Sunday, June 29, 2008

the big fish

The kids and I went fishing this afternoon with my dad. Cody was oncall so he missed out on all the fun. Once again it was eventful. You can always bet there will be something that happens that is worth blogging if we go out for anything different. I am not going to name names but we will call this girl 'B' and her dad big 'Z' (not that he is big but that is the name of a penguin from surf's up.) Ok now with the story. We threw out a bunch of poles so everyone could catch a fish. When one of the poles started moving towards the water. Ok now let me back up...I had on tennis shoes, socks and jeans on, when 'B' was wearing shorts no shoes and a swim suit top. Got the picture? We jumped up and started running towards the pole...ok now go into slow motion with me...the pole slowly was jumping inching towards the water. Every time I leaned down to grab it, it went a little more and then all of the sudden it was in the water. Everyone and I mean Everyone including BIG Z and cute little 'B' started yelling "Get the pole, Get the pole!" ok in my head I was thinking just let it go, but then it started floating so I thought just barely step in and get it. Well, I ended up knee deep getting this pole! I started winding when the pole stopped letting me reel it in, so now picture this me running up the hill with a pole so I don't miss getting this fish I jumped in a lake to get. Now for the funny part...this pole was broken and could have been fine going down in the bottom of the lake. Big Z just had forgotten and Miss 'B' stayed nice and dry on her beach towel. Made for a great afternoon.
Also couldn't resist these two last pictures. The first one of Maude is of her with the water hose and the second one is what happens when you spray your daddy after he just said 'don't do that'

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ok apparently the Post office lady has not met our son 'Joshua'
Because she was very surprised he was able to open a combination mail box today.
Me not so much...
Brother & Sister pretty impressed but not so much surprised...

Kenneth this one is for you...
Today we were at church getting ready for VBS and Joshua was running (you know the thing we as parents forbid him to do at church) when he fell pretty hard on the tile floor,(same floor he cracked the tooth on) Kenneth jumped. Joshua hopped up and said he was ok. Kenneth looked up and said "You didn't even flinch!" Later he fell once again all the kids came running to let us know that his knee was bleeding. He came hobbling in, same knee from the jump in Red River just tore the scab off. I failed to mention the the scrap he received in Red River was pretty deep. I guess from the impact jumping onto asphalt from 3 feet up onto your knee. So anyway the cut looked funny to me. I mentioned to Cody tonight it looked like you could see the bone no worries it is just to the fat layer now. So this is for you Kenneth I actually did flinch when Cody said "Oh that is ok it is just the fat sticking out."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red River

Well, we just got back from our annual Red River trip. This year was full of fishing everyday. We were steps away from the kid pond so the boys would roll out of bed and dress and run to the pond. You would think that they were catching something. My boys never caught one fish. Jaxon got 4 and Cole one in the 3 days they fished. They loved it though. Like we always do in standard travel with the Culwells we took dermabond. Thankfully we only had one minor scrap and didn't have to use it. Apparently jumping off a 3 foot front porch with a fishing pole is not the best way to get down. He did however use the stairs the next exit he took from the cabin. Like I always say "Live and learn" sometimes though it comes with a little blood loss and tears. We got back into tonight and went to the baseball field for Aidan's game. Uncle Zane he wants you to know he is up to $6 and does a ball all the way to the fence count? He missed 3rd base and had to go back and touch it. If so, you owe him $8. :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

boys and the giggles

I just went into the boys room because the noise was floating into our living room. I don't mind them talking and giggling themselves to sleep but when it gets too loud and sleep is no were near, I usually go in. Well tonight I went in and they were bouncing on their beds and just giggling. I told them to lay down and turned the lights off that they had on. I quote to you exactly what I said "Boys if I hear another peep out of you the Red River trip is off and no one gets to go." Any guesses what happened next....You guessed it as I walked out the door and was shutting it, I heard a little voice say "peep" and then the giggles that come out your nose because you are trying not to laugh to hard that Mom gets mad all over again. I had a really hard time not laughing were they could hear me.

Monday, June 16, 2008


quick photo op

The kids are taking up golf this summer and it has been very interesting. Joshua now gets to have a real club. After hitting his sister in the eye with a iron we had not let him touch a real club in a couple of years. Aidan loves the game and plays pretty good for a 7 year old. On #5 today in the middle of Joshua's back swing on the tee he announced "Maude come look there is a ladybug next to my ball." Then preceded to out drive his brother by 4 feet. Did not sit well with Aidan...big surprise there. When we got up to the green Joshua said "Aidan your doing really good on this hole I bet you make a chicken." Eagle...chicken...birdie you know what really is the difference?
Maude only hits her big club off the pretty grass with her pink ball and pink tee and then sits in the cart until the next hole. My kind of girl, my golf game is lacking because I don't play when they play too crazy. With the rattle snakes and all I have to walk with them in the grass.
I have video of them playing golf last week still trying to figure out how to put it on the blog.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary!

I won't bore you with how much I love my husband. But if you want you can watch the video. Cody and I have known each other almost all of our lives. We started really dating our Senior year of High School. I say really because we dated a couple of times randomly before our Senior year. We really fell in love once I moved to Waco our second year of college. I love that he still thinks I am hot and still calls me his 'Babe.' He still flirts with me and teases me no matter how much I protest (I secretly love it) Enjoy the crazy video, I had to take pictures of pictures because our scanner wouldn't e-mail them to may computer.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Pictures of the basketball stars and the wrestling team.

We had a bit of a reality check for Aidan this past week. At basketball camp his brother won two awards and we had to suck it up and be happy for him. Hard thing to do for the older brother. Joshua felt so bad for him he was willing to give him one of his two awards. We got to have that talk with him about being happy for someone else and it is not all about you. I thought later it really is all about Aidan most of the time because of the age thing. Joshua is just now old enough to do sports and other things. Boy am I glad there will be one school year between them. I can't imagine them being back to back like Joshua and Maude in school. Ok if you never click on the pictures the wrestling picture is pretty on it. Notice the cat's arms.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Baseball and haircut

The boys started baseball this week along with basketball camp. Started summer out with a bang. Joshua will play every Monday and Friday, Aidan will play Tues/Thurs. Cody and I will get to enjoy baseball every Mon-Tues-Thurs-Fri for the month of June. Aidan hit two infield homeruns tonight. Uncle Zane owes him $4.00, last year Uncle Zane told him he would pay a dollar for a homerun in teeball. So Aidan thought machine pitch should be $2.00. Who knew the kid would go out and hit 2 in his first game...
We spent the morning with a blogger friend while the boys were at basketball camp. Maude played with Ashlyn and even wanted to spend the night. Ashlyn had the cutest haircut. (check out her pictures on Mommysmart's blog) I had been wanting Maude's cut for a while now. So spending a little time with her, Maude decided she wanted her haircut. Lucky for me!
So that is a run down of what pictures I am putting on the blog.

Monday, June 2, 2008

School's Out

Enjoy the video, sorry it took me so long to get the pictures downloaded.