Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hair Cuts

Today Joshua and Aidan got their scissors out to cut a cracker box and some paper. I am going to blame my mom on this one. I was on the phone with her and we were looking up something on the computer at the same time. Well, Joshua left the table and I didn't notice. Then I heard Aidan say the magic words,"Joshua cut his hair! and Baylor's too!"(Baylor is the dog) When I got up there was a huge chunk of Joshua's hair laying on the ground and no Joshua. Baylor was laying there not knowing that he had a chunk also missing laying by him. When I found Joshua I couldn't tell a thing. His hair lays down and is layered so you couldn't even tell. Lucky! That is the second hair cut in our house. One day Maude asked Aidan if he would cut her hair, so he did. I asked "Why would you listen to a 3 year old?" Cody answered for him "Because he is 6 and when a 3 year old ask you to cut her hair it sounds logical."
Going back to blaming my mom. You see there is more to the phone stories with my mom. My mom called my cell phone one day while I was in Amarillo. I tried to answer as I was sitting Maude up on the potty. You guessed it, I dropped it in the potty. (I did buy a new one) A few days later I was in Plainview at Wal-mart when my mom called. Joshua climbed on the side of the cart and pulled it over on himself, cut his collar bone and bruised it.

Ok guys, I meant to write that I had put pictures on the blogsite. You probably already noticed, if not, they are on the left. Also you guys are going to have to start commenting. I don't know if anyone is reading or not. I don't have one of those tracker things.


  1. What I don't understand is why you were on the phone with the woman that lives 3 doors down. You could just use walkie talkies! Love ya!

  2. She was at the office! Thank you very much. I don't need these type of comments. You are band from leaving comments on my blogsite. I am kidding, at least you left one.

  3. Melissa,
    I thoroughly enjoy your stories. They make Lauren's escapades sound tame. Of course, she doesn't have a cohort yet. Give her a little time and she may come through. I'm going to remind Judy that she needs to remember to read them. She needs something to laugh about. They came to visit us this week. We had a great time.

  4. Bunnye,good to hear from you. How old is Lauren now,3? I was thinking she had her when I had Maude. Well, I better add my story to my blog. Thanks for the note.