Thursday, February 28, 2008


It is always lovely to hear the words that you say daily. Maude is getting very good at repeating what I say, in the tone I say it and usually at the same time I would probably say it again. It never fails when we go out to eat that when our food gets set on the table Maude has to go to the response is always the same "You have to be kidding me!" So here is a run down of the other day at home
Maude - I have to go to the bathroom
Me - ok, go
Maude - aren't you going to say something?
Me - What?
Maude - Aren't you going to say 'You have to be kidding me' with a roll of the eyes and hands on hips (which I don't do the hip thing)

She has also been handing out lots of 'this is beautiful' 'you are beautiful' 'Do I look beautiful mommy?' and lots of Wonderfuls. Then she came out with 'that is freakin crazy' Where does she come up with this stuff? I am positive we have not been throwing out the 'freakin' word. The boys don't even say that. I am just praying she doesn't over hear really bad words and say them when we least expect. I almost came out of my skin with the 'freakin' word, I can't imagine if she said a really bad one.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This has happened before but it still concerns me. In fact I think I may have even blogged about it before. Joshua was running around playing this morning and had no idea an appraiser had entered our home. This man was walking around our home for 45 minutes with white gloves on and going in and out of closets and rooms measuring things. The man was finishing and we were in the kitchen talking when in walked Joshua he looked up at the man and then looked at me and asked if he could watch a movie. Never once did he question this strange man or me of who he was...weird? I guess I will not be able to count on him for a 911 call if needed. Maude barely woke up and was asking who he was and what he was doing.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Aidan, who knew?

Well, Aidan finally surpassed Joshua in a funny story. I will not even be able to give this story justice.

Their we (my parents and the 5 of us) sat for Sunday lunch in a little family restaurant. Us and 30 others sat enjoying lunch. We all pretty well know each thank goodness for the small town thing. We all joke about beating the Baptist or Methodist, depending on what religion you are, to the restaurants around town. Anyway onto the Main Event. Our plates all were being set down and Cody and I were busy getting all the kids plates ready...cutting, ketchuping (is that a word) and fixing plates. When Aidan, who is postitioned in between Cody and I, can't get the sour cream packet open so with a tight squeeze it opens. Well let me explain how it opens, sour cream launches five feet up in the air in a stream going left about 6 feet landing nicely on the back of Herb's head (thankfully a friend of ours who is about 65-70ish years old and we also go to church with him.) There was a silence until he turned slowly around and asked if it was blood, then smiled. Then the whole restaurant lost it, everyone was laughing and wishing they had their video cameras. I cleaned Herb's head and told him we would pay dry cleaning on his suede (yes suede) jacket. He was so sweet and let us know he was washable and it was no big deal. In the mean time Aidan cried and was so upset, so we all went around the table telling funny thing we had done once and were in embarrasing. I say we, Cody couldn't recall anything he had done.

Now with story #2 oh yes today was eventful. Maude and I went to shop with my sister this afternoon. We were leaving Dillard's in that famous area were I could become Mrs. Clause. (refer to Shopping with Kids blog)Maude was walking along in her same old usual way, not paying attention. When she ran right smack into a rack of LARGE WHITE bras. All of the bras fell off and onto her, there she stood with bras all over her (head and arms) crying and there my sister and I stood laughing. My sister's boys thought we were so cruel and I assure you I would have not laughed if she was seriously injured, but knowing my daughter the way I do she was more embarrassed with the fact she had bras all over her. A man sitting with a stroller in the shoe department was trying so hard not to laugh he kept looking away as I hung up 10 bras. The little women checking out tried hard not to laugh either but it was so funny.
I hope everyone has a great week and remember don't turn your could end up with sour cream all over the back of your head or walk into a rack of bras.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Punch

