Monday, May 21, 2007

Schwan's Man

It has been a couple of slow days. (Josh has been sick) So I thought I would tell one of my favorite stories.
Maude was a few weeks old when this happened. Joshua was 1 and half and big brother Aidan was 3. It had been a pretty calm morning until Aidan locked his little brother in our bedroom. I was feeding Maude and had to put her in her crib, she of course started screaming and crying. I then spanked Aidan and put him on his bed for locking Joshua in our room, so he started crying. All the while Joshua was in our room crying and scared. So all 3 kids were crying. I tried to get it unlocked with no prevail. I called Cody and asked if he could please come home and help. He was on call, of course. He said he would try and talk to the attending and see if could run home and help. The doorbell rang in the midst of my panic. It was Bill the Schwan's man, I grabbed him and dragged him into our house. Trying to tell him what was going on over all of the crying kids. He came to the rescue and popped the door open with a little shoulder push and work with the door knob I had broken off in my try. I called Cody to tell him that Bill had gotten the door open and there was no need for him to come home. Cody asked "Who is Bill?" when I told him it was the Schwan's man his next comment was "How much did that cost us?" Needless to say I bought a bunch that day. You would too if he saved you from 3 crying kids.

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  1. Enjoyed the laugh. I didn't know Schwan guys were so helpful. I'll know who to call next time I'm in a fix.

    Thanks for the story. You're becoming a professional blogger.