Thursday, October 25, 2007


Joshua turns 5 today!
5 things (I could name a thousand)I love about Joshua.
1. I love that he loves God and Jesus and he loves to talk to them.
2. I love that he loves his family and cares for us.
3. I love how he always wants to give me a hug in the morning.
4. I love that he sees life in a whole new way.
5. I love that he has his own way of doing things.

5 things I have learned from Joshua
1. A smile is a powerful thing.
2. That feelings get hurt worse than cuts and bruises.
3. 3 year olds shouldn't have golf clubs when 2 year olds are running around.
4. That anything and I mean anything can be climbed to jump off of.
5. When you don't see him for a few seconds you should really go check on him.

5 injuries Joshua has had in his first 5 years.
1. Fell out of a kid chair, while mommy was filming him...broken nose
2. Cut both big toes open
3. Run in with sister...broken tooth
4. Run in with the Palm tree...cut leg open
5. Run in with sister...broken nose

Happy Birthday Joshua, We love you!


  1. Injuries? Wow, I hope you guys have good insurance! ;)

  2. They don't need any insurance, Cody just gets the super glue out and glues them back together. What do you need insurance for when you have a doctor in the house.

  3. We did have to use insurance on the tooth. (which we didn't have dental insurance) The other 4 injuries daddy has come in really handy. We even had a clinic the other night in Bible class. Cody came in and fixed a little boy's chin that had been cut open. The little boy was a little scared, then I realized he didn't know Cody was a doctor once he did he was fine. What a Bible class! 'Here is your child, by the way we stitched up his chin in class.'

  4. Yeah!
    Happy 5th Birthday Joshua!!

    Also, I like the flowers! How did you do that?