Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sabotage Part 2

I refereed some little dribblers basketball this past Saturday. On Sunday I could barely move I was soooo sore. I thought great this 1/2 marathon is going to be so hard if that made me sore. Well, little did I know I was getting really really sick and was aching partially because I was running fever and partially because I am out of shape and was sore. By Monday morning I was sick sick and mad at Cody. Isn't that the routine blame the spouse when you get sick? Especially when he has been diagnosing the flu left and right? Now I feel bad about being mad at him because he was super dad and husband all week. He washed clothes, cooked and cleaned he even took Maude to work with him. Maude tried to be a good nurse but she kept prying my eyes open asking if I needed anything between cartoons. Of course we had to go to my parents this week during this sickness. Our bathroom is being gutted and rebuilt and of all weeks they decided to work this week. Our water was turned off most of the time. You know when I felt like NOT lifting my head off the pillow for 3 days let's pack up and drive down to my parents in the ice. Thankfully they helped with Maude and picking up boys for me. Moms just aren't suppose to get sick! So hopefully I will be working out in the near future! As soon as my nose stops running every time I stand up and I stop coughing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I said I would run a 1/2 marathon and then the sabotage began. We have a treadmill that collects dust. The kids play fort on it and hide out on it and eat candy. Well, a couple of weeks ago my mom came over to borrow it and it wouldn't start. That night I told Cody that the treadmill wouldn't work, Aidan happened to be standing there. Aidan being completely serious joined in on the conversation with "Yeah, the other day when I put a quarter in it the quarter popped right out." You can imagine our surprise... That was the 1st sabotage. Today I finally went to run and when we got home a really cute little girl delivered GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!! AHHHH!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day with 4 year olds

A grew up with a girl named Cara. We went K-12th grade together. We were good friends through school and now our children are getting to grow up together. Marti and Joshua are in kindergarten together they probably won't be as close, you know the whole boy/girl thing but I hope Joshua is like a big brother for Marti. Today I got to keep the two little ones. They are best friends and I always love having her over because they play really well together. Well, today I couldn't decide to take them to Amarillo for a girl day or stay at home for a girl day. I wasn't motivated to get my shower to early so we had a day at home. I painted nails, curled hair, did make-up and found jewelry for them to wear. They giggled and told each other over and over how pretty one another looked. It was so sweet. They kept teasing that no one would know who they were when we went to lunch. As luck would have it, as we drove down the street my dad was outside. I pulled up to tell him 'hi'. Without telling him a word, his first words out of his mouth were "Who are these pretty girls in the back?"
Wouldn't it be fun to be 4 again? Lucky for me I have friends that sometimes make me feel like a kid again...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Night

Cody and I started taking this class a week ago. Real quick I learned that we don't as a family tell each other how much we appreciate the little things. So Monday nights have become Monday Night Appreciation Night at our house. We started last week with Cody, this week we did Aidan. I didn't know how the kids would take it but they LOVE it. We write a list of things we appreciate about that person and we get to eat in the formal dining room. Aidan was excited all day because it was his night. Maude loves and I mean loves to say the word appreciate. I thought I would have to help her out with ideas but she really surprised me and thought hard about her list.

So when is the last time you took special time to tell each member of your family how much you appreciate them?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1 2 3 4 I declare a

Thumb War....

Cody's mom got these for the boys at Christmas and they have been a hit (sometimes literally). Tonight they set a official thumb war setting, I guess. They had to be a certain length apart and sit on my couch pillows. It was very funny how official it was. Maude came in and wanted to play so Aidan being the nice brother let her win the first war. Then the second one he played like normal. She stomped him! We all got a good laugh. Then I played and lost and lost and lost and lost. So much for my TW title aka Thumb War title.
So there weren't so many guess of what Amanda has talked me and Jennifer into. Thanks to Jennifer and Amanda! We are going to run a 1/2 marathon. Wish us luck to continue to be friends after this... I am really looking forward to the outfits and shoes. Hey you gotta look forward to something and I know it is not going to be running 13 miles. Oh maybe the closeness this will bring to our friendships.;)

Friday, January 16, 2009

What? Who me?

