Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silent Night

All day yesterday I tried to put a video on my blog and had no luck. I can't describe the video but I will try.
We (1st grade parents) all crowded in the bank, Friday at 1:00 to watch our kids sing Christmas songs. They did such a great job but the best part of the whole concert was when they sang Silent Night and did the sign language to the song. I was so happy that there was a song sang on the real reason for Christmas. Thanks to a wonderful music teacher I think they all know the reason for Christmas. Sadly some of the children have not ever gone to church or know about God. Maybe this year by a small town music teacher some children's heart will be touched. Thanks Mrs. M.

Sunday night I took Maude to the Nutcracker. She didn't want to go at first because she thought she was going to have to dance in front of all the people. Once I explained we would be watching she was excited and ready to go. She sat in my lap and clapped at every performance. She thought it was beautiful and it truly was. Watching Maude's eyes light up at every new performance was probably my highlight. She danced and danced when we got home. The funny thing is she was scared of the nutcracker and not the mouse. I guess that is living with brothers, mice aren't that scary.


  1. I too have not been able to figure out the vedio thing.

    Trey Morgan took me and Jeff Durbin to the Nutcracker before he left. We told him it was a good thing he was leaving, becasuse after that we would have run him out of town. Glad you did not make Cody and the boys go.

  2. I am thinking of a "Tag", wonder who I could involve... hmm hmm

  3. let me get this straight, you, trey and jeff with no wives went to the nutcracker??? I think you should get your toenails painted.

  4. My mom, Kilian and Lucy and I went to the Nutcracker on Sunday afternoon and saw Jill and Emily there.

    Kilian thought it was great with a few boring parts. Lucy has the Barbie Nutcracker movie with a blonde Clara and she couldn't accept that Clara might have dark hair. She still thinks that there was no Clara during the whole ballet. She even took her ballet Barbie (now named Clara) with her!

    We'll have to take Maude and Lucy together sometime!

  5. email me and I'll tell you how to post video. Or better yet ... call me.

  6. Our wives were with us. I did not even know what the Nutcracker was until we got there. Thought it was a play or a movie or something.
    I think Jeff thought the same thing, if he would admit it.

  7. Oh my goodness I want to see those painted toenails. That is TOO funny.

    As for the video, I haven't had any trouble (except it is really slow). Let me know if I can help.

  8. Matt I remember that NutCracker night with Trey, because I made Kevin go also, and he really enjoyed it (Not). Then Last year I won tickets, and mom and I took Kevin just to babysit Hunter!! I liked that much better!