Monday, July 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

1st of all let me say I am sorry. I was informed my blog wasn't letting anyone comment if they didn't have a blog. I kept trying to get everyone involved and some of you were trying. I think that problem is fixed, if not email me. So that leads me to the favorite story vote, the votes are in (the one vote) and it is the New Camera story. Next is the did he or did he not pull the fire alarm...he didn't to my surprise. The four of us came flying out of the bathroom (me still fixing my pants) to find everyone else shocked too, someone had gone out the fire alarm door.

Ok I am rarely serious (Cody can second that or amen that). Here lately there have been some serious topics in our household. So I have become somewhat sentimental (I think it will pass).
I have watched Aidan try to climb this tree in our front yard for a few days. He didn't want any help. I watched him change shoes, get scraps and sometimes seem defeated by this tree. He talked about how his friend Mason could probably climb that tree. Well, guess what he finally got brave enough and arms strong enough he got up in the tree. I swelled with pride for him, I knew his determination had finally paid off. He was so happy and wanted everyone to see him. I thought he might make a home up there. So tonight I am leaving pictures of Aidan in the tree.
What color are his eyes? It isn't a trick question, we don't know.


  1. Aidan has changed so much in just a year! I was hoping that Joshua had pulled the fire alarm so we could hear another great story...oh well. Miss you guys!

  2. When he turns 40 he will have to stop climbing trees, 40 year olds have a tendency to fall out of trees, and are really sore for about a month!!


  3. Kat...I love reading your blog, it reminds me of us when we were first married in Dallas.

    Matt...Think Vicki could second that.

  4. I love the picture. I think the boy looks like he has just conqured the world.

    Love the pictures...

  5. Jack thinks his eyes are gray. We usually get a good laugh at all the stories and can't wait to see if you have a story for the day. They are a good lift after working all day. I would have liked to have seen that bathroom escape.