Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss Popcorn

This really isn't a funny story but I feel I need to blog it for some of you who will think it is funny. It has been a long 5 days of cleaning and painting, one more day to go. Haven't seen the kids a whole lot my wonderful sister came this weekend and took care of them and then yesterday my parents. That would explain why this story isn't too funny.

Ok, now for the story. A while back we got a kitten, it was the best cat ever and I don't like cats. The kids could carry it around, play and feed it all they wanted and he loved them. We even took this one to the vet and had him fixed so he would stick around. Last June(06) Snickett disappeared and the kids were so sad. Which broke my heart, the kids being sad, not that the cat was missing. Well, my friend Tori was so nice to give Maude one for her birthday in April (07). This one we named Snickles in memory of Snickett. Snickles was a good cat he liked the kids and loved our crazy dog Baylor. Well, on our last trip to Dallas we were awakened by a call from my dad saying that Snickles had been bitten by something and it wasn't good. So Snickles went to heaven with God (so Maude says). Aidan cried but Maude was ok, it was like he just moved in with God not like he died was her thinking. Which all this brings us to today. I deliver Meals on Wheels every Tuesday. One day I was talking to a couple about their kittens on the porch and told them the bad luck we have had with cats. All of this just trying to make a little conversation... This morning the kids were all gone to school and Cody and I were outside painting, when this kitten walked up. I kept looking at this kitten, telling Cody I have seen that cat before. When finally I figured it out, it was one of the kittens from that couple.
I headed out to do Meals on Wheels thinking I would ask that couple if it was theirs.
You will never guess....That couple moved! You don't think they brought that kitten to our house, do you?
We named this one Miss Popcorn. Thanks to Joshua.

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