Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

1st of all let me say I am sorry. I was informed my blog wasn't letting anyone comment if they didn't have a blog. I kept trying to get everyone involved and some of you were trying. I think that problem is fixed, if not email me. So that leads me to the favorite story vote, the votes are in (the one vote) and it is the New Camera story. Next is the did he or did he not pull the fire alarm...he didn't to my surprise. The four of us came flying out of the bathroom (me still fixing my pants) to find everyone else shocked too, someone had gone out the fire alarm door.

Ok I am rarely serious (Cody can second that or amen that). Here lately there have been some serious topics in our household. So I have become somewhat sentimental (I think it will pass).
I have watched Aidan try to climb this tree in our front yard for a few days. He didn't want any help. I watched him change shoes, get scraps and sometimes seem defeated by this tree. He talked about how his friend Mason could probably climb that tree. Well, guess what he finally got brave enough and arms strong enough he got up in the tree. I swelled with pride for him, I knew his determination had finally paid off. He was so happy and wanted everyone to see him. I thought he might make a home up there. So tonight I am leaving pictures of Aidan in the tree.
What color are his eyes? It isn't a trick question, we don't know.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bathroom Talk

Today we were at Wal-mart. Maude had to go to the bathroom as soon as we got there. Which isn't too bad, she usually needs to go as soon as I get into shopping. So there we stood in our own stalls. Maude and I in the handicap (how fitting some of you are saying). The boys of course finished before we did and I could hear them washing there hands. When all of the sudden the fire alarm went off. I don't know if you have ever been in a bathroom stall with a 3 year old when a LOUD fire alarm goes off with flashing lights. Just for future reference it is not pretty, especially when Mommy is trying to get out of the stall to get Joshua. I just knew he had pulled the alarm...
So what do you think, did he?

Next story, same Wal-mart same bathroom. This time I had just checked out with a full cart. Joshua said he needed to go. So reluctantly I sent the boys in the women's (just in case I was needed). Time went by and I started getting worried. I asked a lady that came out if two little boys were ok. My luck, she didn't speak english. So I kept wondering, when they finally emerged. Aidan informed me that Joshua had to poop. Oh no, I thought. Then Aidan told me that Joshua used the stall that had tape all over it. What? Aidan then said "yeah, there was a sign on it that read 'out of order', so Joshua just crawled under the door and went." I used a lot and I mean a lot of germ-x on him when we got to the car. I hope next time you are in a Wal-mart bathroom stall you will get a little tickle.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We survived

This trip we went prepared, I am happy to report no one was hurt. Joshua had a few falls but nothing worth dermabonding. Maude caught her first two fish with help from Mimi and mommy. She was very excited. Joshua caught a girl one (very small). No one was more excited then him. He screamed so the whole pond could hear. He also, like last year, grabbed it the first chance he could. (I think the fish was dead before he was put on the line.) Aidan caught 3 (the limit). He was more excited about the ducks on the pond. The mommy and daddy duck started wrestling right in front of us. Aidan yelled "Cool, those ducks are wrestling." Our side of the pond got tickled. We went to a cowboy evening were they cook steak and then have a campfire sing along. There was an older man sitting at our table visiting the other table. Joshua asked loudly "Mommy are you going to sit by that OLD MAN." Thankfully like most older men he couldn't hear. He also announced at restaurant that Kenneth Wyatt (a local artist) had arrived.
Oh Joshua. Like most trips we take with my family. I never really get to see Aidan he is to busy playing with his cousins. Maude pretty much took up with anyone that would do what she wanted. (Uncle Justin and Cole)
I will be posting pictures later. We have a new camera so I have a ton. I am going to go through tonight. I will probably put a link on the blog.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Those of you have or had boys may want to help me out on this one. A couple of months ago Joshua learned to ride his bike. He still can't figure out how to stop that or he loves the sound and feeling of crashing into the garage or the back of Granddad's pickup or mommy's leg. Anyway he hasn't ever cried from the falls or crashes. Which kind of worries us. He kind of reminds me of a young Evil Knievel. Well, today he smashed his hand in the weird hinge door that we had been talking about removing. It bruised right away. He went on with a little howl and cry. It didn't slow him down. Then tonight while playing with Maude grocery store. Superman was called to work. I have no idea why a store run by a Dora cash register and baby carriages would need Superman's service. What do I know? All we heard was SUPERMAN and then a big crash. Apparently a baby carriage won't hold the weight of a 44 lb superman. He actually did cry for this stunt. Small cuts to the arm and back, will be bruising by morning. All in all the crying was minimal and he was back on his feet in no time. A few short minutes later, Maude fell in backyard. She cried for an hour off and on. There was blood but just a little skinned knee. You would have thought she broke something from the crying. She cried so much Aidan started crying because he was worried about her. I am happy to report she is doing fine with 2 Dora band aids and one large sponge bob one. I really should have taken out stock in band aid company before the kids were born. We go through way to many. Daddy brings home free ones from Pharm reps. but the Viagra ones are just not fun to wear.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Red River

