Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Aidan is rarely crazy! He is fixing to start middle school and I don't know if that's why his sudden hysterical self has emerged. When packing for camp he came in mad! He said "I have no shorts that come in between my finger tips and knees!! They are all lower than my knees! I can't wear any of my shorts!" Then yesterday he was at the skate park with friends. I drove by and dropped off gatorades another mom took them lemonade. I stopped back by later to check on them because of the heat and make sure he was drinking. I pulled up and asked "are you drinking?" he said "NO!" I said you really need to be it's hot outside. He then grinned and said "oh I thought you meant drinking drinking!! I am drinking Gatorade."

Time will tell

But I think Joshua will out grow both of these boys!

The NYC model

This past spring there was a photographer in town from nyc and she picked a few girls that had American girl dolls and spent a few HOURS at our house taking pictures of Maude. Maude now is hanging in 3 galleries in NYC and one gallery in Spain. It was very interesting and fun but Maude said she didn't ever want to model after that!!


Like I said earlier I wish their future wives luck!


Most of my stress comes from this dog!! Thankfully she has finally settled down and is part of the family now.

All 3 basketball

Representing Culwell in all divisions :)

Maude basketball

Maude played basketball for the first time this past year. I coached their team and after being with boys for the past couple of years it took some getting use to. There was a lot of talk about shirts and they talk a lot!! Our first day of going back and forth down the court I had two girls just sit down on the court one off them being Maude. I asked what she was doing and she replied "why can't we just use this one goal?!? So we don't have to run back and forth!"

Shamrock tournament

1st place after a long day in the HOT sun. I love his grin and all the red dirt on him. Got to pitch a couple of innings this tournament.

All Star Baseball

Joshua surprised us this summer. We played in the little league all star tournament, which has a million rules. One of them being a pitch count. Cody helped coach and realized with game 3 going by that we were not going to have any pitchers left and Joshua was next on the list. Joshua has never pitched so Cody took him out to kind of show him how to do it. Well the next night we did indeed run out of pitchers and Joshua was up. Pretty sure my stomach turned over. The kid shocked all of us and struck them out. The only one not going crazy and excited was him.

Baylor Basketball

How summer really goes...

Aidan went to Camp Blue Haven June 3-9 Both boys basketball camp at Canadian June 11 & 12 Both Boys Baylor Basketball Camp June 13-16 Aidan's team won championship Tennis camp Maude and Aidan June 19-21 Joshua All Star baseball June 22-25 Joshua Baseball Shamrock tournament June 30 Cody left for Honduras June 29-July 6 Aidan Church camp with our church July 15-21 Joshua WT basketball Camp July 15-19 Joshua won layup award Boys football camp July 23 & 24 Red River 26-29 FAMILY TIME FINALLY Through all those dates Maude and Aidan take tennis lessons and Maude goes to the library with a reading buddy. I am exhausted just reading all of that! Happy to state the next 3 1/2 weeks are ours and no plans!!

Comedith's Birthday

We baked a cake and celebrated Comedith's birthday. Even though she only took one bite, my Mom said she talked all day about the kids and her cake:)


Last day of school we had to celebrate!!

Smart kids

As crazy as our lives are and as nonstop as we go...I am proud of the kids for maintaining their grades and participating in all of it. This is not a brag post it's just a way of having it documented what they did this year. 2011/2012 Maude had all A's this year and was awarded the math and reading award. She also read enough books to earn over 200 AR points. Which passes her brothers.:) Joshua participated in UIL Ready Writing, Spelling and Art Smart He was on the 5th grade Art Smart team and they placed 2nd as a team. Joshua also had all A's for the entire year. Aidan participated in UIL Number sense, Dictionary, spelling and Art Smart Joshua was on Aidan's 5th grade art smart team. Aidan also participated in Robotics and competed at regionals in Amarillo placing 2nd. They advanced to State in Dallas. They were one of the youngest teams there and competed against jr high kids. It was a neat experience. They placed 25th out of 1100 teams. Not too bad. Aidan also finished his last year at Baker elementary. He finished top 10 in his class. I am not ready for middle school!!!

Track meet

Both boys were in the Baker track meet this year. This picture shows why we have to take 20 pictures for one good one! This is what I have to work with!

Leadership Training in Christ

We attended LTC this year. All the kids did bible scripture reading. It was our first year so we went down to Dallas to check it out and see what all we could do in the future. The kids did great and had a lot of fun together. They were a very sweet group to be around.
April 2012

Christmas 2011

This year we celebrated Christmas at our house. I really enjoyed it, we will see if the rest of the family enjoyed it as much as me this year.

More football Pictures

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of Aidan playing football.

Fall Saturday Football

This was Aidan's 3rd year of football. By far he had the most fun this year. They won their league and then went on to win a tournament. Joshua was best waterboy by far:) We didn't let him play his 3rd grade year. Many factors went into deciding that. He was not happy with our decision but lived and will play this year.
2011 Fall Football

Four wheelers at Granddad's home place

The boys had a blast Big and small boys. Aidan was glad he got to ride on his own. Joshua and Maude had a Big boy Colson on the back which is pretty dangerous in itself. Their grins were just as big. Maude told her Granddad he should go quicker no one should encourage him on speed. I think Uncle Billy had his work cut out for him with trying to keep his rider under control as well.

in a waiting room

We should never be left!! We don't do well sitting and waiting.... This is my Great Aunt Comedith, my dad's aunt, she was moved to a nursing home in Wellington which is close to us. So we try to visit when we can. She is one tough lady and has an amazing memory. I find it hard to remember if I ate breakfast or put deodorant on in the morning. She can remember what they ate on there trip to Texas from Tennessee in the 30's.

Homecoming 2011

Homecoming 2011 Maude and Joshua loved these two seniors this next year will be hard for them. Aidan had a 'date' to homecoming, do you call it that? When asked by one of his closest friend if he was going to kiss her...He responded "NO I like her, Why would I do that?" Awe the innocence, if you notice their arms are tucked tightly behind them so there is no chance of them touching. I have very few years left I know I know!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

2011 First day of school

I amazed how dark Maude and Aidan are in this picture! We hit the pool a ton that summer. 5th 3rd and 2nd Grade

Red River

We spent a few days in Red River with amazing friends right before school started. We had 11 kids there. We survived with only a few bumps and bruises. We had traveled to California and the kids picked being in Red River with friends as their favorite thing they did that summer. Memories were defintely made that summer.

WT basketball camp

Once again Joshua had to play up because of how is birthday fell. Thankfully he was all on his on this year and made up for it:) Aidan's team won the tournament for the week and then he won 3 on 3 contest. Pretty sure I don't have a picture of this year but Joshua won Layup award and had the free throw award until the last day and a kid beat him by one:) 2011
Joshua with a sack of donut holes! It amazes me what makes him happy!!

Summer track

The kids did a summer track program in 2011. They really enjoyed it, which made for a super happy mom:) This summer though sadly we were not able to go to but one practice. We stayed busy with so many activities. Joshua's birthday fell were he had to compete with the older kids which made for a hard day.

Basketball Camp

These two boys can giggle more than girls. I love that they are silly boys. Aidan got MVP for the 2010,2011 and 2012