Saturday, August 4, 2007

Planting Seeds

After a long afternoon in Lubbock picking out flowers, mulch, potting soil, and all that fun stuff. We stopped on the way home at Burger King for something quick to eat so we could get home and plant, mow and spray the yard. We were in the pickup so the kids were sitting side by side. Joshua looked over at Aidan's burger and said "Save all those seeds (sesame seeds) on your burger, when we get home we can plant them and have hamburger plants and trees." Cody and I kind of laughed, then Joshua asked if they would have cheese on them. Cody asked Aidan if his burger had cheese. Aidan said "no, I guess it won't be a cheeseburger tree."


  1. Cole wants his tree without pickles!

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  3. Well, hello, neighbor. I followed you back to your home blog and you have beautiful children and a great blog. To make our world smaller we have just been talking about how great your husband is. My husband saw him in office on Monday. Always good to meet new bloggers especially when they don't live far away.