Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We survived

This trip we went prepared, I am happy to report no one was hurt. Joshua had a few falls but nothing worth dermabonding. Maude caught her first two fish with help from Mimi and mommy. She was very excited. Joshua caught a girl one (very small). No one was more excited then him. He screamed so the whole pond could hear. He also, like last year, grabbed it the first chance he could. (I think the fish was dead before he was put on the line.) Aidan caught 3 (the limit). He was more excited about the ducks on the pond. The mommy and daddy duck started wrestling right in front of us. Aidan yelled "Cool, those ducks are wrestling." Our side of the pond got tickled. We went to a cowboy evening were they cook steak and then have a campfire sing along. There was an older man sitting at our table visiting the other table. Joshua asked loudly "Mommy are you going to sit by that OLD MAN." Thankfully like most older men he couldn't hear. He also announced at restaurant that Kenneth Wyatt (a local artist) had arrived.
Oh Joshua. Like most trips we take with my family. I never really get to see Aidan he is to busy playing with his cousins. Maude pretty much took up with anyone that would do what she wanted. (Uncle Justin and Cole)
I will be posting pictures later. We have a new camera so I have a ton. I am going to go through tonight. I will probably put a link on the blog.

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