Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad Blood

I am telling on myself tonight. December and January Joshua was tired all the time and pale. After a while we began to think something was wrong with him. So Cody had me take him and have some blood drawn. It was a horrible experience he screamed and cried, it took 3 of us to hold him down. When it was all done, nothing was wrong with him. When we got home that day, he asked why they had done that to him. I had no answer! So I told him that when you turn 4 and you still don't obey your mom and dad, they take out the blood that makes you not obey. (I am a horrible mom, but sometimes you will try anything.) He asked me to tell him something to do. I told him to go wash his hands. He ran and washed his hands and ran back to me. He was so excited, he said "it works! I think you need to take Aidan in now."
He still remembers and any time someone is not obeying he tells them they are going to have to get their blood taken out. Cody came home this past week after giving blood. Joshua ran up and asked if had the bad blood taken out.
Please don't judge me...


  1. Good story. I think that is an excellent parenting tip. And a humorous story.

    I'm liking your blog.

  2. I was hoping out of all the people that read that one, you might miss that one. My parents couldn't believe we lied to him.