Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let's Play Ball

The boys play on the same T-ball team and Cody helps coach when he can. Tonight they had a game in Kress. I just love watching the boys play. Aidan is very competitive and has caught on to the game a lot better than last year. Last year he would always get home and be excited that he beat the kid behind him around the bases. Over and over we explained they were on the same team. This is Joshua's first year and maybe last. The first game he knocked everyone off of first base because he was the first baseman. That was his base! Next game he sat on second base and faced the outfield. Tonight he bounced as the pitcher for the whole inning. Every game is a new adventure for Joshua. Maude runs around the entire game playing in the dirt and with friends. If you are bored some Tues/Thurs night come and watch a T-ball game, you will be entertained.


  1. I'm not sure there is a purer sport in the world than T-ball. What other sport is there where you never strike out, you don't get put out, you always win in the end and snacks are served following the game.

    Cooper's liking his first year of t-ball too. He asks every day how many days till his next game. On game day we start, "how many more hours." This question is asked every 20 minutes. :)

  2. I don't think I like watching anything better. All 3 of my boys out playing together is on of the best things. They are all at such a great age. Joshua talks to God often about what is going on around the house. When they started t-ball, I heard him tell God I am going to hit one up to you tonight.