Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Today was an eventful day in our house. I have been teaching the boys Bible class on Wed. nights. I only have 5 in the class they range from ages 8 to 4. We started with the Old Testament and they learned it so quick. We went on to the New Testament (without singing it). They learned that quickly also. This last one we have been studying a little longer but tonight they all said it with no help (the 4 year old got a couple of key word helps). It was the Beatitudes Matthew 5:3-11. It was amazing they did so well and I was really proud. I am posting their picture tonight, I took them to Sonic to celebrate.

Also, I am putting a Picture of Miss Maude and her new look. She got her ear's pierced today. She is very proud, she didn't cry until it was all over and everyone was looking at her. She walked out very happy and BIG. She told me "I am big now." Daddy even got a little teary eyed when he saw how big she was with her new earrings.

Sorry no funny stories. Just give me a day or two. We will be going to Amarillo tomorrow, so who knows.


  1. Thank you for the job that you are doing with the young ones. You are an awesome teacher and Dylan has really enjoyed it. We have been so proud of him for what he has learned in your class.

    Matt H.

  2. Oh my gosh, they have all changed!!! We have to come for a visit SOON...I'm going to talk to Clint about that right now.

  3. Those kids are sure growing up....

    Makes me feel old! :)

  4. Thanks Matt, they have been a fun group to teach and smart.

    Kat, we would love to see you guys!

    Trey, you are old. Just Kidding! I feel old too somedays.