) When I got up there was a huge chunk of Joshua's hair laying on the ground and no Joshua. Baylor was laying there not knowing that he had a chunk also missing laying by him. When I found Joshua I couldn't tell a thing. His hair lays down and is layered so you couldn't even tell. Lucky! That is the second hair cut in our house. One day Maude asked Aidan if he would cut her hair, so he did. I asked "Why would you listen to a 3 year old?" Cody answered for him "Because he is 6 and when a 3 year old ask you to cut her hair it sounds logical."
Going back to blaming my mom. You see there is more to the phone stories with my mom. My mom called my cell phone one day while I was in Amarillo. I tried to answer as I was sitting Maude up on the potty. You guessed it, I dropped it in the potty. (I did buy a new one) A few days later I was in Plainview at Wal-mart when my mom called. Joshua climbed on the side of the cart and pulled it over on himself, cut his collar bone and bruised it.

Ok guys, I meant to write that I had put pictures on the blogsite. You probably already noticed, if not, they are on the left. Also you guys are going to have to start commenting. I don't know if anyone is reading or not. I don't have one of those tracker things.

Monday, June 25, 2007

One more time

Ok, yesterday's blog should have come with a rating. Sorry about that, people like my sister need to be warned that there will be naked talk. So from now on I will rate them or put a warning on them.
Today I was reminded of a story. I need to write it down so I won't forget. A couple of days after Maude's 2nd birthday. We were over at some friends house for lunch after church. It was several couples all with small children. After we had finished eating the men went out front with some of the kids and the women were inside cleaning up. (sound typical) Anyway the guys were looking at some golf clubs and let Joshua swing one. Cody told Joshua to put the club up and like a typical 3 1/2 year old he had to swing ONE more time. Unfortunately, Maude was right behind him. Well, he connected his swing into her eye. It gave her a nice shiner and a cut across her eyebrow. Cody came in the house, shirt covered in blood and holding a crying Maude. We piled in the suburban and raced home. Cody glued her eyebrow back together. All the while we had spanked Joshua and put him on his bed. He took a nap and woke up later to find his sister had been hurt. He saw her and wanted to know "What happened to your eye?" In all the craziness Joshua never knew he had hurt her.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Boys vs. Girls

Ok, most of you will be shocked that I am telling this story.
About a year ago when Aidan turned 5. I asked Cody when Aidan should stop seeing me naked. I grew up with a sister, so I was asking for a man's point that grew up with a sister. He said he really didn't know. About a week later we were in Dallas for the weekend. I will never forget the exact place we were when these magical words came out of Aidan's mouth. We had enjoyed listening to the boys talk about all sorts of things. When the topic of boys vs. girls came up. They started arguing about boy's tee tees and girl's tee tees. Joshua was certain girls didn't have them. Aidan was certain girls did. It was the typical back forth do, do not, do, do not, do, do not. When finally Aidan yelled out "Yes they do, they have mustaches!" Cody and I died laughing in the middle of driving in Frisco, TX. Cody said " I think now is the time Aidan should stop seeing you." I am red just writing this. But it is one the all time funniest things said in our house.
I hope y'all have a great week. This should give you a good laugh to start it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Home sweet home

Well, we made it home without any major happenings. Maude broke out in a rash all over her body the day after I had made that post. She apparently didn't have a cold on the way down to Galveston it was fifths disease. Heat and sun bring out the rash, so she looked so pretty with her red face, legs, arms and body.
Things I learned from this trip and I am noting to myself:
1. Bring board games for hotel room...keep em busy from jumping on the beds and off.
2. Book hotel with queen size beds not full...2 kids always end up in bed with mommy by morning.
3. Bring superglue and big bandages...palm trees jump out of no where.
4. Don't let kids wear $4.99 water shoes without checking for red spots in the first 2 minutes...Maude got a blister on day one and we got to hear about it the rest of the trip.