Last Tuesday Joshua came home from school and said he punched a boy in the nose at school. I asked why he did it that...his response was the kid had called him a baby. Being the loving mom I am I told him he better stop acting like a baby so kids wouldn't call him that. He informed me that he doesn't act like that at school only at home. I then asked how much trouble he got in when Miss Janet saw him punch this boy. His priceless response "I waited until she wasn't looking." And just how do you follow a response like that? I do not at all like what he did, but somewhat have some relief that he will probably always stick up for himself and his siblings. We had a nice little talk about ignoring him and telling him he was sorry for punching him in the nose. (I had to explain how to ignore and we even practiced.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quick Weekend Away

Cody and I flew to New York City Friday morning and enjoyed the weekend away. Friday night we ate at this Italian restaurant that made you feel like anything could go down at any moment. Like a hitman might make his move. The food was great and we escaped unshot. On Saturday we took in a Broadway show, The Little Mermaid. We found ourselves in most of the toy stores, funny how without kids it is fun to look. I kept hearing in my head "NEW YORK CITY" from the Pace Picante Sauce commericial, is that weird?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines

I John 4:8
...for God is Love
Enjoy the day with loved ones and let them know how much you love them, share His word.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I haven't left, it has just been crazy couple of weeks. As you know Cody has been sick for 2 weeks now. Then last week I started running this random fever thing. Made me question the whole tubal thing, I asked Cody what chance I had being pregnant '2%.' Made me feel a little better. Then Joshua was a little sick over the weekend and then Maude started running fever yesterday. Who is ready for spring? You know you have been stuck in the house for 2 weeks when you want to go to a basketball playoff game in town and you don't even know the team or players. Cody was on call so I put the kids to bed and went for an evening out. Oh, my mom came and sat with the kids. Thank you mom for keeping me sane. I sat with Cody's cousins which made me feel old and even older when one refered to us as their aunt and uncle. (They are college and just out of college age.)

When the whole pregnancy question was going on last week. I looked up tubal information just getting a second opinion. I found out it cost $5,900 to get it reversed (that is not happening). I passed this info onto Cody just in talking. Maude heard us and quickly stated "You can't buy a baby!" and then said "just eat alot of food and you can have a baby in your tummy like daddy."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

more naked talk

I blogged earlier about Maude telling my mom and sister that I sleep naked. Once again let me state "I DO NOT!" But my sister and mom laughed at this, that made Maude decided to pass this info on to others come to find out. Well, we had friends over on Sunday, I mentioned this in girl talk with the other moms. Well, apparently Maude did too. Jennifer today after school let me know that Emma (her 3 year old) announced at their dinner Monday night with Toby's parents and grandparents, that "Maude's mom talks naked." Where is she coming up with this stuff?? At dinner with us Maude said she had a secret and it wasn't the one about mommy being naked, it was about daddy being sick. I truly have no idea why she is so obsessed with this naked talk but I am starting to get a complex.

Keep Cody in your prayers he came home yesterday morning with pneumonia. He has been sick for over a week.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Cody!

Today is Cody's birthday, his 32nd not his 15th like Joshua told his Bible class teacher Sunday. I thought I would write 10 reasons that I absolutely love this man.
You can add reasons why you think he is a great guy too but not why you are in love with him that would just be creepy.

1. His love for the Lord

2. How he cares for people

3. His favorite thing to do, is be with me and the kids

4. How he apologizes

5. Love of sports (that does not include fantasy football)

6. How he is full of lot of information,
it is like having a great book always with you

7. Man of his word

8. I love how he comes home and talks to me about his frustrations and no one else

9. That he loves me more each day and I love him more each day

10. How he teases me and makes me smile each day

Monday, February 4, 2008

Random thoughts

This past weekend Maude and I went with my sister and mom on a girl's trip. It was very nice and relaxing. Maude on the way home announced that I sleep naked to my sister and mom. Just let me state I do not and I have no idea why she would say that. I am sure my mom loved hearing that.
How about that Super bowl game? We had a couple of families over and had such a great time. The women sat in the kitchen the whole time and talked while the men sat and watched the game. What a great way to have a party seperate the men and women. The kids just ran and played the whole time. Joshua finally met a friend his age. He even cried when he left because he liked him so much and wanted him to stay.

I will have a special blog tomorrow so check in and be sure to leave a comment.