Saturday, September 1, 2007

Timing is Everthing...

For the next 5 days Cody and I will be cleaning and painting our house (the brick). I hope to take pictures of the before and after and post them. Today my job was to power wash the brick, which is really loud and messy. The kids were playing which led to a fight, big surprise. The boys were in the garage fighting over a helmet, when one tackled the other. Yelling, screaming and crying that I could hear over the loud power washer. I stopped washing, to separate them and stop the fight from becoming bloody. I made them go sit on the porch, not even a minute later the police pulled up in our driveway, to my surprise. The officer got out of his car with a note pad and pen, he said "I am here to investigate a problem." I knew the officer, so I pointed at the boys on the porch, who were watching and listening, and said "officer they are over there, take them." The boys eyes nearly popped out of their heads. He quickly blew my cover and laughed. Then I saw the boys sigh and smile with relief. The officer told me a man was walking around with a leaf blower and they were wondering if I had seen him. I hadn't but I asked if we needed to go in or call if we saw him. He told me my power washer would take his leaf blower, that I was ok.


  1. I can not belive that i actually thought you were painting your house purple. I owe you one!!

  2. hey its kyal howell i love ure blog well i got to go talk to u laters bye bye *kyla*