Friday, July 27, 2007

Bathroom Talk

Today we were at Wal-mart. Maude had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got there. Which isn't too bad, she usually needs to go as soon as I get into shopping. So there we stood in our own stalls. Maude and I in the handicap (how fitting some of you are saying). The boys of course finished before we did and I could hear them washing there hands. When all of the sudden the fire alarm went off. I don't know if you have ever been in a bathroom stall with a 3 year old when a LOUD fire alarm goes off with flashing lights. Just for future reference it is not pretty, especially when Mommy is trying to get out of the stall to get Joshua. I just knew he had pulled the alarm...
So what do you think, did he?

Next story, same Wal-mart same bathroom. This time I had just checked out with a full cart. Joshua said he needed to go. So reluctantly I sent the boys in the women's (just in case I was needed). Time went by and I started getting worried. I asked a lady that came out if two little boys were ok. My luck, she didn't speak english. So I kept wondering, when they finally emerged. Aidan informed me that Joshua had to poop. Oh no, I thought. Then Aidan told me that Joshua used the stall that had tape all over it. What? Aidan then said "yeah, there was a sign on it that read 'out of order', so Joshua just crawled under the door and went." I used a lot and I mean a lot of germ-x on him when we got to the car. I hope next time you are in a Wal-mart bathroom stall you will get a little tickle.

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  1. When we read the blog Justin and I bet $5 on if Joshua pulled the fire alarm or not. Just for the record...I won. There is no way that Josh would do that! :)