Monday, November 19, 2007


Need some help with this one... I told Maude yesterday that we were going to the store today to get groceries for Pumpkin pie and Angel Delight. We went today and got all of the stuff and tonight I heard Maude tell the boys tomorrow me and mommy are making pumpkin pie and an angel. So how do I make an angel? She thinks we are making a real angel. Wish me luck!


  1. Just tell her that her Aunt Tammy will be there tomorrow...I can be her angel!

  2. You need to get out a picture of her and let her glue some wings and a pipe cleaner halo on it!!

  3. I explained we weren't making an angel and it didn't go down well. We made a pecan pie instead. Then she told the boys that we weren't making an angel "Do you usherstand?" Aidan understood we weren't making an angel but he didn't understand the word 'usherstand' Joshua could care less, big surprise there.