Monday, September 24, 2007

just when you thought it was quiet

Lots of updates...
I put pictures on the blog of the kool-aid stand, Maude and Cody's date, a bee (that's for my brother-in-law), and pictures of Maude and her $4.97 helmet and pads and some of her dancing. Sorry they are mostly of Maude, she was the only one home this morning.

My last blog my sister stated I sound a bit frustrated, I don't know why she would say that. Since that blog Joshua (we think) may have broken his nose. This would be the second time he has broken his nose. The first time he was 10 months old and fell out of a little kid chair at my parent's house onto the kitchen floor while I was videoing him. This time he ran into Maude, she has two teeth marks in her hair line. I will try to get a picture of his nose today and add it to the blog. (He went with Cody for a guys day and mommy break.)

That is about all for now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Time goes by so slow

Is it me...or does time go by really really slow when your child is hanging off of a rack of costumes in Gymboree? It makes me stop and think 'are we the only parents that have a child that sees an obstacle course in front of him at all times?' Surely not? But sometimes when you are that parent with the child that sees life in a different way, you sure feel like it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Something odd

This isn't a long blog, it was just an odd statement I heard myself say today.
"No, Don't put the handcuffs on the dog, just your sister or yourself, but not the dogs."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th

Take time to remember...

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yesterday we had the pleasure of keeping my nephews. They got here around noon and stayed until today. Really this blog is just a written note to remind me of innocence and the gift of children. The kids played outside all day. Cole, Jaxon, Aidan, Joshua and Laura Kate (neighbor girl) set up a 'new park' with a sign and they used lots of left over blue painting tape to make this sign. You had to pay .75 to play anything you wanted the list included baseball, star wars fight, basketball, soccer and foot races. They had a guarantee, if you don't have fun you get your money back. Poor guys our neighborhood gets next to no traffic. So no guest came, finally I went and got my money and enjoyed playing all of the sports. They had so much fun and wanted me to be happy the whole time or I might want my money back. I payed my nephew Cole to go to the 'new park' and enjoy himself. When no else came they decide to have a lemonade stand. Which turned out to be a Kool-aid stand because I was out of lemonade. Mimi and Granddad came down just in time to get the last couple of cups. All of the kids drank the juice in the waiting time for someone to come. This poor man drove by with his window down and the kids just all stared at him with puppy dog eyes for him to stop. They wanted to charge a $1.00 for a cup of kool-aid. I talked them into .25, I couldn't bare to charge someone $1 when the package of kool-aid cost .10. I loved listening to them talk and being excited about everything. All of the boys were in one room going to bed when Maude noticed no one was with her. Cole, sweetest boy, went and slept in Maude's room with her. This morning it was all chatter and excitement about all being in the same bible class together. Aidan and Jaxon got to go with Cole. Can you believe we were on time with 5 kids? We can't make it with our 3.

Tonight, as much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed rushing home from church and the kids getting into all of their Cowboys clothes to watch the Cowboys. This has become a little tradition in our house, the boys in their jerseys and Maude in her modest cowboy cheerleading outfit. I say modest because it isn't the cheerleading outfit the real ones wear. The kids got to stay up a whole extra 30 minutes. As I was typing this we heard a thud, Cody went to check it out and Joshua was tackling Aidan in his bed. Maybe we should have taken off the jersey's before they went to bed.

I had a really funny blog but Cody insisted we would scar one of the kids for life if I wrote it and they would be remembered for this.
Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss Popcorn

This really isn't a funny story but I feel I need to blog it for some of you who will think it is funny. It has been a long 5 days of cleaning and painting, one more day to go. Haven't seen the kids a whole lot my wonderful sister came this weekend and took care of them and then yesterday my parents. That would explain why this story isn't too funny.

Ok, now for the story. A while back we got a kitten, it was the best cat ever and I don't like cats. The kids could carry it around, play and feed it all they wanted and he loved them. We even took this one to the vet and had him fixed so he would stick around. Last June(06) Snickett disappeared and the kids were so sad. Which broke my heart, the kids being sad, not that the cat was missing. Well, my friend Tori was so nice to give Maude one for her birthday in April (07). This one we named Snickles in memory of Snickett. Snickles was a good cat he liked the kids and loved our crazy dog Baylor. Well, on our last trip to Dallas we were awakened by a call from my dad saying that Snickles had been bitten by something and it wasn't good. So Snickles went to heaven with God (so Maude says). Aidan cried but Maude was ok, it was like he just moved in with God not like he died was her thinking. Which all this brings us to today. I deliver Meals on Wheels every Tuesday. One day I was talking to a couple about their kittens on the porch and told them the bad luck we have had with cats. All of this just trying to make a little conversation... This morning the kids were all gone to school and Cody and I were outside painting, when this kitten walked up. I kept looking at this kitten, telling Cody I have seen that cat before. When finally I figured it out, it was one of the kittens from that couple.
I headed out to do Meals on Wheels thinking I would ask that couple if it was theirs.
You will never guess....That couple moved! You don't think they brought that kitten to our house, do you?
We named this one Miss Popcorn. Thanks to Joshua.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Timing is Everthing...

For the next 5 days Cody and I will be cleaning and painting our house (the brick). I hope to take pictures of the before and after and post them. Today my job was to power wash the brick, which is really loud and messy. The kids were playing which led to a fight, big surprise. The boys were in the garage fighting over a helmet, when one tackled the other. Yelling, screaming and crying that I could hear over the loud power washer. I stopped washing, to separate them and stop the fight from becoming bloody. I made them go sit on the porch, not even a minute later the police pulled up in our driveway, to my surprise. The officer got out of his car with a note pad and pen, he said "I am here to investigate a problem." I knew the officer, so I pointed at the boys on the porch, who were watching and listening, and said "officer they are over there, take them." The boys eyes nearly popped out of their heads. He quickly blew my cover and laughed. Then I saw the boys sigh and smile with relief. The officer told me a man was walking around with a leaf blower and they were wondering if I had seen him. I hadn't but I asked if we needed to go in or call if we saw him. He told me my power washer would take his leaf blower, that I was ok.