Sunday, November 18, 2007


You know you have been to Hobby Lobby way too much, when your son Thanks God for Hobby Lobby in his prayers.


  1. He likes the benefits of it! Christmas decorations, etc.

    I hope Maude is doing well. Jake is better, but since he is still so swollen won't go to school today.

    I went to a "shower" (diaper and wipes) for Baby Sadie in Lubbock! It was fun! Ellis and I played "soccer" and colored for about 2 hours. I love being a Grandma.

  2. Be glad its Hoby lobby, Dylan prays for the Pharmacy!! So I guess we have been in there too much.

    When we asked him why the Pharmacy, he said thats where the sick people go to get medicine.

  3. seems like we have been to the pharmacy way too much here lately too.
    Sharla,I am sure you are a great Grandma. Those girls are very lucky to have you.
    Maude is finally doing better, and she thanked God in her prayers for making her better. At the young at age of 3 she knows where the praise should go.