Thursday, January 31, 2008


I love cars! And especially old ones, I think they are pretty sexy. (I don't know if I can say that, oh well it is my blog)

5. My suburban

4. 2002 Ford Thunderbird "Retro birds" to remember the "Classic birds" or "Little Birds" (Thunderbird blue if I had my choice)

3. 1955 Ford Thunderbird (Thunderbird name came from a contest award $250 but the guy didn't take the money, he just wanted some new pants)(Inspiration yellow if I had my choice)

2. 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback (White with two blue stripes running down it, if I had my choice)(which they may coming out with a new one of these)The picture is actually a Shelby but it has the color and the look I like.

1. 1966 Ford Mustang This car is hot and especially if that is the car you started dating your husband in. I actually do have my choice and we like the color it is, Red. (notice cute guy with kids in car)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Chicken and Dumba-lows
1 box of chicken broth
several sticks of celery
sliced carrots
2 cans of canned biscuits (quartered)
one rotiressee chicken

boil broth, celery and carrots
add biscuits until they become dumba-lows
then add cooked chicken

Tonight we were eating dinner when Maude said she was only going to eat the chicken, celery and carrots she didn't like the other things. Then shortly after
Aidan asked for more dumplings. She popped up and said "Oh, I didn't know we were eating Chicken and dumba-lows, I love dumba-lows." Then she ate every bit. So now in the Culwell house we will eat chicken and dumba-lows. I wonder if rockamollie goes good with that?

I know some of you are stunned with the 2 blogs in 24 hours. Maude was diagnosed with Asthma a few weeks ago and started taking medicine at night to help her lungs. We have noticed a big change in her the past few days, very chatty. She has beautiful color in her face and lips. Isn't it amazing when you find out things like that, it makes you realize she hasn't been doing well for a couple of months now. Anyway I am not telling you that for a response but I may be blogging a lot with all of her new comments.

Monday, January 28, 2008


We have toyed with the idea of giving our dog away. He has a problem with one of our children. You will never guess which one. Aidan and Maude love this dog and he tolerates them. Joshua however doesn't know the meaning of his growls. He has been bit through the lip because of this. A lady we know called Saturday and wanted the dog. So Sunday we were telling the kids that Baylor would be moving with a lady who didn't have anyone and how great this would be for her to have someone to come home to and really talking it up. Maude sat very sad and listened then she smiled and sweetly said "Can we just give her Joshua and then she would have a kid and be happy?"

She called tonight and said it wouldn't work out. So Baylor will stay for now...

Friday, January 25, 2008


Black eyes and Disney Pictures
Maude's eye is to the yellow stage, so look real close to the left (her right eye).
Joshua's eye is not so much bruised as red and cut.
Notice in the Disney pictures the vary in cloths. Winter to shorts
Last but not least...Is it rude to stop a prayer when he starts praying for all the broken glass? When we finally got to the bottom of it, it was about all the broken glass from the tornado and he was praying thankgiving for no one getting hurt from it. Thanksgiving is always good even if it is almost a year later.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Black Eyed Maude or Joshua

I know it is suppose to be Black eyed Suzy but in our house this week it is black eyed Maude or Joshua. Maude a few days ago was hit in the eye by Joshua, on accident this time. He was playing with Aidan and they were shooting each other when Maude went up and grabbed his shirt. He turned quickly with plastic gun in hand and whacked her. She cried and cried when I told her it looked like it was going to leave a black eye she was so excited. Go figure, it must be having 2 brothers that makes that a good thing. She had to call Mimi and Granddad and tell them. It hasn't been that bad, it was a little purple under her eye and very little swelling. Well, tonight Joshua got hit by accident as well by a friend at church. I have no idea what was going on but apparently a zipper of a jacket was the reason for the cut and black eye. I imagine it hurt really bad, if you have never been hit by a flying hurts really bad. Also if you haven't been hit your kids aren't old enough to be doing this yet or you don't have kids. Flying zippers always happen around winter. If Aidan doesn't come home with a black eye tomorrow I will take a picture of the 2 black eyes, if he does that is just plan weird and we will probably be turned into CPS. Can you imagine 3 kids with black eyes? Ok 2 is weird also.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


The other day I was cooking dinner when Joshua asked to sit on the counter and watch for daddy. I said sure and put him next to the sink to watch out the window. Then he told me he had magical eyes, he could look at me and see daddy's pickup out his magical eyes. I told him some people might call that peripheral vision or magical just depending on who you ask. I like magical, honestly.

What would you call it?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boogie man

Each night when I get in bed, I run through in my head that I shut the garage, locked the doors and kissed the kids good night. I had just begun to nod off when I heard this loud very loud thud. I jumped up thinking someone had broken into the house. (ok I know that is a little over board but when Cody is on call I am a little on edge.) I took my first step into the darkness when someone grabbed me. Then the boogie man started crying. With my heart racing, I almost punched this boogie man then I recognized the cry of Aidan. He had bad dream and was running to our room when he ran right smack into the wall with his head. I was more than happy for him to sleep with me, we both had been scared. Don't tell Cody that I slept with the boogie man last night.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well, we got back in last night after a long week in Orlando. We had a great time at Walt Disney World for 6 days. Cody and I are a little tired but the kids are still going strong. They did not want to go home yesterday they wanted to stay forever. Wouldn't you know that Orlando had the worst cold front come through in a few years the day we arrived. We left 16 degree weather so 35-40 didn't seem so bad. Typical for us, we make ever trip an adventure. When we were going through security for our flight out, you know were they make everyone take their shoes off, Cody bent down to put his shoes on when the security guard hit him in the eye with the gray tub you put your belongings in. I just pictured all of our Disney pictures with him and a black eye. It was just red/blue for the first day and then he was fine. I sat with Aidan and Maude on the way to Orlando and they were crazy with excitement. They kept me busy the whole time and Joshua was the perfect angel for Cody played his v-smile and never made a peep. Guess how the flight went on the way home...Same ole same Cody got Maude and Aidan, Maude slept for 3 hours and Aidan just played his v-smile never made a peep. Joshua was fine but how unfair. I will be putting pictures on the blog later, I have almost 500 to go through. The kids had a great time getting autographs and meeting all of the characters. It was a perfect age to take them and they can't wait to go back, next Christmas they think! Maybe a couple more years. Get ready Mimi and Granddad they think you are going with them.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Quick update

Check out this website for updates the next couple of days. I will blog once we get back into the routine of things. I think you will enjoy the pictures and hopefully there will be more to come.

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