Sunday, September 9, 2007


Yesterday we had the pleasure of keeping my nephews. They got here around noon and stayed until today. Really this blog is just a written note to remind me of innocence and the gift of children. The kids played outside all day. Cole, Jaxon, Aidan, Joshua and Laura Kate (neighbor girl) set up a 'new park' with a sign and they used lots of left over blue painting tape to make this sign. You had to pay .75 to play anything you wanted the list included baseball, star wars fight, basketball, soccer and foot races. They had a guarantee, if you don't have fun you get your money back. Poor guys our neighborhood gets next to no traffic. So no guest came, finally I went and got my money and enjoyed playing all of the sports. They had so much fun and wanted me to be happy the whole time or I might want my money back. I payed my nephew Cole to go to the 'new park' and enjoy himself. When no else came they decide to have a lemonade stand. Which turned out to be a Kool-aid stand because I was out of lemonade. Mimi and Granddad came down just in time to get the last couple of cups. All of the kids drank the juice in the waiting time for someone to come. This poor man drove by with his window down and the kids just all stared at him with puppy dog eyes for him to stop. They wanted to charge a $1.00 for a cup of kool-aid. I talked them into .25, I couldn't bare to charge someone $1 when the package of kool-aid cost .10. I loved listening to them talk and being excited about everything. All of the boys were in one room going to bed when Maude noticed no one was with her. Cole, sweetest boy, went and slept in Maude's room with her. This morning it was all chatter and excitement about all being in the same bible class together. Aidan and Jaxon got to go with Cole. Can you believe we were on time with 5 kids? We can't make it with our 3.

Tonight, as much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed rushing home from church and the kids getting into all of their Cowboys clothes to watch the Cowboys. This has become a little tradition in our house, the boys in their jerseys and Maude in her modest cowboy cheerleading outfit. I say modest because it isn't the cheerleading outfit the real ones wear. The kids got to stay up a whole extra 30 minutes. As I was typing this we heard a thud, Cody went to check it out and Joshua was tackling Aidan in his bed. Maybe we should have taken off the jersey's before they went to bed.

I had a really funny blog but Cody insisted we would scar one of the kids for life if I wrote it and they would be remembered for this.
Have a great week!


  1. You should have called us, the Howell family would have paid .75 to play the culwell family in a game of B-ball. :)
    Should have let them charge at least .50 for the kool Aid, inflation you know!

  2. I'll be when all the cousins get together it's one BIG party.

    Sounds like a TON of fun.

  3. we enjoy your blog.
    love, your tennessee aunt and uncle