Friday, May 28, 2010


First day of school picture and last day of school. We survived!!! Joshua had his end of school party today and had a ton of fun. He has such a great group of boys in his class. Very happy for him. He also received the Math award this morning. So all around good day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ending our first school year...

I didn't worry too much about Joshua and Maude when we moved. They both are very social. I had concern with Aidan, he is very shy and takes a while to warm up. He also has had the same best friend for the 3 years. I have been very excited to see him grow and fit right in. He had his award ceremony yesterday and did very well. He received A honors, high Honors, Student Council, High AR Pts and was commended on both TAKS test. Yeah for Aidan!!
Maude had her end of school party today and had a blast. I can not believe she just finished kindergarten. They are growing up way too fast!!
We have one more award assembly tomorrow and one more party... Then it's SUMMER TIME!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aidan's track meet

Aidan had his first Baker Elementary track meet this past Thursday. He was soo nervous that morning. Their P.E. teacher had worked with them and they all did so well. Aidan won long jump, the football throw and the 200. He got second in the 400 and the hurdles. Aidan has always been somewhat calm and level headed. We rarely see him go crazy like some other kids in the house. Maude and I had gone down on the track for the football throw to watch and take pictures. When they announced that he had won he threw his arms up and yelled 'yes'. Then quickly realized what he had done and got embarrassed. It was good to see him excited! Love that boy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This afternoon Maude was giving me details about recess activity. There was a girl that was not nice at recess. Maude was going on and on about it and she said "I don't know why she is so grouchy?" Joshua was sitting close by and said "She is grouchy because she is the last born..."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chocolate Cake

Very few times I get serious when I write. Today is one of those days.

My Grandmother made the best Chocolate cake ever! One of my most vivid memories I have over and over of my Grandmother is in her kitchen. Her sitting me up on the kitchen cabinet and cooking. She could clean a batter bowl like no one I have ever seen. There was rarely a drop to lick. I can close my eyes and rush back to that moment. Everyone has those memories that make you smile and miss someone dearly in the same moment. Well I have only attempted to make her famous cake once before. Just never thought it would be the same. The past two weeks I have made it twice. The kids and Cody have gladly participated on my attempts. So for two weeks I have thought nonstop about Maude (my grandmother) and my Maude and how to pass down those memories and talk about them with my children. I have always wanted that thing that you bake and everyone knows it is yours. Strange I know but I guess that comes from to many pot lucks at church. You know a perfect comfort food. Cody said last night I had nailed it this week and it was perfect. What a supportive husband. The chocolate cake would be and hopefully will be my thing.

And every time I make it I am sure I will drift away into her arms for a moment on the kitchen counter...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Track meet!

Joshua and Maude had their track meet today. They both did really well and had a ton of fun. We were proud of Maude for actually competing in an athletic event. She was surprisingly fast and determined. Joshua was not so surprising he makes everything a competition and loves to compete. The group of boys are in Joshua's class. They are going to be a fast and talented group of boys. Finally was a perfect day to be outside.
Aidan went to the one room school house in Oklahoma. (wish I had a picture) They had to dress in period clothing. They also had to take a bucket lunch and the menu had to be from that time. Wax paper to wrap sandwich, tin cup to drink water, no tennis shoes or lunchables. Aidan has been looking forward to this day for a month and I don't think he was disappointed. He couldn't stop talking about all the stuff they did from writing on slates to playing marbles. I think he will remember this day for a long time. So a very eventful and fun day for the family. Looking forward to SUMMER after a great day outside!