Thursday, July 12, 2007


It has been slow, really slow, so I thought I would ask you guys to e-mail or comment a story you remember. Also, I thought we would have a survey of the stories I have written which is your favorite. I will keep a tally and then let everyone know the results in a few days. Trying to get a little more interactive talk going.
There is one story, I believe is one of the first funny stories that started all of this.
Aidan was 1 1/2, Joshua was a newborn, we were at Hobby Lobby when Aidan out of no where told a lady walking by "My mommy smokes." You can imagine how shocked I was he had said that. I didn't even know he knew the word smoke. I told him that it was not nice to tell people I smoked. We turned the corner and an another lady walked by he jumped up and said "My mommy smokes and it is not Nice."
Just to let everyone know I have never smoked or even tried to smoke.


  1. "NEW CAMERA" my favorite. The pictures tell the whole story.

  2. Aren't you busy spreading God's word in Mexico? I feel very honored that you took time out to vote.
    Be careful and know that we are praying for your group.