Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy week

Here is your WARNING (Tammy) if you don't like throw up talk don't read this blog.
Also here is another WARNING this blog may not make any sense, so if it doesn't don't sleep tonight and read it in the morning, then it will make perfect sense.

Maude and Joshua have had the stomach bug this week. It started with Maude Monday morning at 3:00am. She started with a bang by throwing up in my mouth. I survived without getting sick myself, must be that mom gene coming through. She ended that afternoon late. Then Joshua started last night at 11:00 and wouldn't you know he would go all out. He ran around the bathroom screaming and throwing up everywhere and then decided he didn't want to throw up anymore and closed his mouth. Guess what happens when you do that? You guessed it comes out your nose and if you have broken your nose before it bleeds (I don't know about that but I am guessing maybe it bleeds regardless if you have broken your nose or not) Anyway it has been crazy!

Tonight Cody and I had our first Christmas party of the season. We were all dressed and about to walk out the door when Joshua walked up to me and said(oh I wish you could here the tone) "Boom Chick W-o-w W-o-w!" That is your Hot mom in five year old language. Sadly enough it made me feel 'Hot' as Hot as a 31 year mom with 3 kids can feel after taking care of sick kids all week.


  1. Oh - I can just imagine him saying that!!! Sooo funny. Sorry you had to deal with the other stuff. I hear the bug has hit Lubbock schools...hopefully it will be nice to us (and skip us) since we have two birthdays coming up!

  2. Ok!, How did she throw up in Your mouth, and that is the most disgusting thing I have ever read! When I read that I said out loud, "Oh my gosh"
    I should of yeilded to the warnings.
    I yeild to you though, you are stronger than I.

  3. I loved the "Boom Chicka Wow!" I think its cool that he thinks he has a "hot mama!"

    As far as Tony Romo jerseys go - I think you are SOL! I guess Santa could leave him an IOU!

  4. How is it that even when you describe vomit out of the nose, it makes me giggle. I'm sorry for your rough weekend, but at least it makes for good blog stories.

  5. You may have written the perfect blog post. It included something heartwarming, vomit, a kid and a boom Chicka Wow Wow!

    Amazing! :)