That is what I thought when she asked but then I said "ok." What was I thinking? Why would I commit to something as crazy as this? I thought if I it wrote down maybe I wouldn't back down. I was really excited when our New preacher and his wife arrived, now maybe not so much... I thought they would be a great couple to get people involved. Who knew they were going to make us get involved? We are taking a class called His Needs/Her Needs and now this... Our marriage will have to have this class to survive what she is getting me involved in.
Any Guesses?
Amanda you can't answer or Bruce

Monday, January 12, 2009

no real title for this one...

She is really enjoying her time home with mommy...
Julie (little American doll) met Ahsoka (had to look up spelling on that one) today they had a lovely chat. It is so funny to watch how she makes all the star wars characters nice. Her new favorite movies are Chrissa (American Girl) and Star Wars Clone wars (needs no explanation).
As I am posting this Joshua is running around with a dog bone using it as a microphone singing "eeh eeeh eh All the girls say I am too fly for a white guy eh eeeh eh." Where does he learn these things?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

the world of Liss

I have no idea, really, why such weird things happen to me. Today I was on my way home and 6 or 7 pigeons yes Huge pigeons landed on the interstate in front of me. My first thought was move to the other lane. Nope nice black chrysler was passing me. #1 rule my dad taught me just hit it don't swerve. Well, I didn't swerve and nailed a huge pigeon it flew up and came down on the black car. Really why do these weird things happen. Who drives down the interstate 70 miles an hour to have pigeons land in front of them, then hit it and it land on the car beside them?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I don't really like New Year's resolutions. I kind of think it sets you up for failure.However I do think about getting a fresh start. My fresh start idea this year is to be more organized and on top of things. But after my daughter just sat down next to me and patted my tummy then asked "Have you been eating jiggly things because your tummy is jiggly..." I may be considering adding sit-ups to my fresh start list.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bruce and Bambi

You should feel very important and part of the family now. You have made my blog and we are making fun of you. We really just do that to family members. Also I would like to point out this was all my dad's idea I just gave him the venue to harass you.
By the way thanks for helping us move furniture today. I know after this you probably won't help us...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ahh a day at the spa to relax.....NOT

The guys in my family gave my sister, my mom, Maude and I a day at the spa for Christmas. So we headed out at 8:45 this morning for a day of relaxing. First mistake was not having Maude asleep earlier. She was too excited about going with us for the Girl's Day she could not go to sleep. It was well after 10 before she went to sleep. The spa was wonderful they pampered all of us. Maude had her nails, hair and make-up done. While the 3 of us had massages, mud wraps and some type of jet bath. The jet bath was not too relaxing for me the jets were so strong they kept shooting me out of the tub. We left the spa and that pretty much was the last part of relaxing I had. We went to Pei Wei to eat lunch when Maude had a major melt down. Maude and I had a little talk in the bathroom aka known as getting a spanking. Maude then announced in the bathroom with two other women that I had left a red mark on her and I was not being nice to her. We went out to join my mom and sister lunch was a little rocky but Maude finally settled down and we had a nice lunch. We shopped a little and then headed home. When we pulled up in the driveway Cody was leading Joshua into the house. I knew the look...Joshua was holding his head and there was blood dripping. I will just have to say when the 6 year old is giving directions of what kind of medical treatment he would like to have been injured way too much. He said he wanted glue not staples or stitches, just glue like when he climbed the palm tree and cut open his leg. Much against my better judgement we listened to him and dermabonded it. He is going strong and never cried about it when we glued it back together. Gotta love boys! I held it together it is getting easier for me every time we glue a kid back together. I didn't mention how it happened big brother tackled him. I think by Cody's description of the play Aidan would have gotten a penalty for horse collar tackle.
As we speak Maude is in giving her dolls a massage.