Thursday, February 26, 2009


I feel as if I have let some of you down by not telling you that we are moving this summer to Canadian. Cody told his work on Tuesday and the news flew very quickly much quicker than I was ready for. There were several people I wanted to call and tell before they heard it from someone else. Then Joshua stepped in and pretty much has occupied all of my time. It has been actually a blessing. I have been able to stay under the radar and not get too emotional. We will truly miss Tulia and Tulia has been so great for us as a family. It has been a great place for Cody to get on his feet. It is an incredible opportunity for Cody. He will be a partner with a friend of ours he went to medical school and residency with.
It has been a roller coaster of emotion for the past few weeks but we feel as if the Lord has been with us every step of this very hard decision. Canadian is a beautiful town and we hope to get involved like we have been able to do in Tulia.
So if you see us the next few days or months please be supportive or you might get to see me cry uncontrollably. Also we plan on buying or building a house with a guest room-come visit OFTEN!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sick still....

Joshua was bouncing off the walls yesterday. So of course we sent him back to school today. This morning Cody checked his temp before he woke him up and he was fine. He was grumpy about the shirt we had picked because it had a collar (class picture) and I leaned up to kiss him to check for fever then. So off he went mad about a collared shirt. I got a call from the school about 10:30 from the school nurse, I asked if it was Aidan nope Joshua. He had 103.9 fever and was sick at his stomach. I felt terrible he was shaking and had these puppy dog eyes. He took some Motrin and was good for the day but then started running fever again tonight. :( Poor guy! I guess double flu is hard to get over.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Saturday we went to visit some friends of ours. Cody went to medical school with him in Dallas and Residency in Lubbock with him. Yesterday morning we got up and went to church. Joshua layed down the whole time saying his throat and tummy hurt. Cody thought maybe strep throat was coming on. So after church this really really nice couple (they get an extra really because of later in the story) asked us to lunch with his parents. So there we all sat talking and Joshua sat up and threw up all over the table cloth (vinyl thank goodness). Cody and I jumped up and started cleaning and rolling the table cloth. OH so embarrassing! I took Joshua back to our friend's house and Cody stayed with the ever sooo nice family. When I got to the house I told Tony what had happened so we went to the clinic to get some phenergan. Tony decided to check for flu just in case. Joshua tested positive for the A and B strand of the flu... If that kid does something he is going to go all out. He is at home with me for the next 3 days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flat Stanley is on his way

Mattie and Eli he is on his way. We hope he doesn't act too wild! Take care of him.

My class can't wait to hear about were you live.

Love, Joshua

ps send a picture of him with you guys. He loves to take pictures.

Flat Stanley

Mattie and Eli Tate we are needing to send flat Stanley your way. I can't not find your address... So if you can e-mail it to me that would be great and if you don't read this. Aunt Marilyn can you e-mail it to me.
Thanks, Joshua

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Ski Trip

This past weekend we went to Angel Fire with 27 others from our church. We had such a good time. I am a little sore (ok maybe a lot sore) but had the best teachers possible. They were very good and very patient and they just happen to be my closest friends. We laughed for most of the day at my falls. Aidan went with Toby, Justin and Donald for lessons and apparently learned much quicker than his mom. He even mastered a couple of blues from what I hear. Joshua went to ski school, with him being our dare devil I didn't trust him with free range yet. Sure enough while we were waiting in line to register him, he asked "Will they teach me to jump ramps?" I picked him at lunch and we sledded for some of the afternoon. Maude and Emma stayed with Cody for the morning and enjoyed sledding by our hotel. Most of the pictures are of them. I wish I had more of the group but the only time I had the camera was in our condo. So I hope to get some of the rest of us.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

try to guess....

In the morning I find random things in bed with Maude. She plays alot before falling asleep. I usually find lots of babies tucked in but on this morning I found a basset hound and a pony(don't have picture of the pony camera went dead) stuffed into her houseshoe/socks. Doesn't he look snug in his sock?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heart to Heart

Sunday night we had RAIN. Sad thing is Joshua came in scared to death because he thought there were spiders crawling in the walls. That's when you know it hasn't rained in a long time...

Monday night we had a special dinner at church called "heart to heart." It was for the people in our church 50 and older. Kids from 4 years old to 5th grade served. They took it very serious, they escorted everyone to there places in the candlelit room, asked drink orders and made sure everyone had everything they needed. Then they read poetry and sang valentine songs. It made for a truly amazing night. I think the children and adults enjoyed it equally.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I think I should stop...

asking questions!

Today Joshua was put on yellow for saying "This is Stupid." 'This' being his work. We explained how no matter how boring the work we don't tell the teacher that we think the work is stupid. He will be apologizing tomorrow.

Then tonight when I was asking the best thing that happened at school. Aidan said that they got to write in their journal about the Super Bowl and what the best commercial was. I asked him what it was, his reply "the bud light one when the man said 'we should drink bud light before every meeting' and then jumped out of the window." OH YOU DIDN'T! I can't believe he would say that one. There poor teachers probably think we are great parents!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Aidan was the one who added the books to the order...
Every night I ask them the best thing that happened at school. Last night Aidan said that he played with a friend of his at recess and he almost got the courage up to ask her to be his Valentine! He hoped to have it up by Friday and ask her then. Not what I thought I was going to hear.
Then there is Joshua of all our kids I never dreamed we would be in this position with him. I always thought if some kid picked on him he would clean his plate. Well, not so... There has been a boy that has bullied him for about a month now. We have been to talk to the teacher and now the principle. Cody told him to punch him, I told him if he did make it a good one and run. Great parenting I know. Well, he comes home yesterday and says "Mom, I talked to (kid) today in P.E. while we were running and asked him why he is always hitting me and saying mean things and then I asked if we could just be friends." Guess what? They are going to be friends...
So much for the bad dreams and the not wanting to go to school, he just fixed it himself. (let's hope)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

book orders

You know the ones...
Scholastic sends home with your children every other day it seems like. Well, last week Joshua and Maude both came home with book orders. I let the kids sit down individually and pick out a book from each order. Wrote them down on the little form. Joshua's order was due last week and Maude's was due this morning. In true fashion I was writing the check as she was getting out of the car this morning going into the school. When I added everything up I noticed a extra book and been marked. Someone had placed an additional order...hmmm.