Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Day of School

Aidan finished his first year of school today. He has come a long way. The first few weeks he didn't understand why they couldn't go over the weekend he loved it so much. He became a true school boy after the first semester by asking how many more days this week. He really loved it and we never had problems with him not wanting to go. My sister called him a nerd today. When he got in the car today he got a book out and started working on it. He loves school work. Joshua's last day he came in laid down on the couch and said he was done forever.
Guess which parent they take after?
Maude is very excited to have her boys home for the summer. She missed them everyday and asked every hour when we could go get her boys.


  1. I used the word nerd only in LOVE!!!

  2. Sure you did, I think there was also calling him his Dad. Only family can call kids nerds and get away with it.