Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ever had one of those days

Joshua's face tells it all. His face is about how I felt when I found him like this for the second day in a row. Who gives a child non washable markers for his birthday?
Lucky he has a mask for tomorrow. Which by the way I will post pictures of the Halloween Costumes either Halloween night late or Thursday late.
Last there is a picture of Aidan, finally. He looks so grown up to me. It kind of made me sad :(


  1. Joshua just got an early Halloween start! I think God humbles us with at least ONE child who reminds us that we aren't "perfect"... and that we weren't perfect growing up! Take heart! He will teach you more about grace and forgiveness than you ever thought possible. My Mama says she has calluses on her knees from my childhood. And I turned out - "all right"! :)

    (I did love the "mask"!)

  2. Too funny. I'm not sure if anything takes perm. marker off, but time will.

    Don't try sandpaper... (long story)