We are already getting back to busy life. The kids start swimming lessons today.
Have a great day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


It has been so long since I last blogged, I couldn't remember my password!
Well, we are in Galveston. We have been here for 4 days and have 3 more to go. Cody is taking CME so the kids and I are hanging out while he takes classes in the mornings. We have had a lot of fun. We went to NASA on Monday and the beach that evening. Joshua was of course the only brave one to go out far into the ocean. Maude and Aidan were happy with the sand. Tuesday we went out to Cody's Aunt and Uncle's house (they live here in Galveston). Which ended up to pretty close to par for us. Joshua cut his leg (which ended up having to be glued shut by the end of the evening). Apparently a palm tree jumped out and tackled him to the ground. That is about all we could get out of him. Then as we were leaving and saying our good-byes, Aidan locked Joshua out of the only door they have in their house. Which in turn ended up breaking and we were all stuck inside with Joshua on the outside. (Sound familar ref. story Schwan man story, only this time their was no Schwan man) Cody and his Aunt had to climb out of a window (Cody not so graceful). After taking apart the door we were finally freed. As you can imagine it was a long ride back to the hotel. With Joshua's run in with the tree we couldn't swim today. So we walked them to death. We went to The Strand (shopping), a railroad museum, and then the beach to look for shells. Joshua and Aidan collected a ton of hermit crabs. I even saw Maude pick one up trying to be brave like the boys.
We have 3 more days, wish us luck. Swimming is out for tomorrow too. Aidan and Joshua got into a fight tonight and broke open Joshua's cut. So we have to go 24 more hours before we hit the pool. I know each one of you that are reading this are just smiling and thinking I wish I could be there with them.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Stuart Little

This is a quick one! The other day I went to take a shower and thought I would put a movie on for the kids to watch. With all 3 home there seems to be an outbreak on the fights. I went through the channels real quick and Stuart Little was the first one that came on. So they all plopped down on the couch to watch. After I got out of the shower I went to check (like I always do) for broken glass, blood, someone crying or food missing from the kitchen. There they all set on the couch like little angels, but confused little angels. There faces were so puzzled. I looked at the TV and Stuart Little was still on. What I hadn't noticed is that I had turned it to the Spanish channel and they had no idea what they were saying.

Sunday, June 3, 2007


This afternoon we were sitting outside and Joshua was patting the kitten. The cat started purring Joshua thought he was mad. We explained that he was happy and that is what cats did. A little bit later Joshua hopped up in my lap and gave me a big hug and then asked if I was mad. I sayed "no, why?" kind of puzzled. (I never get mad, why would he ask that?) He said "Well, your not purring."

We are having VBS starting tomorrow. So on Saturday we went walking around neighborhoods passing out flyers about VBS. Maude went with me and an another mom with her little girl. The boys went with one of the high school boys and his parents. Maude walked the whole time with a flyer and wouldn't give it away. She liked having the paper and acting like us but didn't want to give it away. We rejoined at the church and I picked the boys up to go home. We got in the suburban and Joshua noticed that Maude still had her paper. He asked why she still had it. I told him that she didn't want to part with it, it was ok. He preceded to yell "WHAT, YOU DON'T WANT TO SPREAD THE WORD OF GOD." Trying not to laugh at his anger. I let him know this one time it would might be ok, if Maude didn't spread the Word. :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hospital Visits

With Cody working in a hospital. We go visit him once a week when he is on-call. So the kids have gotten very familar with the hospital. In fact too familar. We visit the patients that we know and some we don't. I have been amazed how the kids have become so use to it and comfortable. I have to be honest it is not the easiest thing to do, visit those in the hospital. I was raised by two wonderful parents who do that and have taught me the importance of visiting.

All that said there have been some pretty funny stories that have come from our visits.
One of them comes from an elderly man we visit in the assisted living part of the hospital. My parents have sort of adopted him. He has no close family left. My dad visits him everyday and my mom does his laundry. Well, when they are gone we step in. This man can not see or hear well at all anymore. He sleeps most of the day with a sheet over his head. So when we go visit I always try to beat the kids in to let him know to take the sheet off, so the kids won't be scared. Well, one day Aidan beat me to his room. As I entered Aidan was turning around coming back out. He said very calmly "He's dead, Let's go." Only a child would be so calm.
Last night we went to visit a man who had a portable potty in his room. We had just been to eat and the kids had gotten slap stickers out of the vending machine. So before we left this man's room Joshua put his torn up slap sticker in his potty. I told the man he would probably have to stay a few more days, because his lab work on his next speciman will never be figured out why he is passing blue gooey stuff.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Day of School

Aidan finished his first year of school today. He has come a long way. The first few weeks he didn't understand why they couldn't go over the weekend he loved it so much. He became a true school boy after the first semester by asking how many more days this week. He really loved it and we never had problems with him not wanting to go. My sister called him a nerd today. When he got in the car today he got a book out and started working on it. He loves school work. Joshua's last day he came in laid down on the couch and said he was done forever.
Guess which parent they take after?
Maude is very excited to have her boys home for the summer. She missed them everyday and asked every hour when we could go get her boys.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad Blood

