Saturday, July 14, 2007

Red River

Today we went to Lubbock for our Sam's run before we head out for Red River next Friday. Last night I read through part of my mom's book she keeps. It has stuff that we have done each year we go to Red River. We have been going since 1996 every year. We missed one year and one year my parents went twice because we couldn't all go together. Kids have been born and I was pregnant for a couple of them and without going into detail one of them probably came about in Red River. So there are a lot of memories there and lots of laughing. Today we talked to the kids about it and loved listening to there favorite parts. They are all in love with the whole trip and being with family on vacation. I loved watching the twinkle in each one of their eyes when they told us what was their favorite. Jeep rides through the river with Granddad ranked very high with all of them. Fishing for the boys. Maude just like talking about Red River the word. This year she may be a little more active. As the adults, I think I can speak for all of us, we get just as excited about being up in the mountains and the cool air. S'mores, Sundance, throwing rocks in the river (look out Granddad), Jeep rides, naps, shopping all those cheesy stores, Gun fight, fishing, the list could go on. You think Red River is ready for us?

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  1. Melissa! I loved reading through the stories of your kids...they are hilarious! It made me miss y'all so much. Hope everyone is doing well...have fun in Red River!