Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Anybody need some candy? With 3 kids I think we have enough for the next two years.
They had a great time and Mommy was very tired by the end of the night. We only went to 5 houses. Aidan was Jango Fett, Joshua was a Clone Trooper and Maude was Snow White just in case some of you were wondering. I hope we made Mervyn proud.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ever had one of those days

Joshua's face tells it all. His face is about how I felt when I found him like this for the second day in a row. Who gives a child non washable markers for his birthday?
Lucky he has a mask for tomorrow. Which by the way I will post pictures of the Halloween Costumes either Halloween night late or Thursday late.
Last there is a picture of Aidan, finally. He looks so grown up to me. It kind of made me sad :(

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hot Air

Maude chews her fingernails when she gets embarrassed. She had stopped but started up here a couple of weeks ago. So last week I got out the special fingernail polish 'stop that bite.' Every couple of mornings I put some on her nails. This morning I was putting it on and she was blowing her nails dry, she said "I am out of air, Can you blow my nails?" I still was painting her other hand, so I said I would in a minute. She then replied, "All my air is hot, I am just full of hot air."

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Joshua turns 5 today!
5 things (I could name a thousand)I love about Joshua.
1. I love that he loves God and Jesus and he loves to talk to them.
2. I love that he loves his family and cares for us.
3. I love how he always wants to give me a hug in the morning.
4. I love that he sees life in a whole new way.
5. I love that he has his own way of doing things.

5 things I have learned from Joshua
1. A smile is a powerful thing.
2. That feelings get hurt worse than cuts and bruises.
3. 3 year olds shouldn't have golf clubs when 2 year olds are running around.
4. That anything and I mean anything can be climbed to jump off of.
5. When you don't see him for a few seconds you should really go check on him.

5 injuries Joshua has had in his first 5 years.
1. Fell out of a kid chair, while mommy was filming him...broken nose
2. Cut both big toes open
3. Run in with sister...broken tooth
4. Run in with the Palm tree...cut leg open
5. Run in with sister...broken nose

Happy Birthday Joshua, We love you!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Dad

After recent comments on my blog, I started thinking. You know the saying 'your paying for your raising' well I think we may be paying for someone else's raising. DAD! I have grown up hearing stories of my father's antics. There are a few I could tell but I thought his sister's might want to comment their favorite. I will leave you with this little one. I understand the story goes a little like this... My dad and his friend figured out how to put their car on the railroad tracks, so when a car drove over they could turn on their lights and run at the car acting like a train. So finally a car drove by and they turned their lights on to scare them and run at the car...much to their surprise it was a cop. So I am beginning to think it is only the beginning with Joshua. We one day will give this child keys to a car!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Count down to Birthday

Joshua turns 5 on the 25th, so today the count down started. He can't wait to turn 5. Guess what a 5 year old wants? My nephews informed him of a game that was really cool. Wii ($289 from Wal-mart, ebay over $300), so guess what Joshua is getting for his Birthday...
do you think I bought one today? If not, guess what I did buy?

Monday, October 15, 2007

no one listens

Saturday we were at Aidan's flag football game. Joshua always finds someone to play with but on this Saturday he couldn't find anyone to play football with on the sidelines. He came over and sat down next to me really sad and said "no one will listen to me, no one ever listens to me!" (It could have been he was trying to play with Jr. high boys and he was wearing a helmet) I told him that wasn't true that I always like listening to his stories and those kids were too old for him to play with. He then replied that "Granddad doesn't ever listen to me." I guess now he was going into 'pity me' mode. I told him that was not true, I know for a fact that my dad loves to listen to all of his stories. He then replied "No, he doesn't he always is saying 'What? What? What?'" Which made me giggle, that doesn't mean that he doesn't want to listen that means he can't hear. He wouldn't say 'What?' if he didn't want to hear you...
He felt better, got up, ran off and started pulling off the flags of the kids on the sidelines. On to bigger and better things...
Please Pray for Jerrod. We went to church with this family when we lived in Lubbock. They are dear friends to some close friends of ours. We were able to be around them at different functions and they are an incredible family. Please pray for Jerrod and his recovery. Also pray for his parents and sister to continue their strength.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bad Dreams

