Friday, May 25, 2007

Hospital Visits

With Cody working in a hospital. We go visit him once a week when he is on-call. So the kids have gotten very familar with the hospital. In fact too familar. We visit the patients that we know and some we don't. I have been amazed how the kids have become so use to it and comfortable. I have to be honest it is not the easiest thing to do, visit those in the hospital. I was raised by two wonderful parents who do that and have taught me the importance of visiting.

All that said there have been some pretty funny stories that have come from our visits.
One of them comes from an elderly man we visit in the assisted living part of the hospital. My parents have sort of adopted him. He has no close family left. My dad visits him everyday and my mom does his laundry. Well, when they are gone we step in. This man can not see or hear well at all anymore. He sleeps most of the day with a sheet over his head. So when we go visit I always try to beat the kids in to let him know to take the sheet off, so the kids won't be scared. Well, one day Aidan beat me to his room. As I entered Aidan was turning around coming back out. He said very calmly "He's dead, Let's go." Only a child would be so calm.
Last night we went to visit a man who had a portable potty in his room. We had just been to eat and the kids had gotten slap stickers out of the vending machine. So before we left this man's room Joshua put his torn up slap sticker in his potty. I told the man he would probably have to stay a few more days, because his lab work on his next speciman will never be figured out why he is passing blue gooey stuff.

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