Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I found this piece of paper that I had jotted down a story about the kids, so I wouldn't forget. I forgot about the paper. So here is the story...about Joshua (big surprise).
One morning before Tuesday/Thursday school the kids were eating breakfast and I was finishing getting ready. When I walked into the room Maude was patting Joshua (who was laying on the floor) and cleaning the floor with a towel with the other hand. I thought oh no they poured milk all over the floor. When I got closer Maude informed me that Bubba had thrown up and she was taking care of him. I sent Joshua to his bed, cleaned Maude up, called to let school know he wouldn't be coming, cleaned the floor up and finally got to go check on Joshua. The stomach bug was going around really bad in Tulia. So I thought I would get on top of it and gave Joshua a vinagrin suppository right away. He slept until the afternoon without getting sick again. When he woke up he was starving and wanted spaghetti. I told him "no, you need sip some Gatorade and eat some crackers because you are sick, remember you threw up this morning." Too which he answered "No, I am not, I just got choked on my biscuit this morning. " In all the chaos and me trying to be super mom and jump on top of it, I never asked Joshua what happened and he didn't tell me. He got his spaghetti for dinner that night.

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  1. That is so funny, sound like something I would do!