We had a little boy crawl into bed with us last night. He had a bad dream, Maude and I apparently were throwing pigs at him and it was scary. Rule in our house you can only sleep with mom and dad if you are scared of the storms or bad dreams. Thankfully neither one doesn't happen too often. I have battled this cold/cough/stopped up nose thing for a week now. I guess I am snoring (Cody hasn't said anything) but Joshua woke me up and said "Mom your nose is making this really loud noise, can you turn it off?"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


You fall asleep for two little minutes on the couch and they paint the furniture. The cold medicine stated it was non-drowsy, I sat down and couldn't keep my eyes open. Maybe 5 minutes went by and I got up to get everyone ready to go get Aidan. When I found 2 little innocent children in the boys room with watercolor paints and a cup of water but no paper. What damage could they do in 4-5 minutes? Well, they painted Joshua's quilt (which is washable) and a nightstand that we hadn't gotten around to painting (unfinished) but they did. The top of it is shades of purple and blue. The crazy thing is they were proud of themselves. How could I have not taught them painting furniture was a bad thing? Did they miss that day of lecture? Or have I failed to inform them they can't paint other than at the table or outside and on paper? The almost 5 year old put out a disclaimer 'he knew it was wrong and he didn't do any of the painting, he just got the paints, water and brush, then told Maude were to paint. At least he is honest...

Monday, October 8, 2007

3 little words

Cody always takes Aidan to school. Every once in a while I take him, maybe once a week. The other day Cody had to be at work a 7:00am, so I got to take Aidan along with waking up the other two. We always pick him up but they never get to take him. They were so cute when we dropped him off at the cross walk they both told him to have a good day. Then out of no where Joshua said "Aidan, I love you." Aidan stopped before closing the door and looked up at him and seriously in his dad voice said "I love you too Josh, be good today." How cute is that? Maude is always telling us all how she loves us so much and the boys are nice and tell her painstakingly they love her too. But they never tell one another they love each other, that we know of.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tag your it!

I have been tagged from a (former) friend. We are to name things that make us happy. I was happy until I got tagged. So here it goes things that make me happy.

1. My hubby
2. My kids
3. a morning hug
4. a kid that crawls in bed in the morning, snuggles up and goes back to sleep
5. Sunday afternoon nap
6. giggles
7. Going for a walk and Maude talking about all the things God has made for us
(makes you feel like you are doing something right every once and a while)
8. See new places with my family
9. And old places like Red River
10. Watching the kids see new things and learn new things
11. Swiss Cake Rolls
12. Spending time with my mom and sister
13. Hugging Valets (inside joke)
14. making other people happy
15. picking Aidan up from school and hearing about his day
16. a date with Cody
17. a night away with Cody
18. Fall
19. Christmas Eve
20. Seeing God's hand in everything

I could go on but I am a really happy person and my list would be really long...

Monday, October 1, 2007


Just toying with the camera today, thought you might enjoy the 2 cuties that were at home today.

Crazy enough my story is about Aidan. Last week Aidan came home upset, he slowly got out his folder and began to tear up. I asked what had happened, he couldn't even talk, he pulled out a paper with a 90 on it. I, being the child that would have been really excited to have a 90, didn't understand why he was upset. We asked if it was the best he could do and he assured us it was, so we said that was good. I went on to say if he had brought home a 50 and that was the best he did that would still be ok. Cody quickly stopped me and said well maybe an 80 or so.

Every few days we have to sign work that has been done and graded by the teacher. It is just to let us know how he is doing. Well, today I noticed after signing it that he is also grading it. He had placed small 100's on his paper in pencil where you can barely see them.

Sorry we have been gone for a few days, so the post have been slow. Hopefully we are back on track.