Monday, November 5, 2007

Boys Road Trip

I will just have to say I have an awesome husband. He took a 6 and 5 year old on a road trip (8 hours to Waco). What a great daddy! They went to Lewisville the first night and then on to Waco for the Baylor vs. Tech game. They had the best time, Joshua referred to it as the man's weekend. They went to Dublin on the way home to restock the Dr. Pepper for Cody.
Maude and I had a nice time by ourselves. She had a friend over the first night to spend the night. They were so cute! Girls are so different. They hugged played babies and pushed strollers the whole time. Saturday night we went to the WT football game with my parents and then spent the night with them.

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  1. How fun!! That's really neat and you can tell by the pictures that the boys loved it.