Friday, May 25, 2007

Hospital Visits

With Cody working in a hospital. We go visit him once a week when he is on-call. So the kids have gotten very familar with the hospital. In fact too familar. We visit the patients that we know and some we don't. I have been amazed how the kids have become so use to it and comfortable. I have to be honest it is not the easiest thing to do, visit those in the hospital. I was raised by two wonderful parents who do that and have taught me the importance of visiting.

All that said there have been some pretty funny stories that have come from our visits.
One of them comes from an elderly man we visit in the assisted living part of the hospital. My parents have sort of adopted him. He has no close family left. My dad visits him everyday and my mom does his laundry. Well, when they are gone we step in. This man can not see or hear well at all anymore. He sleeps most of the day with a sheet over his head. So when we go visit I always try to beat the kids in to let him know to take the sheet off, so the kids won't be scared. Well, one day Aidan beat me to his room. As I entered Aidan was turning around coming back out. He said very calmly "He's dead, Let's go." Only a child would be so calm.
Last night we went to visit a man who had a portable potty in his room. We had just been to eat and the kids had gotten slap stickers out of the vending machine. So before we left this man's room Joshua put his torn up slap sticker in his potty. I told the man he would probably have to stay a few more days, because his lab work on his next speciman will never be figured out why he is passing blue gooey stuff.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Day of School

Aidan finished his first year of school today. He has come a long way. The first few weeks he didn't understand why they couldn't go over the weekend he loved it so much. He became a true school boy after the first semester by asking how many more days this week. He really loved it and we never had problems with him not wanting to go. My sister called him a nerd today. When he got in the car today he got a book out and started working on it. He loves school work. Joshua's last day he came in laid down on the couch and said he was done forever.
Guess which parent they take after?
Maude is very excited to have her boys home for the summer. She missed them everyday and asked every hour when we could go get her boys.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad Blood

I am telling on myself tonight. December and January Joshua was tired all the time and pale. After a while we began to think something was wrong with him. So Cody had me take him and have some blood drawn. It was a horrible experience he screamed and cried, it took 3 of us to hold him down. When it was all done, nothing was wrong with him. When we got home that day, he asked why they had done that to him. I had no answer! So I told him that when you turn 4 and you still don't obey your mom and dad, they take out the blood that makes you not obey. (I am a horrible mom, but sometimes you will try anything.) He asked me to tell him something to do. I told him to go wash his hands. He ran and washed his hands and ran back to me. He was so excited, he said "it works! I think you need to take Aidan in now."
He still remembers and any time someone is not obeying he tells them they are going to have to get their blood taken out. Cody came home this past week after giving blood. Joshua ran up and asked if had the bad blood taken out.
Please don't judge me...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Schwan's Man

It has been a couple of slow days. (Josh has been sick) So I thought I would tell one of my favorite stories.
Maude was a few weeks old when this happened. Joshua was 1 and half and big brother Aidan was 3. It had been a pretty calm morning until Aidan locked his little brother in our bedroom. I was feeding Maude and had to put her in her crib, she of course started screaming and crying. I then spanked Aidan and put him on his bed for locking Joshua in our room, so he started crying. All the while Joshua was in our room crying and scared. So all 3 kids were crying. I tried to get it unlocked with no prevail. I called Cody and asked if he could please come home and help. He was on call, of course. He said he would try and talk to the attending and see if could run home and help. The doorbell rang in the midst of my panic. It was Bill the Schwan's man, I grabbed him and dragged him into our house. Trying to tell him what was going on over all of the crying kids. He came to the rescue and popped the door open with a little shoulder push and work with the door knob I had broken off in my try. I called Cody to tell him that Bill had gotten the door open and there was no need for him to come home. Cody asked "Who is Bill?" when I told him it was the Schwan's man his next comment was "How much did that cost us?" Needless to say I bought a bunch that day. You would too if he saved you from 3 crying kids.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Cody and I had a long week. Tuesday night t-ball, Wed Cody was on-call, Thursday he was in Lubbock all day at a funeral then that night he had a School board meeting. I am telling you all this because we seemed to pass each in the hall for about 3 days. All the while I was toting around 3 kids. On Thursday night the kids had a game in Kress. So we left when Cody got home from the funeral. The kitchen was a mess from running in and out all week and eating. Cody could tell I was stressed. So when we got home that night from t-ball he was gone to the school board meeting but before leaving he had cleaned everything for me. So I started singing "what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man." Maude came running in looking around to see what I was singing about. I told her, her daddy was a good daddy he had cleaned the kitchen for mommy. She got excited and started singing "Who let the dogs out, who let the dogs out, woof woof!" It was so funny, that was the best song she could think of and she didn't know the one I had been singing.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Let's Play Ball

The boys play on the same T-ball team and Cody helps coach when he can. Tonight they had a game in Kress. I just love watching the boys play. Aidan is very competitive and has caught on to the game a lot better than last year. Last year he would always get home and be excited that he beat the kid behind him around the bases. Over and over we explained they were on the same team. This is Joshua's first year and maybe last. The first game he knocked everyone off of first base because he was the first baseman. That was his base! Next game he sat on second base and faced the outfield. Tonight he bounced as the pitcher for the whole inning. Every game is a new adventure for Joshua. Maude runs around the entire game playing in the dirt and with friends. If you are bored some Tues/Thurs night come and watch a T-ball game, you will be entertained.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I hear all the time "you have to write that down." All the stories about the kids have gotten to be so many, I can't remember who said what. So here it goes I am going to start a blog thingy. When something funny happens I will log it. If you remember a story let me know and I will write it on those slow days.
I am going to start with a story about our Joshua. Today he caught a spider and put it on himself, so it would bite him. Most of you know why a little boy would do that. I had to think about it. Oh yes, that is right, you see that is how our friendly Spiderman came to be. So of course I sat down with and discussed what really happens when a spider bites.
This is the same kid who wished at a well "I could go to heaven RIGHT NOW." My friend and I explained to him that was a wish to save for when he was 90 or so.
Hope you enjoy the stories.