Wednesday, October 10, 2007


You fall asleep for two little minutes on the couch and they paint the furniture. The cold medicine stated it was non-drowsy, I sat down and couldn't keep my eyes open. Maybe 5 minutes went by and I got up to get everyone ready to go get Aidan. When I found 2 little innocent children in the boys room with watercolor paints and a cup of water but no paper. What damage could they do in 4-5 minutes? Well, they painted Joshua's quilt (which is washable) and a nightstand that we hadn't gotten around to painting (unfinished) but they did. The top of it is shades of purple and blue. The crazy thing is they were proud of themselves. How could I have not taught them painting furniture was a bad thing? Did they miss that day of lecture? Or have I failed to inform them they can't paint other than at the table or outside and on paper? The almost 5 year old put out a disclaimer 'he knew it was wrong and he didn't do any of the painting, he just got the paints, water and brush, then told Maude were to paint. At least he is honest...


  1. Don't most of those bottles say "Consult a Doctor?"

    Don't you live with a doctor?

    Just kidding, hope you feel better!
    At least they did not paint you while you were sleeping!

  2. They must have gotten their decorating skill from Aunt Tammy!
    Love you kids!!

  3. I have learned Cody doesn't like to do in home calls.

    I know Josh got the get out trouble card from his Aunt Tammy.

  4. Taryn will be 16 in about three weeks. Once upon a time, about 14 years ago I (grandma) walked into her house to be immediately escorted to her room by her to "see what I did" There was a streak of red paint down her freshly painted white paneling. I said, "Oh, was Mommy proud of you?" To which she replied, "yeh", and hopped on off to what ever else she was excited about.

  5. I think I heard his GrandDad Bob tell stories like that.

  6. He wouldn't have gotten you girls in trouble, would he? I am just glad Aidan and Joshua don't have 4 girls to tease. It would be none stop.