Friday, August 24, 2007

The tooth is gone

We took Joshua yesterday to get his tooth removed. When we got to the dental office we gave him his medicine to relax him. It took affect really quickly. Cody and I were watching the Little League World Series, when we looked over to find him drooling large amounts. We got him a sip of water and then he was called back. So he naturally hopped up and started walking back, while Cody and I started to discuss he probably shouldn't walk, he fell over and hit his head on the chair. He settled down quickly and did fine through the shots but when they had to dig the root out he became a screaming sad little boy. It wasn't hurting, but with the medicine he started fighting everyone and couldn't figure out what was going on. It was a crazy 20 minutes. He wanted to leave, he wanted to stay, he wanted Dr. Gaynor to pull his tooth(which had already happened), he wanted mommy, he wanted daddy, he wanted whatever he didn't have. I was really thankful Cody went, have you ever tried to hold a 45 pound drunk child? When we got home, he asked when we were going to have his tooth pulled, then stood up, fell over and hit his head on the coffee table. In all of the falls he never got hurt, thankfully. My mom kept him for a little bit while we took Aidan to soccer practice and Maude to open house. She said he told the truth about everything on his mind.
I happy to report this morning he doesn't remember anything and feels fine.

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