Monday, October 15, 2007

no one listens

Saturday we were at Aidan's flag football game. Joshua always finds someone to play with but on this Saturday he couldn't find anyone to play football with on the sidelines. He came over and sat down next to me really sad and said "no one will listen to me, no one ever listens to me!" (It could have been he was trying to play with Jr. high boys and he was wearing a helmet) I told him that wasn't true that I always like listening to his stories and those kids were too old for him to play with. He then replied that "Granddad doesn't ever listen to me." I guess now he was going into 'pity me' mode. I told him that was not true, I know for a fact that my dad loves to listen to all of his stories. He then replied "No, he doesn't he always is saying 'What? What? What?'" Which made me giggle, that doesn't mean that he doesn't want to listen that means he can't hear. He wouldn't say 'What?' if he didn't want to hear you...
He felt better, got up, ran off and started pulling off the flags of the kids on the sidelines. On to bigger and better things...
Please Pray for Jerrod. We went to church with this family when we lived in Lubbock. They are dear friends to some close friends of ours. We were able to be around them at different functions and they are an incredible family. Please pray for Jerrod and his recovery. Also pray for his parents and sister to continue their strength.


  1. Dylan told me one time that Grandad, (my dad) needed go to the hearing doctor.
    I guess that is just a trait of all Grandads.
    My dad went with me and Dylan to Oklahoma this last weekend. Dylan sat in the back seat of the pickup, and most of the way I had to bump dad on the elbow to tell him that Dylan was talking to him, because he could not hear him.

  2. There have been times in Cooper's past that I had to ask his momma, "What did he just say?" He talks so fast that I can't understand sometimes.