Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Church Clothes and Pumpkins

This combines a couple of three topics. Hope you followed that...

I knew today would be crazy when my phone dinged with a reminder. I went to look and it said early release. What does that mean? the school....School secretary let's me know the kids are outside waiting.

First pictures are of the Narnia cast. We had our annual Trunk or Treat this past Sunday.

Next are pictures of the kids carving pumpkins. I thought I would let the kids do it all on their own today. Cody always seems to take over helping them. Joshua broke his first knife and cut his knuckle open with his second knife. I then realized why we never let them carve on their own. Bad idea...Note to self don't let Joshua have a knife...I am sure I have that noted somewhere.

Tonight Joshua was getting ready for church. (We make them shower before church so they can come in and go to bed.) He had a collared shirt on and he couldn't find his 'church' pants. I told him he didn't have to wear 'church' pants. He said he wouldn't be a Christian if he didn't have his Christian pants on. Guess what the world stopped turning for a few minutes and Joshua and I had a long talk on what makes a Christian and it wasn't his pants.
So are you just wearing Christian pants?
Have a great rest of the week!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday! Joshua

What boy doesn't want a mohawk for his 6th birthday? So for the evening he gets to wear one around the house. We celebrated his birthday last Friday at Jump n Jive, of course I don't have pictures. Maybe my sister will send some to me and I can post those.
The other picture is of Checkers. When I got the pictures of Joshua off the camera to put them on I found this picture. The morning I was leaving for San Diego I had let the dogs out one last time before my parents came down for the weekend. Well, when I was ready to leave (bags at the doors and ready to walk out the door kind of ready) Checkers came flying in the door very proud carrying a live dove in his mouth. He flew right into his room and got in his bed with his dove. He was so proud! He kept trying to bury it and couldn't figure out why it kept moving away slowly. I of course called my dad and made him come get this bird. While waiting on my dad I snapped a quick photo.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am getting worried....

Our week has stayed very calm and quite. Cody had to go off and jinxs it last night, he mentioned I haven't wrote anything on my blog in a while. So now I am worried and waiting you know like the calm before the storm. So just wait I bet it is going to be a big one. We never go this long without something being said or done. I am hoping it might be that tonight while I was teaching Bible class that I didn't notice I was missing 4 children (2 of them being mine). When I was checking row I noticed one was missing when I went to find her there sat 3 more. Mrs. M you might want to find someone else to fill in when you are sick. :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

4 year olds!

I just got back from taking three 4 year olds to preschool in Happy. So on the way up there they wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty. All three of them called it 'Sleeping Booty.' How cute is that? Just when I think they are all getting so big.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

to hit or not to hit

Sunday after church we ran to Plainview for lunch and groceries. On the way the kids got into a discussion of hitting girls and if it was right or not. We have always told the boys they can not hit girls at all because one day they will be stronger and also it is just not right. Aidan told them all of this. So Maude leaned over and poked Joshua and said "yeah, you can't hit girls." Joshua said looking at his sister "I know you can't hit girls BUT you can hit your sister." The new golden rule... all the rules count just not if it is your sibling.

Monday, October 13, 2008

part 2 numbers

Just an update-last night at church we had 7 girls at our table and 6 boys. We also counted how many smarties and how many of each color. Strawberries she has eaten since last night- 5 last night 4 for lunch which makes 9 but she would like 1 more to make 10. We have 2 babies on the couch snuggling but she might need to get one more that would make 3. Maybe we can turn our focus on our ABC's today...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Aunt Tammy you will be so proud! Maude does not want to do much with letters. However, she is OBSESSED with numbers. She is constantly counting things and I mean everything! She counts how many are at the table every time we sit down. How many Cheetos she is eating. She is the object counting queen. It was great at first but now we are wearing thin on counting everything. She literally can not do anything without counting something in the process.
On another note Cody and I along with the Hoeltings and Subealdea won a volleyball tournament today. Cody and I are feeling it tonight every time we move we moan. Cody jammed my finger in between games trying to take the ball from me. We are getting old! We had a lot of fun though, being together and playing together. I forgot what that feels like.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Parent/teacher conference

After the blog entry a few days ago and today's parent teacher conference, I am beginning to wonder where we went wrong. The boys both are doing wonderful and their teachers are very sweet. However we noticed while the teacher was showing us Joshua's test that some of the words he used to rhyme....well....let's say they weren't exactly what a 5 year old should be saying. What rhymes with hill? kill
What rhymes with Sam? dam Yep you heard it right he used the words kill and dam to rhyme. The teacher tried to make us feel better by saying they could make up words. So we are sticking to that, he made it up. We don't even say shut up or stupid in this house without serious consequences.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

boys and eating

I always thought after we had the boys "How am I going to be able to feed 3 (including daddy) boys?"
I had heard parents talk about how much boys eat and I kept thinking how will I be able to do this. Roxanne has always had helpful hints and reassurance I will be able to do this. Well, the past few months I have figured it out. It is going to happen slowly. Slowly we have had to start making 2 cans of biscuits or cinnamon rolls. Slowly we have doubled things. Well, tonight we made 6 grilled cheese, 4 eggs in the middle of toast and 2 egg/grilled cheese sandwiches. A whole loaf of bread, half a dozen eggs and a package of cheese and they were still a little hungry. They finished up with push ups.
Lea you have any hints?

Sunday, October 5, 2008


The other day at target:
Maude- I want these sparkly red shoes
Me-For Halloween?
Maude-Yes, I want to be Little Red ROBIN HOOD
Me-Oh you want to be Little Red Riding Hood with the red hood and basket of cookies
Maude-No, I want to be Little Red Robin Hood with the blue dress and a puppy in my basket
Me-That is Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
Maude-Oh that is who I want to be the girl with cute shoes and a puppy

Then at church we can dress up as biblical characters for our Trunk or Treat. So the boys said they wanted to be Ninjas.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I heard this story...

There was this wonderful couple that was teaching bible class. When this little boy told the man that his mom had a stamp that wouldn't wash off. So after bible class the bible class teacher went up to this little boy's mom and said "You won't believe what (let's call him Joshua) told us in class." Then he proceeded to tell the mom about the tattoo story. Well you can imagine the mom's awkwardness when she had to reply that the little boy hadn't made it up.
I told Cody I couldn't write this story because my parents didn't know. Well, he informed me that I was 32 and it was time that I got over it.