Monday, March 30, 2009

I think we are finally getting it

Maude right before Christmas starting throwing these HUGE fits out of no where. We were completely stunned. The first fit came at a Target and then they just started randomly coming. With her we had always been able to talk to her and she for the most part obeyed. These were screaming, kicking, yelling uncontrollable fits. Her most prized object is her doll Bryn. So we made a contract stating that if she had another fit Bryn would be taken away for a while. We have had really good luck with this. Then tonight she refused to get out of the tub and started screaming then yelled at Cody "to GET OUT!" That pretty much took Bryn away in that minute. She cried sadly not mad when that happened and told her daddy how very sorry she was over and over. He said one night without Bryn. She came in while I was in the bath real sad asked with her voice quivering "Tonight when you see Bryn will you take care of her."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The fights...

From what I hear we have just begun...
Aidan turned 8 on March 12th and along with 8 came attitude. Over Christmas break I noticed him changing from sweet big brother to Maude to ornery big brother. He constantly picks on her and can't wait to make her scream or cry. Then we decided to move so that added a whole other dynamic. So here we are watching our 8 year old trying to deal with emotions. Yesterday it went down in the front drive with everyone to watch.
Aidan was playing basketball in the drive and Maude was scooting around on a scooter thingy. She hopped off to go grab a little pony, who knows why the little pony wanted any part of this. Anywho, Aidan went and hopped onto the scooter. Of course, Maude started crying she ran in to tell me when I had been watching from the kitchen sink hoping this would work itself out without my help. I told her I would be right out to help. When I went out I was amazed to see my daughter, who doesn't like playing ball, throwing a basketball with great strength across the street. Aidan of course hopped off and ran to get his ball, mad might I add. She ran with delight and got back on her scooter. Then Aidan launched the ball right into her head! He went to sit on his bed, when I went into talk to him I asked him "where he thought she would learn to do such a thing?" He replied, "you told her too, so I would get off the scooter." Good thought but no she came up with it all on her own and it worked until she was nailed in the head.
Brothers and a sister! We have just begun...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

San Antonio Spring Break

10 more weeks and school is out. Yeah! I love being around my kids. Weeks like this, it makes me miss them. They were great on the trip and are getting older and easier to travel with besides the few times we had to pull a kid out of the river at the riverwalk. and that one time all the buttons were pushed on the elevator... and that one other time someone left my sunglasses on a park bench....and maybe that one time when one of the boys told me he was so happy that his tee tee was happy too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We are such rookies...

as parents. We now know it is not a good idea to let your kids get their faces painted when you are staying at a hotel. You have to stop and get rags, soap and eye makeup remover. You will forget to tell them not to touch it on the way back to the hotel. You forget tell them not to open their eyes while washing their faces with soap. Then your kids will stain the tub or it will look that way until you get down on your hands and knees and clean a hotel tub. You will be asked to keep it down by the hotel manager, apparently the screaming from soap in eyes was loud. Was it worth these faces?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Man of the Year....

This was the letter read last night at the Chamber banquet...

The 2009 Man of the Year can be referred to as "Golden"--one-of-a-kind, friendly, positive and a role model. He welcomes newcomers to Tulia in a way that makes them feel he had known them all of their lives.
He is a strong Christian man and a helping hand to so many, including the sick and lonely. You can often find him visiting patients at the hospitals in Tulia and Amarillo, bringing a smile to their face. He is a great sounding board, and a good person to go to for advice, always encouraging spiritual growth.
His business is taking care of people, but it doesn't stop when he leaves the office. Just a few days ago, it was noted that his daughter had been brought up in a home where her father could be called on any time of the day or night--and this training stood her in good stead when she married a man with similar requirements on his time.
If you have met this man, you can say that you have been blessed and your life has been enriched. You can count on him. He has been through trials of his own, but you would never know it, because when he is talking to you, you have his full attention as if you are the most important person in the world. He faithfully serves at Central Church of Christ, where he is a man of strength and comfort to many, including his wife, Irita, daughter Melissa and her husband Cody and their three children Aidan, Joshua, and Maude; and daughter Tammy and her husband Justin, and their children Cole and Jaxon.
Our 2009 Man of the Year.... Bob Colson (My dad)

Might I add that behind every good man is an even better woman.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Quarter machines you got to love 'em...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

old vs even older

My dad had the kids this past Tuesday. Today he was telling us a pretty funny story. He ran up to the hospital to visit a family. He told the kids to stay in the waiting area. Our hospital has an assisted living so sometimes the residents sit there to visit or just get out of their room. Well, there sat a man named Bob (also my dad's name). The kids sat with him and I am sure acted crazy! Dad said he came back in about 5 minutes (really my dad doesn't go anywhere in just 5 minutes so it was probably more like 10 or 15). Anyway back to the funny part. The kids got in the car and Joshua said "that guy's name was Bob too just like you Granddad so that makes you twins." Aidan said "No that guy was much older than Granddad so they aren't twins." Then Joshua replied "Well, Granddad has older hair than him."

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Maude is obsessed with texting on my phone. She will type her name and a face :) and send it over and over to my sister and some others. Well, Joshua was home all last week and asked if he could txt Aunt Tammy. So I let him text his name with a face then I walked away. All of the sudden it was time to go pick up kids so we hurried and left meanwhile I forgot he still had my phone.
So here is the texting conversation minus the 20 million faces he texted:
Josh: Josh ":) :):):0
Tammy: Yikes :0
Josh: Love you :)
Tammy: Love you buddy
Josh: Thanks
Josh: :)
Josh: Do you have
Josh: Do you have a cat
Josh: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) (plus a few more and remember they are cuter txting)
Tammy: Are you kidding me. HeHe
Tammy: :) :) :)
Josh: Can you talk now?
Tammy: Yes
Josh: Call me
Josh: Can you pick up
Josh: Where are you?
Josh: Can't talk right now
Tammy: Call me when u can...I am headed home
Josh: Where are you?
Tammy: My car
Josh: Email me
Tammy: Where r u?
Josh: On a call.
Tammy: Huh?
Tammy: I will email u when I get home
Josh: In a meeting
Josh: Meet me at
Josh: email me
Tammy: I am confused...
Tammy: Joshua?
Josh: you
Tammy: Can I talk to your mom?