Monday, December 3, 2007

Blog Milestone

I was so excited to finally get to meet a fellow blogger tonight. I have read her blog for a while now and got to meet her tonight. I was having a get together at my house and she got to come. I hope we can get together in the future and be able to talk more. It was a bit crazy! Crazy thing is she knew a friend of mine (I guess her's too) from college.
When you didn't think he could top vomiting out of his nose. He did...
I don't even know where to begin on this one. You see we are building onto the house a sunroom. They finished last Thursday at 4:30ish. All we lack is carpet this week. We needed a door to go into the sunroom and we were going to have to order one from Lowe's but the Sunroom contractor guy told us he would take care of it. And he did, he had one made for $856. I usually don't like discussing money but this one time I will because it plays a big part in this story also it was an unfinished one. Well, on Friday at 2:00 not even 24 hours later. I hear Maude's tattle tell voice "MOM, Joshua wrote on the door with a pencil." WHAT!?! But I am ok because it is a pencil, right? NOPE it was a ball point pen and pens don't write well on unfinished doors so you have to press really hard and you have to do 20 times. You know like engraving... The story gets worse he wrote #81 (Terrell Owens) I love the Cowboys but do not care for T.O. I won't even tell you how many spankings and yelling and spankings. He never cried and all he said was he couldn't find paper. Not until we pulled up at the court house and he thought he was going to jail did he cry and say he was sorry.(I was getting tags at the courthouse) Cody and I don't drink but I will have to say having alcohol in the home this one day may have helped. Thanks to a elder at our church the child was saved. In case this ever happens to you: wet towel, iron and sandpaper and you never could tell it was there. It has taken me 4 days until I could write this blog, my dad kept telling me it's just a object as we were sanding the 81's off.

you know what? it is just a door...


  1. Yes, it may be a door - but it is a HIGHLY stressful moment! I am amazed both of you are still alive! I'm so thankful that you were able to recuperate the door - and the son! He will remember to write on paper - no matter what (I'll bet!). You are a good mom. Just keep it up!
    (Joshua, she really loves you! It's just that some kids learn harder! - I should know!)

  2. I really do think you needed the "mom im sre" more than I did!! Glad you both made it out of the moment. I hate those moments and often wish I could redo them in a better way. I guarantee your door is going to get noticed a lot more now! Everyone is going to want to see it!

  3. I'm wanting to know who the fellow blogger is?

  4. I came via Mommysmart. I feel like I know you since I also know Trey, Toni Burns and Monica. I know you were blessed to get to visit with her. What a sweetheart!
    As far as the door---it is just a door but having raised two boys and several fosterchildren, sometimes you just have to say, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" :)


  5. Josh is sounding more like his GrandDad everyday!

  6. Well I thought that I left a comment on this post already, but I guess that I didn't. I am a blonde trapped in a brunette's body. Anyway, I really enjoyed getting to meet you. Let's get together soon.