Friday, August 10, 2007

Parents of the Year goes to.....

Not us. We have several stories that would lead up to this. I am only going to share this one today because I haven't blogged in a few days.

We repeat every Sunday Morning, Sunday Night and Wednesday night do not run at church. The kids have gotten so use to the lecture they nod and say "We know, we could run over an old lady and break her hip" Well, one Wed evening before church Joshua was running with the other kids and fell in the hall on the tile floor. He cried, there was a lot of blood out of his mouth. If you remember Joshua feels no pain. So we were worried the next morning when he cried about eating. Cody thought maybe he had broken his jaw. So we made an appointment to go see the dentist in Plainview that afternoon. Oh good I thought we will have time to run by Wal-mart before the appointment. Well, at Wal-mart he stood on the edge of the cart and pulled it over on himself. In the process he cut his collar bone. There I stood thinking we are going to have to go to the ER for a broken collar bone and explain we need to hurry because we need to make the dentist appointment, we think he may have broken his jaw. At what point is CPS called? Well, he was fine we didn't have to go to the ER. We did make it to his dentist appointment to find he had knocked his tooth out and bit it back into place. He would be fine in a few days. It ended up being about 2 weeks of soft food. He was fine though, until the past 2 weeks he has complained off and on about his tooth. Cody and I thought it was just Joshua trying to get out of eating. Well, today he was complaining and he wasn't eating. So I decided to check it. Guess what...the root of his tooth from the running fall had broken off and is coming out the gum. He has been in pain. I called the dentist they will see him next week and he may have to have the tooth pulled!!! Only our Joshua. Just when you think you got the parenting down you get knocked off your pedestal.


  1. i just have to tell you I love reading your blog. I feel bad for the kids but really you need to write a book.