Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How do I title this one?

Last week or the week before, I don't remember, Maude had a skirt on that did not have built in shorts. So many of her skirts do. So I told her that she had to wear panty covers so her panties wouldn't show. Apparently Joshua was in the room, I didn't notice. Well, today I had lunch with two wonderful sweet (never going to let me live this down)women. In fact, we were all going to a funeral and they had told another lady before I had even gotten there what had happen at lunch.

Joshua was sitting next to me. I had a shirt and skirt on, he lifted my shirt and said "Is this not a dress?" I told him no, then he preceded to lift my skirt and ask "Where are your panty covers?" Why in the world this could have not happened at home or no where for that matter, but no it happens so we have witnesses. I think it was that splenda packet that he downed just minutes earlier that led to his crazy talk. I went ahead and posted this so no one could take me down, like TAMMY (my sister long ago)

I have started questioning these strange things that happen to me and I have decided that it is just the way I look at life...Happy and very Blessed by God.
Panty Covers or not I am very blessed to have kids that care what mommy has on...
or friends to laugh with when life happens and probably not let me live this one down.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Winner is...

Checkers! Wal-mart helped decide. (Along with all of your votes.) They had a whole line of checker flags stuff for dogs. Of course we had to get some of it. Isn't he cute? The kids love him! Sometimes he goes missing. Only to find him later with someone loving on him.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Puppy

Name that dog...
Maverick...Joshua and Cody
Checkers...Me and Aidan and sometimes Maude
Snoopy...Maude sometimes
Cast your vote
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Friday, April 25, 2008


Yesterday I went to eat lunch with my sister and her husband. We went next door to TJ Maxx after we ate. I found this really cute desktop fan. This was the conversation:
Me: Do you like this fan? I think I might get it.
Tammy: How much?
Me: $69 (It is really cool Pottery Barn look and it was originally $150)
Tammy: It probably doesn't work
Me: Why wouldn't it work?
Tammy: I don't know, you will get home and it won't work.
Me: I am getting the fan.
Standing in line to check out with my cute fan
Me: You really think it won't work?
Tammy: I don't know, probably.
Me leaving the line finding a pole and plugging it in and turning it on...this is the best part.
Me: TAMMY JUSTIN the FAN WORKS FINE!(Talking in the fan voice, you know the one were you talk into the working fan and makes your voice funny)
Tammy and Justin acting like they don't know me.

But she got me back...I then started trying on sunglasses in line (It was a long line that wasn't' moving)
I asked if she liked 'em (I couldn't tell because of the big security thingy)
She said they were cute. Bought the fan and the glasses. The checkout girl took off the tags for me. Hopped in the pickup put on my new sunglasses, checked myself out.
UGH! They were so ugly! They had glass clear across the nose, they looked like goggles. I called her, she said "Look at this way you can wear them when you work with hazardous material." Thanks Tammy!

Ok check the blog tomorrow night or Sunday. You don't want to miss it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

not much

There is not a lot of funny things going on...
So I thought I would fill you in on Bible Class tonight. I have the most amazing group of kids 9-4 age group. Last week we made cards for our dear Miss Lena Powell. She had fallen last week and broke her hip. So this week we went to the hospital, sang songs and prayed for her and her roommate Dorris. The kids were so good and I know the ladies loved hearing their sweet voices. Then we went and took pictures of the kids at our preacher's house. We have a new preacher coming in July, they have 4 kids. So we are going to send pictures of each kid and a little about themselves. They are coming from Alaska, so we thought they might want to know a few kids before moving. The only 2 girls I have in class were excited because of the 4 kids they have 3 of them are girls. I use to only have one girl in class but since Maude turned 4 she thinks she gets to promote to the big class. So now I get to teach all 3 of my kids. Notice I used the word 'get' not 'have to'.

Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


4 Reasons I love Maude
1. She loves to pray for all the great things God does in our lives.
2. She continues to tell me how much she loves me and her daddy and her brothers.
3. She loves to make friends with any girl.
4. She brings joy to so many older people by her sweet and caring nature for them.

4 Things I have learned from Maude
1. Girls can talk a whole bunch about nothing.
2. Pretending is just about the greatest thing in the whole world.
3. That your feet can be used as dolls if you don't have any dolls with you.
4. A flash of long eyelashes will make her daddy do anything.