Today we went to Lubbock for our Sam's run before we head out for Red River next Friday. Last night I read through part of my mom's book she keeps. It has stuff that we have done each year we go to Red River. We have been going since 1996 every year. We missed one year and one year my parents went twice because we couldn't all go together. Kids have been born and I was pregnant for a couple of them and without going into detail one of them probably came about in Red River. So there are a lot of memories there and lots of laughing. Today we talked to the kids about it and loved listening to there favorite parts. They are all in love with the whole trip and being with family on vacation. I loved watching the twinkle in each one of their eyes when they told us what was their favorite. Jeep rides through the river with Granddad ranked very high with all of them. Fishing for the boys. Maude just like talking about Red River the word. This year she may be a little more active. As the adults, I think I can speak for all of us, we get just as excited about being up in the mountains and the cool air. S'mores, Sundance, throwing rocks in the river (look out Granddad), Jeep rides, naps, shopping all those cheesy stores, Gun fight, fishing, the list could go on. You think Red River is ready for us?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


It has been slow, really slow, so I thought I would ask you guys to e-mail or comment a story you remember. Also, I thought we would have a survey of the stories I have written which is your favorite. I will keep a tally and then let everyone know the results in a few days. Trying to get a little more interactive talk going.
There is one story, I believe is one of the first funny stories that started all of this.
Aidan was 1 1/2, Joshua was a newborn, we were at Hobby Lobby when Aidan out of no where told a lady walking by "My mommy smokes." You can imagine how shocked I was he had said that. I didn't even know he knew the word smoke. I told him that it was not nice to tell people I smoked. We turned the corner and an another lady walked by he jumped up and said "My mommy smokes and it is not Nice."
Just to let everyone know I have never smoked or even tried to smoke.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Visiting the Family

Joshua went to stay with my sister a couple of weeks ago. He came home saying "Oh, Geeze" for everything. He picked it up from my sister, she says it all the time. It was cute and we thought it was funny. It became a whole lot funnier when we realized this week that he really was "Oh, Cheese!"

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Camera

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Click on pictures for full expressions.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Picture time

Last night we were with some friends we hadn't seen in a while. They reminded me of a story that happened, I think, when Joshua turned 3. I always try to get the kids pictures made on or around their birthday. (this year I haven't had a chance because someone always has a cut on them) This time I was going to get Joshua's pictures as well as all 3 of them together. So I put Joshua in front of the lady to take pictures and then went back to fix the other 2's hair and dress them. When I heard the photographer start laughing. I turned to find my Joshua standing, smiling really big with BUBBA TEETH he had slipped in at the last second. He had carried them in his pocket all day and I guess thought it would make a good picture. She asked if she could take a couple of pictures with them in. So I let her. Only our Joshua!