Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The crush...

that we never saw coming.
I think I have mentioned before how Joshua met the school nurse the first week of school and how Aidan didn't even know where she was. (Besides that one time when I mis-gave him his antibiotic and he had a tummy ache and was sent home but we don't talk about that)
Well, Joshua had the flu that one week and I sent him back to school to early. He went to the nurse and she sent him home with a high fever. Then a few weeks later he got sick again and had to go back to her. Also remember this is the kid that has a new cut every few days so he gets to go get band-aids daily. Well, he came home today and said I went to see the nurse today to have my cut cleaned but she said it was all healed and she sent me back. So then I told the teacher my tummy hurt so I could go back and she wouldn't let me.
I asked if his tummy still hurt.
He said "no, and it didn't really hurt at school I just wanted to go see the nurse."
I asked if he went to see her all the time.
He said "yes I like her she is really nice, I don't like her like I want to marry her but I like her like a Grandma."

Note to self...

Don't forget the 5 year old in the bath when the jets are on...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nursing Home Round 2

Sunday I took some kids to the nursing home to take some cookies to widows from church. I told one of the little boys "I bet you would like one of those scooters to zoom around on." He remarked with a look like oh dear "Those are for OLD SIIICK people."
Well, tonight all the kids went with their teacher to sing songs. When we got home Aidan told us that Joshua was hanging on some metal things at the nursing home and it broke off the window!!! We sent Joshua to bed. I went into talk to him later. Reminded him that we don't hang, push buttons (2 fire alarms), jump (cracked tooth), and act crazy in buildings. Then I asked why he was acting this way when he knew better. He replied "God just made me this way! I don't know why." Who could argue with that? God did make him that way... full of energy and full of love for God!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aidan's results and Superman

We got Aidan's results this morning and they came back clear. We thank everyone for the continued prayers.

We ran to Canadian yesterday. Cody had spent Saturday and Sunday with Joshua around the house. I asked if they had had some good conversations. Cody said that kid comes up with the most random things. On the way home the sun was setting and Joshua was looking out the window. He said "Dad did you grow up like Superman?" Cody and I both answered "On a farm..?" "NO, did you come to earth in a fire ball as a baby?"

(Bruce and Amanda, I like our question better than Lexi's)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We had Maude's 5th birthday party yesterday. (I will post pictures later) When we got home Aidan was being a typical brother and tripped Maude as she walked by, she fell into the couch bruised up her nose pretty bad and it bleed, not good when you are a girl... Then a few short hours later the dogs got into a fight I leaned down to separate them by grabbing their collars. Baylor got me on the arm didn't really break the skin but made me cry it hurt soo bad. Still have tingling feeling in my thumb. Then this morning Cody was getting into the shower when he stepped on Barbie, which made him slip and fall hard into the iron tub. All in 24 hours! Crazy... there you have it LIFE in the Culwell house...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hail and a tooth..

In the midst of a tornado warning and massive hail storm. Joshua lost his first tooth (the one he knocked out a couple of years ago doesn't count.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A 4 year old and a funeral..

The great thing about living in a small time is you get to help with all different things. I have been able to help at our church with funeral lunches. Maude comes with me pretty often. Yesterday we helped with a funeral. We helped put the flowers out before the funeral and Maude studied Mr. George several times but never asked a question. We helped with the lunch and then we went and sat at the back to listen to the my dad (who did the funeral). Then the questions flooded in...
Maude: Was he married?
Me: Yes
Maude: Ohh, I bet his wife is sad.
Me: Well, sweetie she just died two months ago.
Maude: Ohh, that is sad. OH OH but that means they are in heaven together with God!
Me: Yes
Maude: Well that is really really good. God will be happy he has them with him.
When we pray to God we will tell him to tell them "Hi" for us.
Me: yes yes we can
She amazes me...

Also, thanks to everyone for the prayers. Aidan is home and doing great we will have the results late this week or early next week. (you know doctors it will probably be late next week.)
for those who don't know Aidan had a mole on the bottom of his foot that was removed this morning. He has had it since he was one and recently it has changed size, color and has 'fingers'.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


1.Choose the fourth folder where you store pictures on your computer.

2. Choose the fourth picture.

3. Explain that picture.

4. Tag 4 other people.
My picture is of Joshua looking into some hole at Walt Disney World.
I tag Lael, Tammy, Monica and Sharla.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I love watching Maude and Allie they remind me of how girlfriends should be. They are always telling each other how cute they look. They tell the truth no matter what! They giggle until they fall asleep. They wake up giggling. They take each other's hands when one is sad and stay until they are giggling again and the tears are wiped away. They look out for one another (especially when brothers are near). At the young age of 4 they have it figured out, now if they just won't listen to the world.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's kind of...not so much

Maude and I ran to Wal-mart this morning after getting her hair cut. We had the oil changed and got a zillion groceries. On the way back I called Cody and asked him if he needed anything before we left Plainview. We talked a couple of minutes and I asked him if there had been any funny April Fool's jokes at work, he said not really. Well, a few minutes later he called me and said the school called and he was on the way up to the school. Joshua had fallen and hit his head, Cody said he would call back and tell me how he was and we hung up. So there I sat thinking the worst and then I thought I bet Cody is pulling an April Fool's joke on me or was he? So then the mind games started working. Finally a call from Cody and it wasn't a joke. Joshua was going to be fine just a knot to match the one from Friday where he fell out of a chair and from Saturday when he pulled a basketball goal over on him in the swimming pool. So 3 knots on his head and we are not even done with the week. Poor kid, he has been to that nurses office so many times... Aidan has been in that school for 3 years and I still don't think he knows were the office is.