4 Injuries that Maude has had in her short 4 years
1. Hit in the eye by brother with a 5 iron in his back swing. Small scar in the eyebrow.
2. Nurse's Elbow (dislocated elbow)
3. Scar in the back of her head from falling and hitting table leg.
4. This is an odd one but it left a scar on her forehead. She fell and got a huge black goose egg at my parents house. It was so big it left a white line on her forehead were the egg use to be.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


OK, I have to start by saying I never really consider myself a person who groups people. But after this weekend...
This past week when we told people we were going to Arkansas for a wedding a lot of people had comments, I thought how different could it be. Well, we flew into Arkansas early yesterday morning and we stopped by a mall. I had so much going on before we left that I had forgot to take my fingernail polish off, so I decided while we were in the mall I would get my nails done. There I sat next to a high school girl who had skipped school to get her nails done for prom. Interesting...probably happens in Texas...but then she stood up and had on t-shirt, baby blue sweat pants and CAMOUFLAGE RAIN BOOTS not something I had seen before. Cody even noticed her coming out and said she met up with two other girls with the same outfit. It was just kind of funny. Well, tonight we went to dinner and there were a ton of high school kids there for prom. (no boots though) But when we left the restaurant the girls were all standing outside of the limo SMOKING.
Welcome to Arkansas...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Look how we have grown...

I started a year ago measuring the kids on a door we had in the playroom. Joshua was so insistent the other night to be measured when we had just measured a month ago. It was funny because when I measured them I realized it was one day after we had started a year ago. They have grown so much in a year. (Notice Joshua measured himself one day)

This is of the famous wooden spoon. Which I am happy to say we rarely have to use. Once when we wrote on a door...Once when we ran away from home to Mimi's across the street...You know those important moments... Well, one day the wooden spoon went missing and when it returned it looked like this. I am guessing if you have girls the wooden spoon would not be necessary. Maude seems to have avoided the wooden spoon, she seems very content on punishing herself with crying in her room when a sturn voice is used. However, I might keep it around for her teen years.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

All on my own

I did this one all by myself today. No assistance from the kids or Cody. I took Cody's pickup to Amarillo today to pick up some stuff from Lowe's. I had this really cute jacket on with buttons on the back. When I hopped out and shut the door the buttons got hung in the door and shut me in with it. There I stood shut in the door and with my back to the door, I had to unlock and twist to open the door. I really hope no one was watching. Not until just now did I think I probably could have taken the jacket off and then opened the door. Great now I am even more embarrassed.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Best Friend

It is true what they say Man's Best Friend is his dog. I have been honored to have the most wonderful dog for the past 13 years. With a very sad and broken heart, we had to put Jordan to sleep this morning. For all of you who know us well you know what a smart dog Jordan was and how much we loved him. He was truly the best roommate I have ever had. I got him when I moved to Waco my second year of college. He was a great protector and a great snuggler. He could tell you where Santa landed his sleigh "Roof", go nite nite, shut the door and he even knew a little Spanish.

I remember when I first moved to Waco one night I couldn't find him. Cody came back over to help me look for him. He had tore a little hole in the cotton of the box spring and was asleep in his hammock. He eventually got big and tore the whole cotton lining off of the box spring. When Cody and I got married, we would find him at the foot of our bed under the covers every morning. He welcomed each new addition to our home and never harmed any of the kids.

When I was crying this morning, Joshua and Maude were quick to hug and hold one another. Joshua without me saying a word, told me "Jordan was better off now...God would be taking care of him and God is really good at taking care of people... he once fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish! so God can take care of Jordan and I bet he will let Jordan hear again." I don't know how I feel about dogs going to heaven but it sure was comforting that our kids were comforted by this thought. It even comforted me to hear Joshua rattle off all his information about God and his power.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Final Four

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Well, I finally got to go and it was worth the wait. It was really cool to be there with all of the craziness. It was pretty cool to watch men of all walks of life (old to young) show off their loyalty to their teams. I watched men high five each other over and over, cheer with one another, and get mad all together. There was a man in our hotel that had an extra ticket that Cody bought. So Cody got to sit on row 14 in the Kansas Jayhawk section for the first 2 games. So the pictures are from his view not mine, my dad's, Aidan's and my sister's view. It was a bit chilly up in our section I guess from the altitude. Which I thought was unfair until last night. When Cody left the game with 3:21 left in the game. He couldn't bear to watch Memphis win. So when he left the gym Kansas trailed by 9...but they won in Overtime by 7. It was awesome!!!! Go Big 12!

The kids were so good, we walked miles everyday and they were awesome through the whole thing. They loved the Riverwalk and Alamo. The first night we walked around and walked up to the Alamo. Joshua looked up and said "Hey, that looks like the Alamo." We walked behind Jesse Jackson on the Riverwalk for 3-4 minutes. I mean right behind him! The other side of the River kept cheering and yelling. Maude thought that everyone was cheering for us. She was very confused as why all the fuss for us.
We had a great time and are so glad to be home!
Can't wait until it is back in San Antonio or Baylor gets there, which ever comes first.