Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas time...

Not the best of pictures, they came from my phone. Christmas break has started. We have made 100 cakes balls. The kids had 3 birthday parties and Joshua had a friend over to play. We have started out busy looking forward to relaxing the next couple of days. Aidan will hopefully be off of the crutches Christmas Day and will only have to wear the boot for 4 more weeks after that. I hope to have my cold and Maude's cough gone by next week also! The kids will be making cookies and caroling tomorrow with the church, they are super excited. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiny Tim

In keeping with the Christmas theme and not to be outdone by his brother. Aidan stepped in a hole while running in my parents front yard. Breaking his growth plate in his ankle. So now he is on crutches... So we have a "all I want for Chrithmath kid" and a "Tiny Tim." I have been racking my brain thinking what will Maude do that will continue on the Christmas theme... Any ideas? Also here is our Christmas Picture for the year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

is my two front teeth!!

Joshua did this in P.E. on Monday with a Hula Hoop. Yes, I said a hula hoop!! They were jumping hula hoop. Apparently it popped up and knocked his two teeth looooose. He said there was lots of blood, of course. The P.E. teacher and school nurse felt very sorry for him. Funny it wasn't too surprising to us...
We wish you a Merry Christhmath!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Santa Letters

Each year Christmas always surprises me with the kids. This year has been not let me down. We went to the Polar Express the Saturday before Thanksgiving. (Train ride with hot chocolate to the north pole and you get to see Santa) Aidan and Maude had told us what they wanted but Joshua said he wasn't going to tell us. So we were stunned when Santa asked him what he wanted and he popped out with "DIRT BIKE" The cute little elf behind him popped off with "Well we will have to bring you a helmet too!" How could she not see the expressions on our faces of "NOOOO"? For the next few days I sat with him and showed him other things he could consider and told him it was official until he wrote his letter. So this past Monday at school they wrote their letters. He came home and told us what he asked for iPhone, Xbox360 and a dirt bike. No, No and No!! So tonight with my help we sent an email letter to Santa with a revised letter.

Dear Santa,
Can you bring me a Electric scooter, football helmet and pads, Romo and Witten figures? How many elves do you have?
Love, Aidan

Dear Santa,
Can you bring me a panda bear, bath cocker spaniel, Dr. Baby Alive and Dorothy? How is Mrs. Clause?
Love, Maude

Dear Santa,
Can you bring me a electric scooter, football helmet and pads? How fast and far can your reindeer fly? Also how heavy are they?
Love, Joshua