Sunday, September 26, 2010


Aidan in his first tackle football game as the quarterback.

Joshua and his best buddies after his flag football game.


Really Aidan?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh dear...

Cody's cousin Bryn comes to stay very often, which we love. Maude however is constantly asking about marriage and when she can have a wedding so she can be in it. She will ask what color of dress and so on. Well last night she was chatting with Bryn about the same thing. Bryn asked Maude if she could be in her wedding when she got big. Maude said "You will be dead from smoking" (Now we be a good time to state Bryn does not smoke) Bryn said "I don't smoke" Maude then said "You will be dead because you are so Smokin' HOT" Oh dear.... Also nice time to say Bryn is very pretty and I wonder if Maude overheard someone say that, who knows?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My blue eyed boy

Joshua took a spelling test a week or so ago. He brings home his papers for us check so we can see grades. Well on this spelling test they could write two short i sound words for bonus. They had to be spelled correctly, so like most 2nd graders I would have picked two small words that were easy to spell. Joshua picked....
important and different

Monday, September 13, 2010

Amazing Day

Aidan was baptized yesterday on September 12, 2010. As parents we are thrilled for his decision to become a Christian. I think it's every parents proudest moment to watch their child take on Christ in baptism. You know the old saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' well I believe that is true in becoming a Christian. Bible class teachers, high school boys, friends, family and church family play a part in his every thought and decision. We have been blessed to be apart of a wonderful congregation that has helped him and us in every way to become more faithful.

Cody and Aidan

First Communion

Good Friends to support

Mimi and Granddad


Mema, GreyPa and Annie

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer into School

Here we go recap of the summer...
First two weeks basketball camp, week in San Diego hitting Padres game Earthquake Sea World and Zoo, then going to Disneyland, July 4th, WT basketball camp, Red River and LOTS of swimming. And I wonder where our summer went? We enjoyed every minute of it and now busy with school. Aidan is playing tackle football, first game this Saturday and for the next 9! He also will be baptized this Sunday the 12th. Cody and I couldn't be more thrilled with his decision and have prayed for all of our children to know God and have a relationship with Him like we have been so fortunate to have. So if you can drop him a note of encouragement it would mean so much to him and us!
Joshua won Hot Shot award I believe that is his second time to win that award at that camp.

Maude was chosen as Most improved and the Hustler award at Nazareth basketball camp. At the first of the week she couldn't even make it up to the basket and by the end she was making it in. Also found out she is left handed when it comes to sports.

Aidan was named MVP and won layup, ball handling and free throw competition. He also attended Nazareth and WTAMU camp this summer. (and I wonder why I had no time to blog)

Aidan sported a blackeye for the whole trip to San Diego/Disneyland He was hit in the eye with a baseball bat and this time not by his brother:)

The boys took in a Padres game while Maude and I enjoyed roomservice and an EARTHQUAKE!!! 5.7 to be exact and we were on the 12th floor. She asked if I could turn on the weather and see where it touched down. Ahh my Texas girl!

Beach in San Diego


Joshua trying to talk her into letting him pull her tooth.

Aidan enjoying the mountain air at lunch in Taos.

Joshua (notice the tape on the chin from 4 feet fall in our front yard when a bridge gave away)

Maude enjoying the mountains (Maude lost her first tooth and second this summer! She is the only one who has not cried having a tooth pulled out of all 3)

First day of school