Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Dad

After recent comments on my blog, I started thinking. You know the saying 'your paying for your raising' well I think we may be paying for someone else's raising. DAD! I have grown up hearing stories of my father's antics. There are a few I could tell but I thought his sister's might want to comment their favorite. I will leave you with this little one. I understand the story goes a little like this... My dad and his friend figured out how to put their car on the railroad tracks, so when a car drove over they could turn on their lights and run at the car acting like a train. So finally a car drove by and they turned their lights on to scare them and run at the car...much to their surprise it was a cop. So I am beginning to think it is only the beginning with Joshua. We one day will give this child keys to a car!


  1. Well, there are so many stories I will just mention a " very few highlights" that Mama would tell and your Dad can better describe since he did them. The painting of eggs and hens with real paint, the hen house fire and the interruption of our playhouses. Mama always told us if we would ignore he would go away and leave us alone. We tried to ignore but he was persistent until we screamed for Mama and then he was gone in a second and not to be found. There are many more but I feel for Maude if her brother has inherited their GrandDad's great talents. There will never be any dull moments. Of course I treasure each of those times we had as kids.

  2. I loved hearing Granny talk about the stories of you kids. It was like a novel of wonderful little stories and the grin on her face as she would remember the stories. It was like she was seeing them happen all over again and how much she enjoyed you kids. I hope my memory will be as great as hers. Right now they seem to be so many I can't keep them straight.