I am telling on myself tonight. December and January Joshua was tired all the time and pale. After a while we began to think something was wrong with him. So Cody had me take him and have some blood drawn. It was a horrible experience he screamed and cried, it took 3 of us to hold him down. When it was all done, nothing was wrong with him. When we got home that day, he asked why they had done that to him. I had no answer! So I told him that when you turn 4 and you still don't obey your mom and dad, they take out the blood that makes you not obey. (I am a horrible mom, but sometimes you will try anything.) He asked me to tell him something to do. I told him to go wash his hands. He ran and washed his hands and ran back to me. He was so excited, he said "it works! I think you need to take Aidan in now."
He still remembers and any time someone is not obeying he tells them they are going to have to get their blood taken out. Cody came home this past week after giving blood. Joshua ran up and asked if had the bad blood taken out.
Please don't judge me...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Schwan's Man

It has been a couple of slow days. (Josh has been sick) So I thought I would tell one of my favorite stories.
Maude was a few weeks old when this happened. Joshua was 1 and half and big brother Aidan was 3. It had been a pretty calm morning until Aidan locked his little brother in our bedroom. I was feeding Maude and had to put her in her crib, she of course started screaming and crying. I then spanked Aidan and put him on his bed for locking Joshua in our room, so he started crying. All the while Joshua was in our room crying and scared. So all 3 kids were crying. I tried to get it unlocked with no prevail. I called Cody and asked if he could please come home and help. He was on call, of course. He said he would try and talk to the attending and see if could run home and help. The doorbell rang in the midst of my panic. It was Bill the Schwan's man, I grabbed him and dragged him into our house. Trying to tell him what was going on over all of the crying kids. He came to the rescue and popped the door open with a little shoulder push and work with the door knob I had broken off in my try. I called Cody to tell him that Bill had gotten the door open and there was no need for him to come home. Cody asked "Who is Bill?" when I told him it was the Schwan's man his next comment was "How much did that cost us?" Needless to say I bought a bunch that day. You would too if he saved you from 3 crying kids.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Cody and I had a long week. Tuesday night t-ball, Wed Cody was on-call, Thursday he was in Lubbock all day at a funeral then that night he had a School board meeting. I am telling you all this because we seemed to pass each in the hall for about 3 days. All the while I was toting around 3 kids. On Thursday night the kids had a game in Kress. So we left when Cody got home from the funeral. The kitchen was a mess from running in and out all week and eating. Cody could tell I was stressed. So when we got home that night from t-ball he was gone to the school board meeting but before leaving he had cleaned everything for me. So I started singing "what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man." Maude came running in looking around to see what I was singing about. I told her, her daddy was a good daddy he had cleaned the kitchen for mommy. She got excited and started singing "Who let the dogs out, who let the dogs out, woof woof!" It was so funny, that was the best song she could think of and she didn't know the one I had been singing.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let's Play Ball

The boys play on the same T-ball team and Cody helps coach when he can. Tonight they had a game in Kress. I just love watching the boys play. Aidan is very competitive and has caught on to the game a lot better than last year. Last year he would always get home and be excited that he beat the kid behind him around the bases. Over and over we explained they were on the same team. This is Joshua's first year and maybe last. The first game he knocked everyone off of first base because he was the first baseman. That was his base! Next game he sat on second base and faced the outfield. Tonight he bounced as the pitcher for the whole inning. Every game is a new adventure for Joshua. Maude runs around the entire game playing in the dirt and with friends. If you are bored some Tues/Thurs night come and watch a T-ball game, you will be entertained.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I hear all the time "you have to write that down." All the stories about the kids have gotten to be so many, I can't remember who said what. So here it goes I am going to start a blog thingy. When something funny happens I will log it. If you remember a story let me know and I will write it on those slow days.
I am going to start with a story about our Joshua. Today he caught a spider and put it on himself, so it would bite him. Most of you know why a little boy would do that. I had to think about it. Oh yes, that is right, you see that is how our friendly Spiderman came to be. So of course I sat down with and discussed what really happens when a spider bites.
This is the same kid who wished at a well "I could go to heaven RIGHT NOW." My friend and I explained to him that was a wish to save for when he was 90 or so.
Hope you enjoy the stories.