Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mom Vs. Dad

Last night Cody was oncall. So I thought I would give you a run down of how my night went compared to Cody's night tonight while I was gone. Also see how I workout.

Get home from Church everybody runs to there closets get pajamas and run to there shower. Brush teeth, go to bed. And then it all begins.
I am folding clothes when...
Maude "You didn't sing me daddy's song too"

Me leaving the couch of clothes to go sing song

Back at couch

Maude "Mickey Mouse wants to sleep with me and I can't reach him"

Me leaving couch of clothes to go get Mickey Mouse who really wants to sleep with Maude

back at couch

Maude "hee hee hee hee"

Me leaving couch because I know there is only one reason for that giggle
Sure enough he has crawled in bed with her 'because she is lonely'

back at couch

Maude crying

Me leaving couch because I know now that Joshua has left and I have to go pick up the pieces I am right about the first part but she is crying because Mickey Mouse is too loud and is keeping her up I take Mickey for a time out on the couch and when he goes to sleep I will bring him back 'right'

back at couch with Mickey

Maude coming in to see if he is asleep yet because she doesn't think she can sleep without him and now her legs are too weak to carry herself back to her bed

Me leaving couch carrying back Maude and sleeping Mickey
Turn on music

back at couch

Maude "It is the wrong music"

Me leaving couch to change music

back at couch
"Why are these clothes not folded yet?"

Cody's night
They go eat out, come home... Maude goes to her room puts on her pajamas, Cody helps her brush her teeth and then she goes and gets in bed because she is tired. "Good Night Daddy"
Sure she is tired because she stayed up until 10:30 with Mommy.


  1. And they wonder why we "never get anything" done! :)

  2. This story is SO GREAT! I'm pretty sure that you should be writing for a mommymagazine somewhere.