Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween, Birthday and football pictures!
We had trunk or treat tonight at the church. Kind of bitter sweet, sure miss my routine but it was fun and the kids loved it. Joshua celebrated his 7th Birthday last weekend with friends. He filled out the invitations and gave them out. I was very anxious to see who all came and was very pleasantly surprised. He has some great friends and very sweet kids. Aidan's team also was in the championship game the same day. They were undefeated going into the game. They lost in overtime but played their hearts out. They have been a ton of fun to watch!! That is about it, life is so busy and we are loving it!

Friday, October 30, 2009

odds and ends...

This week was red ribbon week at school. We made it and everyone came home drug free! Funniest comment didn't even come from the kids it came from my mom. "Oh yeah this is the week the kids are on drugs." Hope not!

And this is another bit of odd information not coming from the kids. Wal-mart is now selling caskets and urns. So at my funeral if I have a rollback sticker stuck to my casket you have permission to kick my husband as you walk by!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wasp and Bees

I know shocking two post in one day. Who knew Joshua would set a record for stings in 7 years. 1st was a wasp sting on the hand at a family reunion a few years ago. 2nd was at baseball practice stung by a bee. 3rd was on the top of his head again at family reunion (bad luck at John and Lucy's). Today he was stung 4 times on the back of his leg while walking home. Stinger was stuck in his skin and apparently hurt when I put a bag of ice on it! The scream was probably heard clearly around Canadian. We ran over to the clinic to have it removed. (not a normal procedure for a clinic but I couldn't find my tweezers!!) I have been stung once in my life, Cody NEVER and my dad numerous times. Hmmmmmm who have we always thought he takes after? By the way Joshua isn't 7 yet, he turns 7 Sunday!!

Fall Foliage

This is our first year in Canadian for Fall Foliage weekend. I didn't know what to expect but I was amazed with the number of people here. Also there was a ton to do so much we didn't get it all done. The trees I think in the next week or so will really be at there peak. The reds have really started to come out. So if you missed it this past weekend you can still come up or down depending on were you live. These pictures are from the wagon bridge in Canadian. It is the longest one in Texas (I think). The tree pics are from one of our trees but I will try to find a place to take a picture to show the real beauty.

Friday, October 16, 2009


We are being overrun with tarantulas!!!! Aidan found one the other day and captured it in a glass jar. The next morning he got up early and put it in his backpack to take to school without our knowledge. That afternoon after school he was upset because his tarantula almost died while he was playing football at recess from the sun. So he released it on the PLAYGROUND!! So this is an apology to the staff and children of Baker Elementary, we as the parents of Aidan had no idea and are very sorry! Then there was #2 tarantula he stayed for a couple of days and then was released into the wild (alley). And hopefully the last one (doubtful) #3 arrived yesterday and was found by the ever so GIRLY Maude! She was going out to swing and enjoy a snack in the very warm sunny afternoon when a TARANTULA was doing the same. So the BLOOD CURLING scream awakend all of my senses when she found him under her swing eating a dead bird!!!!! She came in screaming crying and shaking, the boys couldn't push her out of the way quick enough to go see.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I am very proud of our kids and their transition into the new schools. Earlier this week Maude and I were walking by the Principal's office.
Maude - My picture is on his wall!
Me - Really? Why?
Maude - Oh I got student of the week...
Sure enough she did but actually it is Kitten of the week.
Then today they have an end of six weeks awards. I went with Joshua and Maude to theirs and Cody went with Aidan to his. They have an attendance parade for the little ones. It was very cute. The high school band came and played. The parents clapped and the kids walked around the cafeteria through bubbles. Cody texted me that Aidan had received the Top Cat Award for third grade!! We had parent/teacher conferences this past week also to discuss report cards. Everyone is doing well. Joshua had a 100 average!! I don't think he will be able to beat that. His teacher also told us he was such a sweet boy and a really good helper with other students. So life is good in the Culwell house.